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    • Team,   I appreciate your feedback. I noticed at the beginning of page one that he put the following information: - Medication- noted Digoxin, Metoprolol, and Dilitiazem Veteran is not able to work due to recurrent SVT His METs are zero due to his recurrent syncopes Veteran states that his palpitations are constant, not intermittent
    • Yes filed a nod, filed19 within the 60 days. Vso thru American legion filed all.  We have copies did an iris, about 10 days ago.  No ans yet.  I got Drs to fill out dbqs etc.. I have got all his lab work from the time he was diagnosis with renal failure.  His Vso  to wait till we rec docket number, otherwise it might get lost without it. However, we ar still waiting on that. Of course it is like everyone else, by the time they get around to rating it, you are much worse than you were, so then it is time to file for increase.. Lol. Will they take into consideration that the dr. Put down that he is not able to work at all now and grant  P& T.  I mean we did not file.  We really did not think about it.  That is what happens when you get old.    Thanks for listening and I appreciate your advise.
    • At this point, it doesn't bother me if I "offend" an examiner. If he/she can't do their job according to the rules, they can EXPECT for me to offend them. Write up whatever they want. Going to do that anyway. Their bogus exam will end up being appealed ANYWAY and cost money out of my pocket to dispute their opinion. Doesn't cost the examiner anything other than to listen to some well-earned criticism.  
    • Hi Bonzai, Check out  https://www.coursera.org/ Please let us know what happens if you do decide to go back to school? *I'm very interested in what you find out from your explorations on the topic of school while 100% service connected.            
    • Well, we need more information.  You said he had an appeal since 11/12.  Is this the NOD date, the decision date (RO), or the date you filed the I9?   Did you even know you were required to file an I9, or your appeal will be considered abandonded?   To get to the Board you have 2 steps: 1.  File a Nod on a RO decision within a year. 2.  File an I9 within 60days of the receipt of the SOC.       If you did not complete BOTH these steps, you wont be going to the BVA.  You should have had a docket number long ago, after you filed the I9.        Did you move and not give VA your address??  Rememeber there are 2 VA's:  VAmedical and VA benefits.  Changing your address with one, often does not affect the other.        You need to take some action here.  This is what I recommend: 1.  Send an IRIS email, asking for status on your 11/12 appeal.  Keep a copy of their response.  2.  Did/do you have a VSO?  Did he file any of the papers for you?  Does he have copies?  Ask him the status.   3.  You need to find out if a)  VA dropped the ball  b) Your VSO dropped the ball, or c) if you dropped the ball, for example, by not filing the I9, or by not supplying VA with requested/needed evidence, or not keeping your address current.           After you find these things out, we can direct you better what to do. 

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Dsm-Iv Diagnosis

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What does this mean? Could anyone help me out I'm new to Had it.............


Axis 1: *ptsd rel to Iraq Deployment

Axis 11: Deferred

Axis 111: Description Low Back Pain (ICD-9-CM 724.2

Axis IV: Relations, Physical,Social,Marital,parenting,family

Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF): 55

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It certainly supports a PTSD claim.

Did you have any back injuries or problems noted in your SMRs?

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Berta is right,it supports a PTSD claim, but need more information

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Borrowed from elsewhere.

"What does the Axis mean on my C&P report?

The AXIS I through AXIS V are your evaluation.

The most important is AXIS I being the diagnosis, or what was found wrong,

and AXIS V is the prognosis, or how it looks for future progress.

Also you will find it says, "Competent for VA purposes," don't worry about that it's a good thing. It just means that you don't need to be locked up against your will, or "committed" as the doctors prefer saying.




AXIS 4: PSYCHOSOCIAL STRESSORS (homeless, unemployment, marital conflict, etc.)


expressed as: none, mild, moderate, severe and then it'll have numbers listed to represent, eye movement, or non-eye contact, tearful, fearful, and these kinds of assessments."

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