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    • As Berta noted, its really the information they want that is contained on the form, that happens to have "PTSD" in the title.   There isn't a "Statement in Support of Claim for Stressors, but not PTSD stressors" form yet :)
    • IF you have any saved letters from your wife (vice versa), photos etc that could help, as could your medical records.  Medical records are frequently used to put people in RVN with no other evidence to do so. 
    • Wayne, Buck has been intimating that the VA is cracking down on the SA compensations. Perhaps they feel that folks aren't using the machines and/or tampering with the results. They are ever looking for ways to reduce fraud.  That said, it's about my health. The machine literally reduces my apneas to normal levels. I sleep better, I feel better and many symptoms are improving. My doctor tells me that I will return to very severe OSA without using it. Oh and by the way, my wife will sleep in the same room again. I suppose a yearly visit to the VA with the machine is worth the peace of mind and the compensation.
    • The VA started what is called the National Work Queue.  In theory, claims will stay with the ROJ as much as possible, but may be sent to another office depending on the load there, in an effort to improve timeliness.    In reality, this may not happen.  As a result, your claim has been shifting from one office to the next, depending on the state of the claim, and may be bounced around quite a bit before the claim is completely done.   Appeals are not being worked under the NWQ at the moment.   You can search google for more information on NWQ.
    • EODCMC......I was told to bring my CPAP to VAMC in on my first anniversary date.......doesn't make a lot of sense to me either if all there going to do is extract a chip and replace with a new one. I assume the chip is not easy to locate or retrieve and that they need to insert a new one anyway to insure functionality.  I am assuming you just walk in with the CPAP, they extract what they need and then add a new chip, and you return home with it same day for that night.  Has anyone actually experienced bringing in their CPAP to a VAMC Sleep Study Lab and exactly what takes place there? I doubt they're able to monitor from my home, which is a great advantage for you EODCMC, since they said bring the hardware with me.  

Philip Rogers

Peripherial Neuropathy Ratings Code

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Could someone please post the ratings code number that PN is rated under? Thanks!


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Part 4 subpart 4.124a PN codes start at 8205 thuu8540

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I found a 2010 PN BVA decision that coded the PN as:

Lower extremity PN 8521

Upper extremity PN 8512

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I sure didn't mean to appear to question the info John posted.

We see PN a lot that is rated under the 2 DCs I posted.

However I went to the Schedule of ratings that he posted and it seems there can be many causes of nerve impingement or disability which may or may not be PN but service connectable as secondary to something else. As within this BVA decision.


If the diagnosis is clearly PN the VA will probably use one or both of the above codes I posted but the info John gave us certainly caused me to think about how severe a nerve iompingement could be and if claimed as PN but it isnt PN, then VA could deny the PN claim and overlook that the vet has a secondary nerve impingement that is causing more disability.

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those diagnosed with Peripherial Neuropathy , I would like to hear what caused it, was it from active duty, what are your symptoms, what percentage were you assigned totoal or per limb?


I have it, but have not gotten back my C&P exams yet..

It appears these diseases are so damned comlicated,, I have no clue about this stuff..


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My PN is rated under 8520 for lower and 8516 for upper. Seems they have a different code for each nerve or group of nerves involved.

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