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    • My wife is having trouble getting the prescription card from ChampVA since she got Medicare.   I have had to go to my congressman just to get the ChampVA to do their jobs.  My wife just will not really take responsibility for her end of making sure ChampVA pays.  I always have to nudge her.  I told her if I have to get the OPM insurance again she is going to pay for it.   What got to my wife was being put on hold for 30 minutes.  When she had ChampVA she also had NALC insurance via OPM.  When she got Medicare I dropped the NALC insurance since she would have Medicare A&B and ChampVA.  Since that time everything seems to have stopped working.  I have to do everything because my wife is unwilling to stand up for herself and make sure ChampVA does what they are supposed to do.  She thinks it is my problem, but it will be both of our problems.  I may get the NALC family plan or One Plus Two plan.  This will be expensive and this is due to ChampVA dragging their asses and the fact my wife just lives in La La land when it comes to future medical problems.  Both Vets and spouses need to understand that the VA will not come to you, but you need to go to them.  You must make the effort. I have a long time friend that just got Medicare and somehow believes he does not need a drug plan or medigap plan.  People can have their heads so far up their azzes because they think they will live forever or be healthy forever.
    • Your employer gets to decide what is a "reasonable accomodation" to your disability.  While it sounds reasonable to me, it will be interesting to see what your employer says.  My guess is they will comply if they like you and want to keep you, and non comply otherwise.  
    • I received a letter from Janesville yesterday that said my appeal was certified to the board.  Ebenefits changed to reflect I have a video conference requested as of 9/15/16. I've written a supplement to my form 9 and am still working on it.  I decided to add more to the form 9 after reading numerous CAVC cases stating the veteran did not raise certain issues so they had no jurisdiction over it.  I also read in depth some of the outrageous reasons for denial and the dissenting opinions.   Winning presumption of regularity is tough, even tougher is winning equitable tolling due to homelessness coupled with mental illness.  I've gathered my GAF scores from the time period requested to be tolled, none are higher than 45, and they range between 15 and 45.  I've gathered evidence from the VA program the RO mailed and remailed the decision notice to, stating that I was not in that program at the time of those notices.   I've done all this and more and probably have an additional 30 pages of evidence I'd like to present to the VLJ. What should I do?  Present it at the video conference, or before?  I don't want this back at the RO so I'll definitely include a waiver or RO consideration. Any suggestions?  RO rep told me on the phone video conference at San Diego RO, since I moved, sometime between late Nov and early Dec. 
    • Just one rule of thumb...You said that VA sent mail to old address...If you change your address at the VA Hospital, VA Benefits office does not update with that change of address...Dont know if you changed address but to anyone reading this make sure you contact both VA Hospital and the VA Regional office of your change of address. This sucks because you would think they both communicate with every update but no thats not the case. I work for the VA Regional office and I see so many claims with 4140 not returned due to claims not going to correct updated address....thus causing confusion...Good luck..
    • I have the same story except rated 0 for headaches but 70 for my tbi with sleeping difficulties. Also 30 for scars and 30 light headiness and dizziness. But my ptsd was from my deployment but grouped it with my TBI. My overall is 90% Now the battle with my employer for reasonable accomadation cant work night shift.


Senate Approves Cola Increase For Disabled Vets

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We all know that saying something and doing something are two different things. I could not find the full article even if there is a full article, there may not be a full article and for this to happen will be a miracle but never the less, I will pass it on. If someone can find more information or the full story please post it. I found this on WWW.Veteranstoday.com, it was under the Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today's News and the date is supposed to be 9/23/2010.

Senate Approves COLA Increase For Disabled Vets. CQ (9/23, Lesniewski) reports, "By voice vote, the Senate on Wednesday cleared a bill that would provide" a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for disabled veterans. After noting that the bill "would increase the amounts paid to veterans for disability compensation and to their survivors for dependency and indemnity compensation," CQ adds, "The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that it will provide disability compensation to just over 3 million veterans with service-connected disabilities in the current fiscal year."

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That's nice but I think they have to approve it every yr and then it's tied to the consumer price index(or some other fool thing) and if there is no inflation we don't get it. Needless to say they'll tell us there's no inflation, again, this yr. I'm happy w/what I get right now. As long as I don't get foolish I survive quite comfortably.


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You know they exclude the price of food and energy from the CPI. They do factor in the price of cell phones, computers, cars and houses. I don't need a cell phone but I need to eat and food prices are going up. I don't think we will get a cola. This really hurts those on SSA, VA, SSI and government pensions.

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It was my impression any discussion concerning COLA's on this board has been strictly forbidden.

If it's open again, Veterans COLA's are based on Social Security increases which are frozen. Its obvious Alan Simson's views on having Veterans pay for our economic problems will likely continue until we end these wars.

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The linked article is a blog/journal that you have to pay for. *shrug*


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