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    • Opinions here on Hadit, as elsewhere, are like Rectal Orifices, everybody has one, right. Here's mine, File an application for VA Vocational Rehabilitation on you E-Ben E-File Site. I know, you can't possibly work, you sound too Fracked Up. In a few weeks you'll meet with a VA Voc Rehab Councilor. at which time you will discuss your Inability to do any type of work, due primarily to your SC Conditions. The VRC will agree that your not eligible, at the present time, for the Voc Rehab Program. Ar which point, you will ask for an Official VA Vocational Rehab Program Denial Letter discussing how your SC's preclude you from any type of Voc Rehab Training, to include SEDENTARY work. The VRC will advise you of your eligibility for the VA IL (Independent Living) Program, which we can discuss later. If you haven't already done so, start a IU FDC Claim on your E-Ben site, to lock in the file date for Retro, just don't hit the SUBMIT button yet. As soon as you get the VR Denial Letter, attach it as a Pdf to your FDC and hit the Submit Button. If you own or are buying your home, the VR Denial Letter can be used immediately, to Qualify for your state's (If available) DAV 100% or IU Vets Residential Property Tax Exemption. Semper Fi
    • Ain't that the truth James... I would just request reconsideration for another C&P FROM the C&P Dept Chief at the comp& pen office. Also check your e benefits account for ANY INFORMATION LIKE THIS. check at least 2 or three times a week   especially if you know they are going be scheduling you one? or call the 1-800 # These C&P 's are some times hard to get them  to schedule ya one...but its a good chance in getting your claim approved.
    • Once an SOC is issued, the DRO process is complete.  If the appeal continues, it is now under the Traditional appeals process.  DRO authority does not extend beyond the issuance of the SOC. In order for a Veteran to continue the appeal, the VA must receive a Substantive (Formal) appeal, which is a VA Form 9, Appeal to Board of Veterans’ Appeals, or an equivalent statement of intent to continue the appeal.  There is no legal requirement that a specific VA Form must be received in order to continue an appeal, but VA must receive some form of communication in writing from the Veteran or his Representative indicating an intent to continue the appeal.
    • If the VBA says that you were scheduled for an exam and it was mailed to your proper address, then the rule of regularity comes in to play. The rule of regularity says that the USPS is dependable and delivers the mail with regularity. if you contend that you did not get your mail, it is up to you, somehow, to prove it. ??????????? However, you can just state that you forgot, and beg for forgiveness, you don't have to prove that one..
    • DRO de novo revue comes first, then the statement of the case granting or denying, if denied, you only have 90 days from the date of the SOC to file a form 9 to perfect the claim for certification to the BVA. Lets just hope that it doesn't go that far. I have had two experiences with a DRO revue, first was denied and it was granted at the BVA. The second was granted at the DRO regional level. Good luck.

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Had My C&p Exams Now I Am Lost...

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I have filed a claim with a VSO for some primary and secondary issues in the spring. In September I had 3 C&P exams --hearing, ptsd and my ankle but that did not cover all the claims that I filed for such as GI (stomach) issues. After my 3 c and p exams were completed I never had anymore scheduled. I have not been seen for my stomach issues or my back at this point. I have called the 1 800 number to check the status of my claim and I was told that it has been at the rating board since mid October. This confuses the heck out of me for two main reasons ... 1. I was told that after the c and p exams that it only should take like 30 days or so to hear something and 2. How can my claim be in front of a rating board at this point if there are conditions that I have filed for that I have not had a c and p exam for ?? This whole process is super confusing and is driving me almost to the point of having a break down because no one seems to have a clue about what is going on and no idea what is taking so long or what to expect

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Do you receive care at the VA for those other issues? What were the C&P exams for? You can send an Iris inquiry if you have not already done so, and ask those questions specifically. Hang in there I know its tough to wait, we have all done it. Do you have copies of the C&P's that were done; that would give you something to do while you wait. Good luck.


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Labguy.......have you went to your Release of Information office and requested a copy of the C&P exams? You may or may not be able to get the C&P results for PTSD exam!

Waiting times for the VA to process claims are extremely long, in most cases. For those other issues that you are claiming, once the rater see that you are claiming xxxx, and see that no C&P was performed, they will schedule the C&P for you. This has happened to me a few times in the past year!

Best of Luck!


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I don't know where or who told you that you would have some type of notification from the VARO within 30 days after your C&P exams, I have been dealing with the VA since 1997 and I have never been notified of anything before a minimum of 90 days after a C&P exam I have received 3 awards 2 from the VARO and one from the BVA in my experience in 2005 I had a C&P exam in Jan 2005 and got the award letter in April and the deposit was received 2 days after the letter, in 2006I had a C&P exam in Feb and got the deposit in May 2 days before I got the award letter then in 2009 I had the BVA hearing on 4 Feb got the decision letter dated 7 April and got the award letter from the VARO dated 4 June and the deposit was 3 days later so as you can see in my case I never was notified in less than 30 days and my lawyer said the award letter and deposit was fast for a BVA decided case they expected it to be September or later before I got the award letter and the back pay so they feel in that case I was treated quickly the VA does not have time limits they HAVE to live by only we veterans are bound by time limits

patience is required in dealing with the VA I wish I could tell you something different but if I did I would be lying to you and that I don't do no matter how ugly the truth is

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