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    • IRS saying I owe them $$$
      Received a letter today from the IRS and they are stating that since my students loans were discharge/foregiven I now owe them some $$$ because I didn't add the student loans discharge as income to my 2014 taxes. My student loans were discharged because I became too disabled to work and I was awarded TDIU retro back to July 2013. What are my options? Should I go ahead and pay it or is there something like a benefit for disabled veterans so this should not be included as income?    
    • Will SSDI help TDIU go to P&T
      Thanks for the help, so what protection does P&T give you and is the same if you are TDIU P&T or Schedular P&T.
    • Will SSDI help TDIU go to P&T
      Yes, but you may need to request P&T and while TDIU P&T has some protections in place over a 10 & 20 year marks.  It's my opinion to never assume the GOV or VA won't/can't reduce your earned benefits.
    • Auto Adaptive Reimbursement
      The VA Rep in Phoenix? Is this a VA employee or someone else? The form 10-1394 is still active and downloadable. The rules It may come to an email "Bob" situation if someone in a VARO is hanging things up.
    • Social Security disability
      I'm treading into unknown waters. If I were in your situation. I'd crunch financial numbers to see if SSDI would benefit my situation. Especially, if your not required to apply for SSDI with your civil service pension.  I'd consider the tax benefits too.  If I was to pursue SSDI.  I sure the hell wouldn't pay a lawyer to do something I could do myself.  If SSDI is denied the first time, then maybe seek legal counsel.  JMO
    • Will SSDI help TDIU go to P&T
      Hi guys. This is just Scenario but could happen to me depending on my claims outlook. Ok here is the question. If you are TDIU and then get approved SSDI for a service connected disability will that help your TDIU go to TDIU P&T.  And if you can get TDIU P&T does that mean the VA can never reduce your benefits. Thank you for your time and input. Bill
    • TBI scandal (unqualified VA docs) update
      "What a disgrace"  It's worse than that! It's just another prime example of what is wrong with the VA's C&P exam system and practices. The intent often seems to be to minimize the severity of a condition/disability, rather than to determine the exact level of it. Money. money, money. It's all about money!
    • E-Benefits Status
      John999, Sorry for lack of knowledge what is IME/IMO?
    • Rating for pea planus
      In our VA  Schedule of Ratings doc here at hadit, about half way into the doc are the ratings for every disability. You could match up your evidence, and the results of the C & P exam to see how they will rate this. I am sure you realise by now that VA low balls when they can and will make mistakes in ratings. This info you can read here ,in the VA SRD  and the C & P results you got will give you a leg up as to what to expect.
    • Extraschedular IU?
      If VA received that SSDI info within a year of his filing the claim they should give him the favorable SSDI award date for the EED. I am in a hurry and not explaining this correctly but it is all explained in a topic here I wrote about Date Entitlement Arose. personal example : Husband was 30% SC PTSD in 1983. he filed for an upgrade 1992. He applied for SSDI in 1992 - granted for PTSD back to 1991. SSDI award solely for PTSD in 1993. VA awarded 100% _P & T for SC PTSD, with 1991 SSDI entitlement date.1997 He never saw the award,  as it was a posthumous award. The date his entitlement arose was the date of the SSDI EED...please find the post I referred to because I am not quite stating the regulation the exact way.  

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Self Employment Track With Vocational Rehab

4 posts in this topic

I was approved for the Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track to become a Self Employed CPA (Public Accountant), WIth the Self employement track I've chosen, I have to first study and take my CPA exam; Does this count as Home study for schooling, so I would get the home study stipend?

Also, I have to go in and sign paper tomorrow, do I have to sign a contract? WHat happens if I fail at my business?

Another Issue I have is when I was waiting on my 40% rating I did not know about the Vocational Rehab program. While not knowing about the program, I went to get my MBA due to needing it for my CPA. I did this knowing that I would have to become self employed due to my disabilities? Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?

Thanks for all your help!

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sorry no one replied here yet- I think we are stumped. Have you asked people at Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track these questions?

"Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?"

I dont think they could do that in your case-but ask someone at Voc Rehab-VA-

VA never pays off student loans - It is only for tuition and the stipend.

If a vet however becomes totally and permanently disabled for any reason, Students loan balances are almost always waived.

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Has anyone had any experience with the self employment track? Any knowledge or help would be great..

What if I fail at my business? Will i have to pay the money back?

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How are you an E-3 Seaman, with infrantry 1985 attatched to your name and was part of the Army?

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