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Self Employment Track With Vocational Rehab

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I was approved for the Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track to become a Self Employed CPA (Public Accountant), WIth the Self employement track I've chosen, I have to first study and take my CPA exam; Does this count as Home study for schooling, so I would get the home study stipend?

Also, I have to go in and sign paper tomorrow, do I have to sign a contract? WHat happens if I fail at my business?

Another Issue I have is when I was waiting on my 40% rating I did not know about the Vocational Rehab program. While not knowing about the program, I went to get my MBA due to needing it for my CPA. I did this knowing that I would have to become self employed due to my disabilities? Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?

Thanks for all your help!

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sorry no one replied here yet- I think we are stumped. Have you asked people at Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track these questions?

"Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?"

I dont think they could do that in your case-but ask someone at Voc Rehab-VA-

VA never pays off student loans - It is only for tuition and the stipend.

If a vet however becomes totally and permanently disabled for any reason, Students loan balances are almost always waived.

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Has anyone had any experience with the self employment track? Any knowledge or help would be great..

What if I fail at my business? Will i have to pay the money back?

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How are you an E-3 Seaman, with infrantry 1985 attatched to your name and was part of the Army?

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    • Got to va letters and then choose generate benefits letter, I think it is the first will give you boxes you can check to include on the letter, if there is a box that says you are permanently and totally disabled due to your service connected disabilities then you are PT.   Also on the letters page there will be an option to print a commissary letter if you are PT.
    • Also, your dependents (if you lived in Florida for at least a year before being rated 100%PT, I believe) receive  4 years of in state tuition at any public university.  That can be used out of state or at private colleges as well but they will only pay what it would cost to attend an in state on average university.  I have 2 children using this and their Chapter 35 benefits to help them graduate completely debt free!!  
    • I was able to use my DD214 to help get "Concealed Weapons Carry Permit"  .   It was so damn easy and relatively cheap I would advise all Florida vets to get a Carry Permit before the state comes to their senses  and makes it much harder.  I made an appointment at one of the stations you can use to have the whole process done in less than an hour.  It cost me $102 for a seven year permit.  This also means no 3 day waiting period of me now. Plus it is not just for carrying a pistol.  You can carry knives, stun guns, bras knuckles, billy club or anything short of an atomic bomb.  In Florida there is a ongoing legal debate about how you can carry a knife or gun on your person or in your car.  Once you get the permit to carry that is all pretty mute.  You just got to be careful to hand your carry permit with your license to a cop if he stops you before you tell him you have a gun on your person or under the seat or any place else in your car.  The cops here the word  "gun" and you are liable to get shot.  it is much easier now to get a carry permit than to get medical care in Florida.
    • Can anyone help me with this? How or where can i find information as to how does the VA rate "Radiculopathy"
    • WOW!!! Cost of Living! What A Joke! Basically, We're Worth More Dead To Them Than Alive!