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    • I don't recall ever seeing a post here on Hadit or for that matter, anywhere else, regarding the NODing or appeal of info in a Vet's C-File. Now I have to look back at my C-File Copies (Paper) received 01/14, check out the cover letter for the "60 Day Appeal" notification. Buck, of more interest to me, how current was your C-File content? If your still within the "60Days," how about filing a C-File NOD, just to see what happens. You can always cancel it or let it Die but we would then know exactly how the RO's handle it. Do we get the option of a DRO Review/Hearing or what? Would be interesting to see the VARO response to your NOD Filing. When I received my Paper File 01/14, last copied pages in the 9 in stack, ended with the Date of my FOIA  Request, about 08/12. I don't recall seeing any Rater's notes, notations on any pages or discussions and I had (2) DRO Hearings pending. I'd have to say, based on my experience reviewing my VAMC Med Record on CD vs  paper copies covering the last 4 yrs, reviewing your C-File for inaccuracies on a CD while not enjoyable, definitely much easier than thumbing through a 1++ Ft stack of paper. Definitely a doable task of a relatively short duration. Semper Fi
    • Natalie, you are right! It is Never about the money. Some people just do not understand what 'compensation' really means. "August 2013 VA deleted my NOD and a new one was immediately filed they claimed it was done wrong lawyer error" That concerns me because : "Discharged in June 2010 claim filed previous month." If the MH issue was claimed in that 2010 claim, I just hope the NOD error does not mess up your EED. ( Claims filed within one year after service, when awarded get the day after discharge as the EED) You sure might want to consider the retro to help with  any IMOs/IMEs you might need. When the SOC comes, you will know more. I am anxious to see what statement they made about potentital TDIU. You have had a Victory!  But it is not a complete victory yet.
    • OMG Andyman that is awesome!  Hopefully it won't take too long to get the retro but I am thinking it might be a bit since it's going to be a big payout.  I can't imagine what that is going to be for 10 years!!!!
    • Tomas89031, Thank you for your suggestion.  I was quite an active member on HadIt years ago, but I had to choose between here and devoting more time to a different board dealing with problems people encounter with the Social Security Disability Process that was in more need of my services.  I chose the latter, and established a section for veterans.  I am not the board's owner, but I am the main Administrator of the site now.  I have been able to recruit a team consisting of a co-administrator (to cover for me, when I am not available) and four Moderators.  The board now runs smoothly and I only step in to be the heavy, and issue warnings to or banning members who violate the Terms Of Service they agreed to prior to joining that board. Now that that board runs smoothly, does not mean that I am leaving it.  I will still do that too, but I am not 'needed' as much as when it was just me and the owner running it.  So I was looking for other things to occupy my time.  Full-time employment for me is not an option as I have been inpatient and wide awake for 12 1/2 days.  On day 8, the Chief Psychiatrist had a meeting with me, and told me that I was on enough medications to sedate two people, but he could not tell I was on anything.  I informed him that in full manic mode, I am unaffected by medications.  Due to my severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea, they were afraid to induce sleep via IV medications, so they let my period of mania run its course until I finally fell asleep for six hours.  Last night was a good example of what I deal with.  I went to bed at 12:30 am after taking my nighttime medications, and the last time I saw the clock before falling asleep, it was 2:30 am.  I woke up at 4:15 am, and I am up for the day.  Per doctor's orders, I will lay down to rest my body around 1:30 to 3:00 pm, but I know I do not normally fall asleep for an actual nap.  This therapy combined with adjusting my daily medications, adjusted according to how I assess my mental state, helps to prevent more frequent breakouts of mania, where I do not sleep at all for days.  Those still occur, far too often than the VA psychiatrists like to see.  That is why they have thrown their hands up, and I was approved for the Veterans Choice program to see Bipolar Specialists outside of the VA. What I am looking for is feedback critiquing my logic and plans for becoming a useful member of society and becoming self-employed: barriers, suggestions; anyone having prior similar experiences, etc...
    • Still haven't heard from the NOVA lawyer, but called his office, lady said that emailing him goes to a general inbox, which he gets to when he can.  I gave her a little rundown, and she said she would email him to look at me emails. Checked ebennies, just for shits and giggles.  Saw that my "entitlement" claim and EED were no longer listed. Checked the dates of SC for my disabilities, saw that the SC date for my feet has been changed to 03/01/2006!!!!! So, now I wait to see what the retro $ looks like.  Still haven't told my wife about the entitlement claim change, or anything else pertaining to this.  Cautiously hopeful...could be a really good summer...  

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Self Employment Track With Vocational Rehab

4 posts in this topic

I was approved for the Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track to become a Self Employed CPA (Public Accountant), WIth the Self employement track I've chosen, I have to first study and take my CPA exam; Does this count as Home study for schooling, so I would get the home study stipend?

Also, I have to go in and sign paper tomorrow, do I have to sign a contract? WHat happens if I fail at my business?

Another Issue I have is when I was waiting on my 40% rating I did not know about the Vocational Rehab program. While not knowing about the program, I went to get my MBA due to needing it for my CPA. I did this knowing that I would have to become self employed due to my disabilities? Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?

Thanks for all your help!

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sorry no one replied here yet- I think we are stumped. Have you asked people at Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track these questions?

"Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?"

I dont think they could do that in your case-but ask someone at Voc Rehab-VA-

VA never pays off student loans - It is only for tuition and the stipend.

If a vet however becomes totally and permanently disabled for any reason, Students loan balances are almost always waived.

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Has anyone had any experience with the self employment track? Any knowledge or help would be great..

What if I fail at my business? Will i have to pay the money back?

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How are you an E-3 Seaman, with infrantry 1985 attatched to your name and was part of the Army?

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