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    • According to them it is the sacroiliac joint/crest that is where I'm experiencing my pain and the SI joints is where I got the injections in.  No surgery mentioned yet.
    • I certainly hope so! I mean, I just can't imagine why they would deny it, I literally provided them everything there is to offer. I just can't figure out why, or how, they would be able to rate me for this condition without a C&P exam? being that range of motion is a determining factor of the rating and all? But hey, we shall see....
    • I am wishing for our future veterans as well as us older ones that if we get another raise or benefit in the near future  it will be that ChampVA covers our spouses 100%
    • I have had two C&P exams for PTSD and neither were available in any form under blue button or anywhere else that I could find. 
    • While there is less to prove with an increase than for initial claim, I think VA largely delays it more than necessary by sometimes "re adjuticating" old claims, looking for a decrease.  VA admits they look at "all disabilities" whenever an increase is sought.  Still, the Veteran has to meet the criteria for a reduction, and part of that criteria is "NOT": "When the Veteran seeks an increase, try to reduce him instead".   Personally, I think its illegal and a violation of due process to consider a Veteran for a reduction when he seeks an increase.  That is like "profiling" pulling over a car to check for illegal things whenever its occupants are of a certain race.   Im hoping someone sues VA for attempting a reduction when they file for an increase.  

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Self Employment Track With Vocational Rehab

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I was approved for the Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track to become a Self Employed CPA (Public Accountant), WIth the Self employement track I've chosen, I have to first study and take my CPA exam; Does this count as Home study for schooling, so I would get the home study stipend?

Also, I have to go in and sign paper tomorrow, do I have to sign a contract? WHat happens if I fail at my business?

Another Issue I have is when I was waiting on my 40% rating I did not know about the Vocational Rehab program. While not knowing about the program, I went to get my MBA due to needing it for my CPA. I did this knowing that I would have to become self employed due to my disabilities? Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?

Thanks for all your help!

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sorry no one replied here yet- I think we are stumped. Have you asked people at Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track these questions?

"Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?"

I dont think they could do that in your case-but ask someone at Voc Rehab-VA-

VA never pays off student loans - It is only for tuition and the stipend.

If a vet however becomes totally and permanently disabled for any reason, Students loan balances are almost always waived.

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Has anyone had any experience with the self employment track? Any knowledge or help would be great..

What if I fail at my business? Will i have to pay the money back?

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How are you an E-3 Seaman, with infrantry 1985 attatched to your name and was part of the Army?

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