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    • This may not be on this subject but just thought I'd toss it out there for the vets that don't know? As for as ANY dealings with the VA  On anything  its always best to get your self  a date stamped from the VA Employee's TO SHOW YOU WERE THERE YOU TRIED TO GET WHAT EVER No matter what the cause make sure you get proof for yourself that you were there no matter what the cause. It could very well come in handy for you down the long road of VA Appeals. if you work your claim yourself   its good to have your VSO date stamp your documents you send the VA Before you send them in.  or another example Even if you had an appointment to go see your C-FILE at your R.O. and they can't seem to find it and ask you to just come back next week  or what ever excuse they give you...be sure and get them to get you a form and have them to date stamp that form to show you reported for your Appointment on that date and they could not locate your C-FILE..These little things could sure prove to be worth your time a trouble later on. jmo ....................Buck
    • Just to post an update, I submitted my claim in May and was awarded 30% for IBS-D with an effective date of June 2015, which was the date i submitted my intent to file.    My total is now 60% service connected.
    • I believe your correct Ms Berta   after NOD one year time limit runs out  the claim is closed out  and only if the veteran him/her self can show'' good cause'' will the VA take note and its up to their digression to continue with the claim. (usually a medical emergency is ''good cause''
    • A Good Read About VCAA. Maybe it will help fellow Veterans understand it better! http://www.bva.va.gov/docs/VLR_VOL3/6-GriffinAndJones-VCAA-TenYearsLaterPages284-321.pdf .............Buck
    • I guess my reply was not clear.Please correct me if I am wrong. If one does not file a NOD in time, that claim is considered over and done with.Unless they can get the VA to reconsider the untimeless for " good Cause",like if the veteran was suddenly hospitalized prior to the NOD deadline-that might work. That info is in M21-1MR. Maybe a lawyer Could help with that type of claim for "good cause"...I dont know..... If a veteran can reopen the claim with new and material evidence, and then get denied again they can obtain a lawyer who might even prepare the NOD themselves. Chris Attig is a member here and is a Great veteran's  Attorney. It would have helped if you had posted the rest of his article. The key word is Pro Bono and what would they be representing you for? An assumption that the claim will be denied? Have you contacted Chris ? He is very user friendly and might be able to help you prove the NOD was not filed timely due to "good cause". I have an appeal for the BVA  on the 'good cause' basis which the BVA may or may not address ( this is a small issue, as my appeal involves a bigger more important issue)as it seems to have been denied in the CUE award I am appealing. My NOD was certainly filed in time. That is not the issue. The issue I raised is that when VA makes a CUE (Clear and Unmistakable error) in a decision,and does not correct it,when challenged, even if the NOD is filed in time, the time frame of the NOD should be extended for 'good cause' because the claimant is filing a NOD on a decision that contains an erroneous legal error to their detriment, and the 'extention' of the NOD time frame would help VA have more time to correct the specific error; thus  the claimant can file the NOD on a legal decision without legal error.   Feel free to share my comments here with Chris.His info is correct. But your problem is not a legal issue. It is the "nexus" factor. In my opinion.   "A Veterans Benefits attorney can represent a Veteran before the filing of a Notice of Disagreement(in an original claim) on a pro bono basis only There is one exception – and these cases are getting more and more rare: If your claim was denied by the VA prior to June 20, 2007, an accredited agent or attorney is only permitted to charge fees for services after the Board of Veterans’ Appeals issued a first final decision in the case. Now, this begs the question: can you hire an attorney help you BEFORE the VA denies your claim? Yes, you absolutely can. But the attorney cannot charge you a fee." (source...above link in prior post from Chris Attig's site.                            

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Self Employment Track With Vocational Rehab

4 posts in this topic

I was approved for the Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track to become a Self Employed CPA (Public Accountant), WIth the Self employement track I've chosen, I have to first study and take my CPA exam; Does this count as Home study for schooling, so I would get the home study stipend?

Also, I have to go in and sign paper tomorrow, do I have to sign a contract? WHat happens if I fail at my business?

Another Issue I have is when I was waiting on my 40% rating I did not know about the Vocational Rehab program. While not knowing about the program, I went to get my MBA due to needing it for my CPA. I did this knowing that I would have to become self employed due to my disabilities? Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?

Thanks for all your help!

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sorry no one replied here yet- I think we are stumped. Have you asked people at Vocational Rehabalitation Self employment track these questions?

"Can the Vocational rehab retro pay me for my mba or pay some of the loans off?"

I dont think they could do that in your case-but ask someone at Voc Rehab-VA-

VA never pays off student loans - It is only for tuition and the stipend.

If a vet however becomes totally and permanently disabled for any reason, Students loan balances are almost always waived.

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Has anyone had any experience with the self employment track? Any knowledge or help would be great..

What if I fail at my business? Will i have to pay the money back?

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How are you an E-3 Seaman, with infrantry 1985 attatched to your name and was part of the Army?

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