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New Lengthy "decision Phase" For Claims

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I just got off the phone with the 800-827-1000 # in which I was inquiring about my TDIU claim which has been in the "Decision Phase" since Jan 3, 2011. It was my understanding that the national average was 16 -27 days give or take depending on the claim specifics in order to complete this phase. I was informed by the veterans rep that this information was based on last years standards and that as of Nov 2010 there were SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND more claims placed on the VA RO's plates and now the decision phase takes several months to complete. I do'nt know how accurate this is but I thought I would pass it along to my fellow veterans regardless. Semper Fi! Gunny.

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The VA has never done anything within 16-27 days! (well, they have, I guess, but not very damned often)

Having said that, I do not think that it will take "months", as in, say, 6 or 8 months or longer.

BTW, never call the 800#, unless you have nothing else important to do (such as watching Opra, washing dishes, scrubbing commodes, etc.).

Always use the IRIS button on the VA website to communicate with the VA. Much better responses and IN WRITING!

I hope for your satisfaction, soon.

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Call the 800 number back and ask them what you are missing for your TDIU Claim.

The above will not produce a sufficient nor adequate answer.

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    • That can happen....the IMO/IME is a significant piece of evidence that they would need to carefully consider. I think maybe without an attorney, her RO might have disregarded it and kept the hearing date.. but maybe not... this happened to a vet  who was my first SVR call- in about ten years ago at the older Radio show we did about Agent Orange Blue/brown water  vets. He had received a proposal to reduce (USN Brown Water AO vet) and would have lost his Chap 35 and CHAMPVA for his family....his 2 kids were set that fall to go to college...he was under a lot of stress. We got together so much evidence that at the last minute they dropped the DRO hearing and dropped the proposed reduction!   They had tried to reduce saying "no boots" on Vietnamese soil. After a long conversation with him....I said Bingo....but more work to do. It was something he said....that he got proof of, and had not thought about until that day.. We proved he had ONE boot on Vietnamese soil ,and he got the evidence within the deadline ,to his RO , and that did it! I would think the friend you mentioned sure had a solid IMO/IME and her lawyer made sure they would consider it.    
    • Here's the results for a search of for "agent orange" + "air force" + "okinawa"
    • Thanks Vync...I will try to find something updated for this vet to use... Then again the older versions of M21-1MR can control appeals for EEDs and CUEs favorably sometimes. In 1995 much of this stuff was not even on the internet. Luckily when I was on Prodigy Vets BBS ( late 80's or early 90s,) one of our members was a former BVA lawyer, helping many vets ...William Smith..and our long term member  Pete 53 here remembers him I am sure I dont know how some of us claimants got anywhere at all with our claims prior to what the internet is today.
    • Here's a direct link to IRS
    • If I were you I would go to and then click on the Contact Us Section , then  click on Ask a will be redirected to IRIS where you can ask them what the RO is still waitng for, and maybe it is something you yourself could supply...or something they already should have.. With no SC now, I assume, they probably are seeking your SMRs -or maybe some private treatment records but I dont know... Ask IRIS for an email reply instead of a phone call. They will contact your VARO to clarify what they still need and then email you.