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Voc Rehab Is A Joke..

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Wow..I wish I had good news.

Went to my initial appointment in September. It's now mid April and I am still in limbo, even with repeated emails to my counselor. She is basically USELESS. I am so disgusted right now. Disgusted with these civilians getting paid a lot of money TO DO NOTHING. To string us along, hoping we'll just give up and go away.

Going to write my Senator. This is ridiculous and an embarrassment to the government and the VA.

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Don't give up after three years of trying Independent Living may come through big time for me. At least that is what I have been told they they are going to make my wishes come true.

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voc rehab is a good program I have a great counselor and she really got the ball moving real fast i applied in jan and started school in march

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Be strong, dont give up keep trying. I am in Voc Rehab and I now have a great cousleor who has whole heartedly helped me, gotten me extras and tryly wants me to succeed- even when I have had to withdraw this semester because of my SC pain went intense she is still supportive and wants me to succeed.

I have also had terrible counselors, never helped, rude, cold, bitchy but I requested 3 times and got a new great counselor! You have to just keep trying, you may have to submit things 2,3,4 times before you get what you want and MAY have to include their managers or as you said your senator but keep trying. I am proof of that- Yeah it's not easy, can suck at times, an make you stress out but with support on here or family, wife,friend,dog whatever keep trying my brother veteran. And good luck.



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    • DD12, probably doesn't matter at this point, have you ever been referred to a VMC Neurologist or you PN? It's been about 6 yrs, but before I could get in to see the VA Neurologist, my VA PCP had to order a complete Blood workup for all STD, Aids Etc. Also, an EMG had to be completed. In my case, the DX arrived at by the MD Specialist that reviewed the EMG & Blood-work results, was Idiopathic PN. When I finally got to see the VA Neurologist, the IPN DX was in place. The Neurologist just addressed treatment options, refused to discuss a possible AO Nexus. He was 65, about to retire and Toed the VA DENIE  Line. Took seeing 3 different VA Neurologist to find (1) that would write a supportive DBQ. Semper Fi  
    • An MD/DO with no "Dog in the Fight," writing in his Clinician Treatment Notes or actually completing a DBQ or providing a Vet with a  Written IMO, supporting the Vet's claimed Nexus, can often become the "Award Factor." However, the Dr's Credentials will come into play. Is he a Board Certified Specialist, a GP, ER Dr, Psychiatrist, etc. If the VA's C & P Dr is a Specialist, Board Certified in the Vet's DX, his DBQ will Trump any "MO" of a Non-Specialist. Just my Lay opinion here, IMOs provided by  Drs that are Professional IMO Suppliers, are viewed more harshly by Raters, DROs and BVA Judges. That being said, I would think their Medical Credentials are of extreme importance. If a Vet is going to pay $1500 to $2+K for an IMO, he should seriously attempt to find a Dr "Board Certified," in his condition. Semper Fi
    • I did have some other tests done, but an EMG was not one of them.  Had a test done where they hooked me up to a machine to check reflexes.  Not sure what it was called, but it wasn't and EMG.  Then had the monofilament test by a private doc.  The C&P examiner also did the monofilament test.  Is the mono test sufficient for rating purposes?  The examiner said that they are used all the time.  Regardless, I will complete any exam that they ask me to.  The more proof the better.  Loosing feeling in a hand, arm, or leg is horrible!  I just hope that I don't lose all feeling completely one day.  If I do hit 100% schedular, could I file for IU or SMC in future?  Or would that be a can of worms that I don't want to open?
    • The decision they send will tell more...P & T awards Chapter 35 (DEA) edu bennies for the dependents and CHAMPVA can be applied for with the award letter. If they dont award P & T, and you are getting some retro, some of it would be good to invest into an independent medical  opinion that could award the P & T... Awarded TDIU back to 2009- it would surprise me if they didn't award P & T....but we can never really  know what they are going to do.  
    • yeah, they can determine an analogous code. This involves CUE Buck , this vet needs help, but his CUE is good. A Cue can occur if the VA uses the wrong diagnostic code to a veteran's detriment but I think this change of diagnosis might involve the same  analogous disability they rated in the decision he is cueing, and then it might be OK, the way the CUE stands. More input from others is needed here.