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    • Question about NOD wait time after applying.
      Navy 4 Life.......I requested a DRO Hearing.......I read a lot of opinions on here saying DRO Hearing is the way to go so you can challenge the evidence eyeball to eyeball in person.  My question is if my EVIDENCE submitted to DRO is clearly evident that a disability increase has exceeded the criteria for an increase why would I even need to wait all that time on Waco backlog (12-24 mos) for a Hearing date when clear cut evidence sits right there in front of him/her right now?????  This is the question I am still trying to understand / seek out if clear evidence makes any difference time-wise on an NOD to be granted an increase, and thus a Hearing would no longer be necessary (I assume) unless they simply wish to be blind to the evidence and facts to play out the string until a Hearing is set Thanks Wayne. 
    • Is this a cue?
      Ok i'm 100% now as of septermber 2015 but i was wondering my original claim I won sleep apnea and lost depression and anxiety. I filed an apeal for anxiety and depression and also filed a new claim depression anxiety secondary to sleap apnea. well 9 months went by and then they just closed my claim i called they said i had an appeal in for the same thing. I canceled my appeal refiled sleap apnea and depression secondary to sleap apnea and won. I took a break because all this has taken a toll on. me and i had been a 4 year battle because claims use to take 2 years. I think i should of won my original claim, is there anything I can do about this. thanks for all the advice
    • Question about NOD wait time after applying.
      Right now I think the hold up is them getting all documents digitized. The VA was suppose to get the wait time down to 125 days at the end of 2015..they missed that goal and now it looks like at the end of 2016. VBMS is a web-based, electronic claims processing solution complemented by improved business processes. It will assist in eliminating the existing claims backlog and serve as the technology platform for quicker, more accurate claims processing.  .........Buck
    • Question about NOD wait time after applying.
      I filed my NOD November 2014 and I inquired through IRIS and Under Secretary for Benefits in January 2016.  I got a hearing February 2016 with WACO.  I had the DRO hearing and I think it went well BUT now I am awaiting the decision for over 3 months. WACO is about 12-24 months for a DRO hearing. Did you request a DRO hearing in your NOD?
    • PTSD-MST Treatment(s)
      Yes - please utilize the above link- I had to write the statement for the Parole Board to assist in denying the parole for this inmate.  I made a lot of mistakes with my claim but self education has been essential and being proactive. God Bless.
    • PTSD-MST Treatment(s)
      mkah - check out this article  How to Write a Stressor Statement for a PTSD Claim for Veterans Disability Compensation
    • PTSD-MST Treatment(s)
      Thank you for those kind words.   Do you think I should fill out a victim impact statement and upload it to my claim?  Or was this a state document fir the rape? If so, where would I get one electronically?   Thank you again, I still have four more weeks of Prolonged Exposure therapy.   Mark
      I'm in the process myself for claiming PTSD (MST) - You need to file a 21-0781a form with all the details you can recall, even if it hurts or is infuriating, there's all sorts of calming techniques that may help you concentrate to put all this down on paper. If you are seeing a Social Worker for PTSD, then you should be able to include that info, as well as any other evidence you can muster.
    • New guy here!
      Alright, so now, it is Memorial Day, I've got to break this habit of daily e-bennies check, strangely enough, today was the day that the status had changed to "Requested Documents are Past Due." I am just assuming that this is the C&P from QTC a little over two weeks ago...I should follow up with and give them a call (QTC) right? 482 Days since I submitted an ITF, and 326 days since my claims have been received. I know that I'm probably/possibly not done with C&P exams at this point either, especially since the evidence on hand for the issues I'm claiming for SC aren't descriptive like the Encyclopedia Britannica Of which, are only buddy statements. *tap* *tap* *tap* least it's being taken care of now instead of 20+ years down the road (for this initial process anyways) Oh, and to anyone who didn't know, this is not my first filing. I went through the IPEB/IDES/MEB while on AD. Naive as I had been, it was still wrong for those people who were assigned to help and guide a young buck through a portal to hell like they did, and probably still do to this day. I'm curious now though, to any information regarding persons who have also been through CL's MEB and found themselves backtracking claims to collect errors or input overlooked claims/injuries.
    • Miss Figured EED?
      Note: some of these dates maybe off..I need my C-file to compare the EED. And how they gave the EED. From what date did they start it is my main question. if they said they started it from 1998  that is CUE  because I know they didn't.....the first time this disability arose is when I had emergency surgery from the VAMC for Appendix surgery.I was sent to..the Audiology & Doc did a hearing test on me  and that was back in the 80's He stated my hearing was bad enough to receive Compensation and hearing aids...but I was working and never consider filing a claim until it got worse  in 1997..1998 is when I first filed for  the noise indused hearing loss...and tinnitus.....the tinnitus shows to be awarded a year before the hearing loss...which is all untrue  they awarded the tinnitus when I won the DRO Hearing.2002/and awarded the IU IN 2003..if they have all these records  the records will show I am right..if they don't have these records in my C-file  something is up with that...its not that much retro for them to be shredding these records if that's the case? I remember Flip mention they cheated me out of years of retro  on the 50% as well as the IU BEING PAID AT THE 100% Rate. But these dates I put up here is just my recollection from my memory and they could be off   so I need my C-file to do anything  if the VA is correct on the dates and I have no evidence to raise a fuss..Then yeah I will not file a Claim or reopen to fix this  EED I am Contesting since I seen that 1998 start date for the 50% on my 70% PTSD Award letter this year. I do have an ITF open started  back in Jan of this year. If i get my C-file and these records can prove my evidence is right and VA Cue...I will submit the hope I GET MY c-file in time.?? So hopefully by the time I get my C-file  I hope Asknod is crediting with his Aurthrozition/Certified to help Veterans.   ..............Buck

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Va Claim Development Phase (Part 2)

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Received a letter from the VA last week stating my claim was being looked at however two "mandatory" documents were missing. I sent these documents back in November (but oh well), I will resend and make sure same is sent certified. Since my C&P exam was complete in November, I've had a MRI for an issue which I'm claiing and I've been diagnoised with sleep apnea, CPAP scheduled for delivery this Thursday. If I'm sending in the paperwork which the VA hasn't received, should I also include my MRI results/report and sleep apnea report as well. I'm not expecting to hear anything soon regarding a VA rating, so I figured I might as well send the additional info. Any thoughts/ideas on whether this is a smart move?


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