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    • COOL ! Tbird, you always look for ways to make things better for everyone here. Ever since I had my cataracts removed,the white screen looks very bright so I might switch to one of the other screens. PS all dont miss the posts Tbird puts here from DisabledVeterans,org ( Attorney Ben Krause's site) usual;ly at the bottom left hand side on my screen. The one today is about how VA is touting telemedicine to reduce the waiting times. Some of the comments are funny but the truth is the comments also reflect some serious concerns.
    • Navy4life, I get all shivery just thinking about it, how it will change my life, for the better.  Even more so that my rate increases have...since they were a monthly increase with little to no retro.  I can hardly wait to tell my wife, since she knows I go with out any luxuries to ensure that she and the kids don't have to skip out.  This will be my first reward/bonus/lottery prize/payout that is bigger than a take home check, or tax return. Andy
    • Buck, Thanks, man...finally got something from the VA(will be getting)that I should have had years ago.  Had told the boss(wife) that our lives would have been so much different if this would have been given when it should have...that 3rd baby she wanted, and so on.  And for me, even, my first very own new car.  And a better life for my kids, even.  I sure hate going with out, so they don't have to grow up like I did. I can't tell you what it feels like, having to ask the wife for a few more bucks for gas, till payday.  I can't even treat her right, in that sense, if I can barely afford any extras from my allowance/gas money.  But this will be a HUGE relief, pay down enough debt to literally free up a significant portion of my take home. Hope that 3rd signer is in the zone and applies their :"John Hancock" to my document soonest! Andy
    • Well you are looking a good chuck of money there!  That is sooooo exciting!!!!

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How Long Does Voc Rehab Take

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once you go the the breifing and are found to be entitled for it what or how long does it take to get set up at the school.

what is the protocal. i am signed up at a tech school i just dont know what happens after that.


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can i get some more detailed info for voc rehab. like timeline info ect. I will have my entitlement appt on the 17th can you give me an idea once we do hat apt what happens. HE told me to bring in my info for job exploration which I will have and my dd214. Please advise

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It has been a long time since I went through Voc Rehab, but it was quick( within 2 weeks) once I was found eligible. You also need to talk to a counselor at the Tech School that knows about the VA programs in case they drag their feet on payment to the School, also take any papers from the school to show your starting date and hourly count to your VA appointment.

Voc Rehab is the best program going IMO, I wasn't even allowed to buy a pencil....I would just go get what I needed at the book store and sign a receipt. Keep your grades in check and your enrollment up to date along with appointments with the VA Rehab.......things go smooth, or at least they used to.

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I became eligible for VocRehab in Sept 06, and was in school for the next semester. Like JR says it is usually pretty quick once you have done the interview and testing. I think all thats next is you turning in your program of study, as long as its approved you will get a letter from them telling you how much you are going to receive each month based on your hours of study. I don't know if you are aware of this but you also are eligible for dental care while you are in school. Good Luck. I agree with JR it is a great program and a great opportunity for vets.


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