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    • My guess is that it would put me back at the beginning of the process but they've only had it 2 months. I have some new info that I think could really help since it seems the rules for sleep apnea have changed. 
    • I attached the the IME, "Ellis VA IMO redacted" to my post.  Im SC for tinnitus.   I have a current NOD in for a previous claim for sleep apnea secondary to psychotic mood disorder and PTSD. They denied everything without any C&P exams. Will my new FDC suffer because of the NOD already in the system? Looking forward to your thoughts on my IME
    • T-89031, if you have the (1) SC at 100% SC, all by itself, with no other SC's combined for the 60% for a Statutory SMC S (1), the only other way to get to the Housebound SMC is with a Physician's completion of the VA Housebound/aid & Attendance application form, it's not an automatic award. When you have a chance, review the 09/28/16 VAOIG Report that Buck referenced. The SMC S (1) over-payments as well as under-payments will make your head spin. See VBMS 11-0 issued 06/17/2016, VA Rating Staff Directive regarding, rater must consider all Claims where a single condition is rated as 100%, for Statutory SMC S (1). Semper Fi
    • Gastone........it is 30% sc allergy, 10% sc sinus......also had deviated septum surgery (1970) while on active duty and another again at Dallas VAMC in 2007.   The 10% on sinus is also on NOD claim for increase to 30%.. I had mild OSA in 2006 and blew it off as told I was overweight and told to lose weight before they would do anything else first........I did just that and elected to have lap band surgery and it dropped my weight by 50 pounds by 2007, and nothing else happened with Neurology so I figured all was good then and let the OSA slide...........but then wife noted that my non-breathing episodes were now increasing and longer in duration in 2015, so she convinced me to go have another sleep study done last November and this one it came up as moderate OSA, and I had not gained any weight back at all.  I have been on CPAP since December 2.  Since I am on CPAP now, I have filed a NOD for OSA based on sc aggravation due to allergies, sinus, and having deviated septum surgery. I was rejected on my first try because I was not on CPAP when I filed.  
    • I have also been told to bring my CPAP in every sleep visit I have. Yes they do use it to monitor your breathing issues and if you don't use it they do hold that against you to evaluate your condition getting worse. You have to understand that not using your CPAP will decrease your chances of a good nights rest but what about insomnia. Yes you do feel rested for the first hour or two but that only means if you are active. If not active and work at a desk then I'll give your rested feeling around 30 minutes top. My opinion is if your goal is to get good sleep use the CPAP, if your goal is not to feel sleepy throughout the day seek out a neurologist  for further diagnoses.   You know one of the presumptive issues is insomnia.

Cm Burns

How Long Does Voc Rehab Take

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once you go the the breifing and are found to be entitled for it what or how long does it take to get set up at the school.

what is the protocal. i am signed up at a tech school i just dont know what happens after that.


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can i get some more detailed info for voc rehab. like timeline info ect. I will have my entitlement appt on the 17th can you give me an idea once we do hat apt what happens. HE told me to bring in my info for job exploration which I will have and my dd214. Please advise

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It has been a long time since I went through Voc Rehab, but it was quick( within 2 weeks) once I was found eligible. You also need to talk to a counselor at the Tech School that knows about the VA programs in case they drag their feet on payment to the School, also take any papers from the school to show your starting date and hourly count to your VA appointment.

Voc Rehab is the best program going IMO, I wasn't even allowed to buy a pencil....I would just go get what I needed at the book store and sign a receipt. Keep your grades in check and your enrollment up to date along with appointments with the VA Rehab.......things go smooth, or at least they used to.

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I became eligible for VocRehab in Sept 06, and was in school for the next semester. Like JR says it is usually pretty quick once you have done the interview and testing. I think all thats next is you turning in your program of study, as long as its approved you will get a letter from them telling you how much you are going to receive each month based on your hours of study. I don't know if you are aware of this but you also are eligible for dental care while you are in school. Good Luck. I agree with JR it is a great program and a great opportunity for vets.


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