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    • Thanks for the education! I aways grab my card if I have a dental antibiotic drugs at Walmart, but so far it hasn't done anything but waste my time, so I pay the Walmart $4/drug charge (and I hear VA drugs where I'm at are cheap substitutes with many side-effects.) I don't think any medical service would opt to work with the VA's paperwork, delays, and incompetence: but I don't know for a fact. But some health care providers I have heard will give you free services if you don't make them work with the VA, ha ha.
    • MyHealthVet lists your upcoming appointments under the "Get Care" tab. When you check into the clinic, if your clinic does electronic check in with your VA ID card it also lists all your appointments for the day or it says "No Appointments Scheduled".     
    • I have asked if this is CUE on here before, but I have since received my C-file and am able to upload my C&P exams. I was initially denied PTSD in 2009. I was awarded 50% in 2015. I have filed a NOD on the rating and effective date last month and made inquiries to a lawyer to handle my claim. The problem is it doesn't seem like CUE to me as I understand the definition. I was diagnosed with adjustment order in 2009 and then PTSD in 2015. The main reason I would like to try for an EED is the last paragraph of the 2015 C&P exam where the Dr. states: However, it should be pointed out that most of the symptoms the veteran described during today's MH examination, certainly those common to a PTSD diagnosis- she also described during her 7/8/09 Initial PTSD examination, in Oklahoma City Both C&P exams are attached. Any thoughts? 2009 C&P exam notes2.pdf 2015 - C&P exam Notes.pdf
    • Thanks Berta, and armorer!  armorer i don't know what her title is.  I guess I could find out when she does the report and I look it up.  
    • I feel you bro.  Hopefully you get the best rating possible. 

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Issues

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Greetings all. This is my first post, I'm so glad I found this site with so much helpful information. So here goes:

After coming back from Desert Storm, I started having digestive issues. Since I've done two more tours in Iraq, it's become very difficult. I filed a claim last year, and was told by the examiner that the bowel problems were caused by taking too many Tums antacids, and my claim was denied. I told my personal physician what the doctor said and he said he couldn't be more wrong. My doctor sent me for colonoscopy, came back negative, and the term escapes me, but they basically put a camera down your throat. They could see irritation from the acid reflux.

I recently received a va newsletter, where they have stated that Irritable bowel syndrome is on the list of being presumed service connected if you served when and where I was located.

I went to the state VA service officer and she filed for IBS again. (I didn't appeal the first decision, I have just about given up on VA)

How do I get another exam? Will this happen since I filed again? My personal doctor has diagnosed me with IBS. I've even gone so far as to take pictures of my stools with my cell phone and downloaded them to my computer. They are all time stamped, so they can see that this is a daily issue. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I could do?

Thank you so very much for your time. Sorry it's so long winded, my brain just doesn't work like it used to.

Brad Doyle

Fairview Heights, IL

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Your more than likely have to go thru another exam. There going to want to look if there has been any changes since your last one.

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By the way, you mentioned you filed last year and was denied. How long ago did you receive your decision letter denying you? You have 1 year from the date of the letter to file an NOD. You can also file a Reconsideration letter with the new evidence you have.

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was told by the examiner that the bowel problems were caused by taking too many Tums antacids, and my claim was denied.

What kind of BS was that examiner saying! He had no right saying that, unless of course you told him you were eating them like candy. Even then, you already had the symptom's of IBS BEFORE you started taking them. JMO, he was totally out of line. Do you know what kind of Dr he was? Sorry about the posting so much, but the more I read it, the more I didn't catch the first time.

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You need to see an Internal Medicine Specialist to get a proper diagnosis. You may have GERD(Acid Reflux) and IBS, which are different but can cause serious problems. As for your private doctor diagnosing you with IBS, you need to file a NOD. Yes, it could take years but since you have the diagnosis, VA should award the claim. GERD(Acid Reflux) + IBS can get you a higher rating than just IBS alone.

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I Ihave Necrotizing pancreas disease (and several other diseases) and the c&p exam doctor, unbeleivably had me lay down, while he pressed all over my stomach area.... can't believe how freaking stupid they are at the exams.. really really pathetic..

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