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    • I am a bit confused about the qualifications on this particular item.   I have read .. hell I can not even explain it as really because it confuses me that much so I am just going to be blunt.. would I qualify for consideration for housebound?  I stay at home most of the time as I am tired most of the time(sleep apnea)/spinal stenosis (which increases tremendously when I travel)/radiculopathy down both legs and anxiety issues. My fiance' does most of the chores around the house.  She would take me to VA appointments because I get easily distracted (because of pain) and basically easily upset when I drive, but she of course works so she can not. I have a total rating of 90% with TDIU 100% 70% for depression and the rest of my issues are various ranging from 30%'s/20%'s and a 10%.
    • Keep in mind, these are strictly personal opinions offered by Hadit members, usually based on to a certain degree, personal experience. Just my personal take, your Bladder Trauma Claim as Secondary to your MST,  in and of itself, really has no bearing on your SC of PTSD. I made a note of your PTSD DBQ Dr's response to Evidence Review Section V 5A, as I recall, I found it troubling. If you choose to, look at it, what do you think? You did mention you just got a 30% SC Rating, with the PTSD & Bladder Claim Deferred. Do not be looking for a "Quick" claim resolution, an "Inferred IU Claim" statement in an Award Letter is good. As to anything else in your original claim being put off as "Inferred," is troubling. I could be wrong and for your sake, I hope I am.
    • I just received the VA EED Award letter today. The Detroit RO CUE Review team must be on the stick. E-Ben 05/17/16 EED CUE Review Claim closed 07/16, Decision Letter mailed 08/21. Retro Deposit Hit 08/24, Award Letter arrived 08/25. That has to be close to Speed of Light, as far as VA Decisions go. Semper Fi
    • Can't say I've filed any other FOIA Requests, other than for my C-File. The VA Addressed  your FOIA request, when they acknowledged receipt of it by US Mail. Addressing & completion of the Request seem to be (2) different things. I can't recall any Vet posting that they got their C-Files, on paper or now on CD, in less than a year. When I got mine in 01/2014, 9in of paper and was only complete up yo the FOIA Filing Date of 09/12. If there is something in your C-File that you are certain that really need to see and make a copy of, make an appointment for a Supervised Personal View and ability to make limited page copies, at your RO. Not easy to do but it can be done. Semper Fi
    • Keli, yes the VBA (Veterans Benefit Administartion) is the division responsible.  You may want to peruse this:  http://benefits.va.gov/benefits/factsheets.asp


Ibs Rating Amounts?

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I am going to put in a claim for IBS. Was wondering if there is a format for what is rated on the severity of the problem. Also idf any of you have been SC for IBS what kind of treatments have you recieved from VA? I was told by DAV rep that IBS falls under gulf war syndrome. Any truth to this at all? Thanks

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"I was told by DAV rep that IBS falls under gulf war syndrome. Any truth to this at all? Thanks "

Technically that is correct- however the VA does not compensate Gulf War Syndrome- they compensate chronic unexplained qualifying illness.(IBS is one of those illnesses)

This VA link explains this better and there is a wealth of info under Qualifying Chronic disability in our GW forum.

I have seen claims at the BVA for "Gulf War Syndrome" that were denied because the veteran did not explain the cluster of

symptoms well enough to fall into the VA's definition of a qualifying chronic unexplained illness.

Also there should be a Gulf War radio show I did at SVR some time on Gulf War syndrome in the SVR archives here as to how the VA defines these illnesses and also info about the nine new presumptives that are predominently residuals from infectious bacterial disease that was most likely incurred in Southwest East theatre.


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Thanks alot. This is some great info. Very interesting information. So if the dav is helping with claim I need to put in for chromic unexplained illness and not gulf war syndrome correct? Thanks again

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I think either way to state it is OK if you add to the sentence I claim GWS or chronic unexplained illness due to my service in South West Asia as I have these chronic conditions

with no known etiology but for my service during the Gulf War.

It pays to go over the qualifying chronic disabilities that VA will SC so tat nothing is left out.

It would help as well to check out the BVA web site and search for Gulf War Syndrome or Gulf War illnesses and see how vets shaped their claims.

Edited by Berta

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Here are 2 BVA awards to GW vets:



The full legal and medical criteria for these awards is found in the decisions.

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7319 ​Irritable colon syndrome (spastic colitis, mucous colitis, etc.):


​Severe; diarrhea, or alternating diarrhea and constipation, with more

​or less constant abdominal distress​30

​Moderate; frequent episodes of bowel disturbance with abdominal


​Mild, disturbances of bowel function with occasional episodes of

​abdominal distress​0


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