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    • I believe  a veteran only needs to meet 3  diagnostic criteria?  not all 5 so I agree with Ms berta All diagnostic criteria has to be met  is B.S. BUT I'M GOING WITH THE 2010 CHANGE. I would think the new regulations on PTSD would be grandfather in.  IF SO then the EED would start in 2O10.\here is a link o the new 2010 update PTSD Regulations, be sure and read all the way down and check out the last line in #12...so I don't think a CUE can be beneficial here? http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/07/12/new-regs-on-ptsd-claims-facts-and-qa/ jmo ...........................Buck
    • The PTSD C & P exam of 2015 clearly indicates you had PTSD, when they denied in 2009. VA had knowledge of your receipt of the CAR then, and also the recent exam states that the TBI was a stressor. You certainly fell into the 2010 PTSD regulations.But they were not out yet in 2009. The 2009 denial for PTSD clearly states: “This award verifies an inservice stressor occurred which is one of the requirements for a grant of service connection.” But then it states: “A diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder must meet all diagnostic criteria as stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association. The evidence does not show a confirmed diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder which would permit a finding of service connection.  “   ALL diagnostic criteria? I think that is BS…… I need to find the DSM for 2009. That can’t be right. I sure hope others chime in on this. The C & P examiner in 2015 gave you good evidence in their statement, for a better EED. I do think a NOD should be filed but maybe there is a way to file a CUE claim on the older decision, as well as NOD on the 2015  decision..          
    • yes thats correct brokensoldier244th Also I usually check my appointments in MyHealthyvet   by useing the ''bluebutton'' and clink on VA Notes  & future appointments.
    • As for Dr. Gail Poyner, I was convinced she did my initial C&P exam, but after receiving my C-File, I learned it was from a Dr. Rosco. I'm not sure if I saw her during another visit or if they just look alike. Sorry for that bit of erroneous information.
    • Berta,  Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I have filed a NOD for the latest PTSD rating and effective date and for my TBI rating decrease. Here is my 2009 decision letter.   2009 - Decision1.pdf

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Narcotic Pain Meds

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Hello everyone,just got back from primary doctor from private practice new rule starting now you much sign paper to be drug tested for anyone

on narcotic pain meds at any time to get your medicine refill. If your test is positive for anything alcohol,mariquana,crack, or what ever, dr told me

you get no refills and also get put out of this practice or doctor office. So get ready he said this is everywhere. What else can they do to a man who is

too disable to work or have any kind of life but pain & meds. Take a drug test any drugs or alcohol no meds. Only in america.

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This doc told you BS !

Maybe in HIS PRIVATE PRACTICE, which he has control over

but there is no new law about this.

Last time I checked alcohol was legal and if of age - so is consuming it.

If I live in Mendocino County, Cali. and have a RX for Medical Marijuana

I'm covered on that.

This might be YOUR PRIVATE PRACTICE doctors rule - but it is not a law.

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Carlie, i hope you are right on this one but I just dont know until Monday when I call & ask is this just his office but I have been

talking with some people getting SSDI and they said they been told the same thing about narcotics prescription refills just like

va pain mangement hell they wanted to test me today for my fentanyl,hydrocodone prescription.Those two i have to have. I dont drink

but I do smoke and I will tell them this I take too much medicine to drink & I'm not trying to be a saint but if this is correct I have no other

choice. I'm worried cause i need my medicine and VA has already started this my pcp at va told me it will be best to get my meds from private dr

because of this same reason now private dr doing same thing. Fentanyl hydrocodone i have been on this 8 years and now they start their *hit.

Time to go to Salibury,NC to dry out I guess or find another dr or dont know or aybe move to a different state. He did say this is a trial of this and next year

it probably be mandatory for all narcotic prescriptions. Not law yet 'i guess' but if i had not just had all my teeth pull i would have done drug test today for meds.

they felt sorry :blush: but be ready next month for sure. Just a head up to everyone thats all I'm saying

Edited by tmoe

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In private practice it depends on which state you live in as to the rules for narcotic prescriptions. The VA has had vets sign a agreement when they get pain meds via the VA. At my VAMC I must sign an agreement to get on opiate program, so I can get my drugs without going for an exam every month. They do random urine tests on me when I go to the VA. It may be, in fact, easier to get these drugs via the VA than from private doctors. However, I never get my drugs on the same date each month. I get percoset and fentanyl patches. I have never had a "Hot" urine test for anything illegal but I still get the third degree after 10 years. Florida where I live is harassing pain doctors and patients along with the bad doctors and drug addicts.

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john999, its getting worst no better,had a talk with nurse today and was told this was started in Dec 1,2011 & it is random test and is up to DR

as to what can be done .Crack down on meds to make sure you are taking & not selling your drugs. Postive test no meds and out the program

for anything thats not suppose to be in your system. Its hard to got to another dr & ask them for narcotic prescriptions on a regular basic without

further testing or to start back over.Can only use one pharmacist and only one dr giving you narcotic all in the contract you sign. You dont sign

the contract no meds. ITS GETTING ROUGH and if you have a dr that helping you its better to stay with this dr but finding another dr is hell.

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My private HMO Doc is tougher about Hydrocodone than my VA PCP. I don't have a contract but the VA Pharmacy always plays me with delivery. This months scriot is late again naturally.

I hate VA Meds by Mail and now the Post Office is talking about worse service. I am requesting that VA send my Meds by UPS Brown or Fed Ex the mail sucks right now.

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