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    • Are diabetic neuropath and sciatica rated separately or together under "nerves"?    
    • I'm certainly no expert. My Sleep Study clinic monitors my usage without the machine ever leaving my house. It has a built in modem. However, there is a card that can also be removed and data can be transferred to any computer for further transfer. I can't see a reason you would have to bring your CPAP anywhere. I suppose there are different versions; however, it sounds like a major inconvenience.
    • I think they just want to see if your using the c-pap faithfully and yes check out the data on it too, and see if all is ok with you and your sleep times? as for as S.A. Claims I don't think it matters if your sleep Apnea is Mild or chronic  Sleep Apena can kill ya no matter what . I'm not sure if they base the ratings % on this  or not or use the symptoms to rate S.A. ..I have always been told  if your Dx with S.A. and using a VA prescribe C-PAP Machine   its automatic 50% rating if you can prove it to be secondary from a SC. Disability  or you have records while in the military to show you had S.A or OSA ON RECORD. JMO ...............Buck
    • I would like to thank everyone on the PTSD and TDIU forums for helping me reach my 100% rating.  My story began in 1975 when I was in AIT.  I was the only female in my unit and my DI thought he could take advantage of that fact.  I was sexually assaulted and tortured by this man for 8 weeks.  I told no-one.  The reason for mentioning these facts is to let other veterans suffering from MST know that there is hope no matter how many years have passed.  I received my 100% award 41 years and 15 days after my assault began.  I suffered with nightmares and flashbacks for all of those years.  I worked and provided a decent living for myself until March of this year when I was finally forced to take a medical retirement.  I am 63 and just had 2 more years to make it to retirement.  In 2014 I joined a PTSD Support Group.  For the first time I was able to tell my story.  My peers encouraged me to file a claim and I finally did.  My symptoms became much worse the more I opened up and I ended up losing my job.  The reality is I would have lost my life if I had not have met these amazing women.  My life is finally turning around and I am learning to control my anger and feel as though I deserve to live.  I never believed that anyone would believe my story after all of those years.  The person that investigated my claim uncovered some conversatIons that I had  with a Chaplin.  He had noted in my file that he thought I had been sexually assaulted even  though I never said those words.  I was amazed at how thorough this investigation was.  Please forgive my rambling, I just want others to know that there are claims personnel that really work hard to give us the benefits we deserve.  I spent hours reading the Had It forums to keep my self encouraged during the waiting time.  Thank you all so much for the support!
    • Can anyone give me a timeline on when I might receive any information in the mail? How long before back-pay?

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How To Assemble Va Claims

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First off, Welcome and I hope your questions will be answered in here. There are a lot of knowledgeable people in here willing to help. I wish you good journey!

Just thought I would mention a couple of things. Maybe others have already, but it never hurts to repeat.

There are multiple forums on this site designed to address specific disabilities or provide additional research. Click on the Forums tab at the top and Explore.

There are also radio and chats. I am not very familiar since I am not a vet, but when I do listen, I always learn something.

If you are just beginning the claims process, I suggest you check out my website (www.howtoassemblevaclaims.com). It includes a section on what you can do while still active duty. My site can get you started on your journey.

the forums and the great people in them can provide you with answers.

Thank you for protecting me and mine. Your service is truly appreciated.


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