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    • Your Scheduler 100% SC for PTSD, not a combined Rating, right? NO IU Rating involved? Any mention in your Award Letter regarding a possible Fiduciary Appointment? I know you mentioned your $6K Retro Deposit, it's just that a 100% PTSD Vet, who may or may-not be homeless and may or may-not have RX or other Dependency issues, is usually a prime candidate for a VA Fiduciary Appointment. Semper Fi
    • At this stage of your PTSD Rating Decision, kind of the "11th Hour" so to speak, just try to relax. The VA PTSD Rating Decision won't move any faster or slower based on anything you could do at this point. You have a PTSD DX, it all comes down to the Raters Determination regarding your MST Supporting Evidence, it will either be Compelling or not. Keep in mind, the VA "Benefit of Doubt Doctrine." If for some reason, the Rater determines that your MST "Marker Evidence." doesn't quite Seal the Deal and the evidence for and against an SC rating is determined to be in "Equipoise," you get the Jump Ball and the SC is Awarded. At least in Theory. The only thing you can and probably should do, practice the Anxiety/Stress relieving exercises that you learned in Group Therapy. Get together with someone from your Group, it really does help to talk face to face. Semper Fi
    • Hey all I have a C&P exam for PTSD increase on Monday, and just want to know if I should bring my MH progress notes, IE from my psychiatrist, MH clinic and such? Reason I asked is because I had a TBI C&P exam yesterday and the doctor didn't even look at the documents that I brought in because he told me what he has my records when I asked him.
      Also how would I be able to check the C&P if it was outsourced and not done by the VA?   Reason I ask is because I had a TBI C&P done yesterday and it was outsourced. I am getting treatment though the VA, Ie Speech Pathology Therapy. NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Exam was done maybe last month? I tell him my story, what happened, my residuals, etc. He then asks me what I think is making me have issues and problems more, TBI or PTSD.  I thought about it for a sec and I told him that I cannot answer that question but if I had to guess it would be PTSD. What worries the crap out of me is that the C&P was only 20 minutes or so long, I asked the doctor if he wanted my progress notes, my speech pathology therapy progress notes and he said no, I asked if he has my records and he said "Yes".
      20ish minutes for a C&P seems extremely short in my opinion, this is only my 3rd C&P by the way, I don't think that it will be a favorable C&P because of how short the exam was.
    • Buck, Hope the biopsy comes back clean, And good luck if you have the surgery.  Don't put that off (like my Dad), it don't get better with age. Hamslice    
    • I don't think civilians understand VA disability.  They lump it in with SSDI and Insurance disabilities.  Not the same. The VA comp is the difference between when you signed up and when you left service.  They bought you at 100%.  You either retire (or leave) at 100% or they pay the difference. A total guess, but your 40% could be from limited Range of Motion, or even required bed rest. How riding a bike or playing volleyball a investigator could determine your ROM, etc., would be a good read. I would imagine your disability(s) are static, which means permanent (almost, I know, but I say permanent) I wonder how many phone calls the VA gets from civilians questioning a Veteran's compensation? I would not worry, Hamslice    

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How To Assemble Va Claims

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First off, Welcome and I hope your questions will be answered in here. There are a lot of knowledgeable people in here willing to help. I wish you good journey!

Just thought I would mention a couple of things. Maybe others have already, but it never hurts to repeat.

There are multiple forums on this site designed to address specific disabilities or provide additional research. Click on the Forums tab at the top and Explore.

There are also radio and chats. I am not very familiar since I am not a vet, but when I do listen, I always learn something.

If you are just beginning the claims process, I suggest you check out my website (www.howtoassemblevaclaims.com). It includes a section on what you can do while still active duty. My site can get you started on your journey.

the forums and the great people in them can provide you with answers.

Thank you for protecting me and mine. Your service is truly appreciated.


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