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    • I am a bit confused about the qualifications on this particular item.   I have read .. hell I can not even explain it as really because it confuses me that much so I am just going to be blunt.. would I qualify for consideration for housebound?  I stay at home most of the time as I am tired most of the time(sleep apnea)/spinal stenosis (which increases tremendously when I travel)/radiculopathy down both legs and anxiety issues. My fiance' does most of the chores around the house.  She would take me to VA appointments because I get easily distracted (because of pain) and basically easily upset when I drive, but she of course works so she can not. I have a total rating of 90% with TDIU 100% 70% for depression and the rest of my issues are various ranging from 30%'s/20%'s and a 10%.
    • Keep in mind, these are strictly personal opinions offered by Hadit members, usually based on to a certain degree, personal experience. Just my personal take, your Bladder Trauma Claim as Secondary to your MST,  in and of itself, really has no bearing on your SC of PTSD. I made a note of your PTSD DBQ Dr's response to Evidence Review Section V 5A, as I recall, I found it troubling. If you choose to, look at it, what do you think? You did mention you just got a 30% SC Rating, with the PTSD & Bladder Claim Deferred. Do not be looking for a "Quick" claim resolution, an "Inferred IU Claim" statement in an Award Letter is good. As to anything else in your original claim being put off as "Inferred," is troubling. I could be wrong and for your sake, I hope I am.
    • I just received the VA EED Award letter today. The Detroit RO CUE Review team must be on the stick. E-Ben 05/17/16 EED CUE Review Claim closed 07/16, Decision Letter mailed 08/21. Retro Deposit Hit 08/24, Award Letter arrived 08/25. That has to be close to Speed of Light, as far as VA Decisions go. Semper Fi
    • Can't say I've filed any other FOIA Requests, other than for my C-File. The VA Addressed  your FOIA request, when they acknowledged receipt of it by US Mail. Addressing & completion of the Request seem to be (2) different things. I can't recall any Vet posting that they got their C-Files, on paper or now on CD, in less than a year. When I got mine in 01/2014, 9in of paper and was only complete up yo the FOIA Filing Date of 09/12. If there is something in your C-File that you are certain that really need to see and make a copy of, make an appointment for a Supervised Personal View and ability to make limited page copies, at your RO. Not easy to do but it can be done. Semper Fi
    • Keli, yes the VBA (Veterans Benefit Administartion) is the division responsible.  You may want to peruse this:  http://benefits.va.gov/benefits/factsheets.asp


50% Sc Ptsd, Increase Tdiu ** TRIGGERS **

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I am new here 1st post been getting information off from here since i filed my intial clam 2 years ago and was awarded the 50% sc for ptsd. I tried to use my Vet Officer at the VA here in Lafayette but he wasnt helpful, at all.

I havent worked since i got out in July of 2008 until recently i have had 3 jobs and lost them all im listing in the most recent order ( installing satellites i lost it for blowing up on a gas staion owner who is of middle eastern decen i was off my medication so i could function, before that fireworks job that i lost because someone broke in at night and i slept through it because of my meds, and the first one i lost for a confrontation with the boss). So my girlfriend has been forced to go back because i am unemployable. So i am going to file for an increase and TDIU and send them in at the same time. I have the paper work from the approval of my first claim i can post. I was 11B in OIF 06-08 here is a link to the events that took place


I havent been going to shrink because i was working when i did go my girlfriend had to drive me b/c i dont drive since coming home, but i have a baby now and im at home with her on the days i can handle, sometimes we have to take her over to the sitter because some nights i wont get anysleep at all i just lay in the bed, i take my medicine and ill go to sleep but i wont be able to function and ill have to get her to the sitter anyway. So its like im damned if i do and damned i i dont. I definitly think i'll get the increase but im not sure about the TDIU or even if i should try.

Any and all advice appreciated.

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I feel you my "BROTHER" now go-ahead and file for a increase and make you an appointment with your shrink,and tell he/she how your combat experience is effecting your everyday life and if your psychiatrist or psychologist stated you are unemployable due to your service connected PTSD,you could be rated a 100% for ptsd of you could get a increase to 70% and get the TDIU,which would make you a100%.Welcome Home and Thanks for your service to your country. GOOD LUCK!

mobie 16r

100% ptsd

Vietnam 1966-67-68

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If you have not been able to work in almost 4 years file for TDIU. Good luck!

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I'd pursue the TDIU and NOD the 50% that was awarded. If it's been over a year since the award, I'd use the excuse that your PTSD interferred w/your ability to assist much in your claim, causing the delay. I'd also CUE the 50% award stating it should have been higher and why. jmo


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Here is the letter I wrote to the VA so that they will give me the increase and TDIU. Hope it isnt to long for yall to read and i appreciate your time if you do read it. Let me know how it sounds and if i need to add anything. Also how do i word it when i tell them about the CUE?

On the 19th of February 2007, our patrol base located in Tarmiyah was attacked in force by insurgents. The attack began with small arms and RPG fire and culminated with an attack by a suicide car bomber. We were told that

the truck used in the attack was carrying 1000 lbs. of military grade

explosives. As a result, we lost two soldiers CPL Montrel S. McArn and SSG Pedro J. Colon. This was compounded by the loss we had experienced a day before to an insurgent sniper SPC Justin Paton.

On 12 April while on patrol in the market of Tarmiyah, I was the saw gunner in a HMMWVs when we stoped so RED 1(1LT Gwilym Newman) could talk with a shop owner. I was scanning the sector when i heard a loud crack I seen the LT had been hit, I immediatley startred spraying the M249 in all directions because i didnt know where the shot came from, the driver of the truck got out and they loaded his body onto the hood of the HMMVWs we drove back to the parol base with him bleeding all over the hood of the truck.

As soon as we got back inside the wire I jumped out the hatch and grabbed RED 1 under the arms while Spc Mclain secured his feet and we began to carry him in. While carrying him in the bullet had traveled through his helmet and his head out the back of the helmet and the exit wound was leaking all down the front of me. I remember bringing him into the medic they put him in the body bag and puyt it in the closet. After that I had to go back to the truck and get my M249 one the way back in seen a white piece of something on the ground i picked it up and i was a piece of RED 1s skull.

On 23 June 2007, one of our HMMWVs was struck by an IED outside our new patrol base at Hor Al Bosh. Inside were 1LT Dan Riordan, SGT Jimy Malone, SPC Joel House, and SPC Derek Calhoun. The blast was devastating and they were all taken instantly.

I was also involved in an IED blast as well as a mortar attack. When I first got to Iraq i hardly knew anyone these guys but after living with the in the patrol base I was close with all of them.

These events and state of mind I was in for those 15 months affect me numerous times everyday especially now that I have a daughter. My girlfriend has been forced to go back to work because i am unable to provide for our family.

Upon getting out of the military I have was unable to find employment of any nature for 3 years, recently I have had odd jobs here and there but I am unable to keep these jobs. I was working installing commercial satellites but alot of the owners are of middle eastern decent, I was working behind the counter one day and the owner said for me to get out of the way and i blew up on him and threatened to kill him. My boss was understanding because of my condition, but told me that i should not continue doing this kind of work because I am going to run into this problem alot. Before this job I had only a seasonal postion at a fireworks stand, I was running the tent, My boss wasnt to sure about letting me run the tent because of my PTSD because of the amount of people coming in and out. We agreed to let me try it under the agreement that i would be taking my medicine. After i closed down one night someone broke into the tent and stole some merchandise, lighting them in the middle of the road 50 feet from the tent. The next morning the owner of the property we were leasing from came and questioned me and I knew nothing of it because I had taken my medicine the night before and was sound asleep. I finished the season at the stand (not taking medicine) and wasn't offered employment back the next season (December 2011).

A few nights a week I just lay in the bed and wait to go to sleep but I never do until its daylight outside. I don't drink beers or smoke marijuana anymore because i have a 6 month old daughter that I try to do the right thing for. I do feel a great sense of accomplishment from not using drugs or alcohol anymore. One of the few things that I have been able to get right. Some days my girlfriend will have to bring my daughter to the sitters because I am unable to care for her if I havent slept at all the night before or if I'm having a "PTSD day" as she calls them. I am continously depressed and anxious during the day pacing around the house looking out the window and checking the locks on the doors. I have had a few violent outbursts where I punched holes in the wall. Sometimes the littlest thing just sets me off or it can be nothing at all. I don't usually leave my house and if i do my girlfriend gets mad because I have not showered or shaved. When I'm out in public I become EXTREMLEY anxious and irritable. I just get the feeling that everyone is watching me.

Edited by n3wyork13

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