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    • I have been going to Tallahassee eye clinic for at least 10 years, they won't mail mine either or pay me travel when I pick them up.  I just don't pick them up until I am going to be there for another appointment.  If you end up finding out otherwise, I would love to know. I receive 3 pairs a year for free (single vision, bifocals and polarized sunglasses)  I would love to have them mailed to me because often they don't even come in together even when they are ordered together.  
    • Comments will close at 11:59 Eastern Time tonight July 25th. 162,466 so far You dont have to give any contact info and some there are Anonymous comments as well “and other related health care services.” How will this affect PTSD veterans getting therapy from VA?????? How will this even affect their initial diagnosis???? Will an APRN be able to diagnose PTSD or not ,in spite of the 2010 PTSD regulations? Every time VA proposes a new rule or regulation there is often more to it than meets the eye.        
    • Not unusual. In the way back, maybe pre 2010, all kinds of great things were provided by the IL Dept. Check out what Ask NOD recently got Awarded on Appeal. Big Axx Greenhouse! Alas, that is no more. I'm on my 2nd run at the IL dept, 1st was in mid 14 and just recently had 1st appointment for 02/16  IL filing. The Voc Rehab Councilor, who is also the IL Program Councilor, spent just about the entire session telling me what the IL Program couldn't provide. Not too much about what it could provide. Will just have to see how this pans out. You may have to be somewhat circumspect in what your trying to get. It's not advisable to alienate the IL Councilor, in the very beginning, I did that back in 14. Semper Fi
    • Well, Had my first appt. with the counselor David Young at Togus. Asked for a Wood working Shop. Young stated that the VA does not build buildings. This counselor is in the wrong business,  he should have been a used car salesman. He is lacking in social skills. He gave me a pile of paperwork to bring home and fill out.   David
    • That is Good advice! I mentioned this before but when my husband died one of his pending claims was for a higher PTSD rating. SSDI had awarded him solely for PTSD, and we sent them that information and the 21-22  authorization form for one of his pending claims. Yet all of the psychiatric test results, hypnosis treatments , anger therapy etc etc from his new PTSD doctor never got to the VARO  although his shrink said he sent it all to them.He gave me copies of the records and again sent them to VA itself, mentioning I had shown him the veteran's PTSD award from SSDI as well (they ignored the SSDI award until they got his letter, lying to my Senator and Congressman that SSA had refused to honor the records request.It was a LIE. They could have gotten the SSA records in his lifetime, I called SSA in Baltimore only to learn they never had any request at all fom Buffalo RO.)and within a very short time frame, they awarded 100% P & T for PTSD--- posthumously---almost three years after his death.   My point is read the Evidence list and do as Inarticulate and distorted said....if something is missing from your medical records make sure you get what is missing.( or maybe  not 'missing' but being deliberately ignored by the RO)  

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C&p Exam Weight

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how much dose a c&p exam weigh in a rating? my c&p exam dr said all 14 items i claimed were as likely as not tied to my gulf war service

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VA gives a lot of weight to C & Ps from their own doctors.

"my c&p exam dr said'

Do you have copy of the exam results to make sure what he 'said' was noted in the exam?

If there is any question of a nexus -if these do not fall under PGW presumptives, have you established the evidence needed for the nexus?

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these are my two exams hope i did this right

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my latest c&p





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The VA gives your c&p exam a lot of weight if that is the only medical exam evidence you have. Usually, a " at least as likely as not" statement in favor of SC is good to go, but not always. I hate the idea of vets depending on C&P exams to win claims unless the fix is in such as presumptives. Even then you may have debate about effective dates.

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