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how much dose a c&p exam weigh in a rating? my c&p exam dr said all 14 items i claimed were as likely as not tied to my gulf war service

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VA gives a lot of weight to C & Ps from their own doctors.

"my c&p exam dr said'

Do you have copy of the exam results to make sure what he 'said' was noted in the exam?

If there is any question of a nexus -if these do not fall under PGW presumptives, have you established the evidence needed for the nexus?

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these are my two exams hope i did this right

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my latest c&p

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The VA gives your c&p exam a lot of weight if that is the only medical exam evidence you have. Usually, a " at least as likely as not" statement in favor of SC is good to go, but not always. I hate the idea of vets depending on C&P exams to win claims unless the fix is in such as presumptives. Even then you may have debate about effective dates.

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    • ApacheAH64 You should go see your VAMC MH Dept   (ASAP) Take your private Medical Records ..& tell the clerk you need to see a LCSW about your PTSD, He/She will do a PTSD Evaulation and you will see a Phd Dr  or Phyisitrist. It may not work out like this  beings you don't have an appointment but you need to tell the clerk you need to see someone right away b/c of your PTSD  try to get in the clinic and show them your private records maybe to late for this  if you only have 2 weeks before your PTSD C&P. But you do need a diagnose of DSM5 PTSD from the VA. If you can't get in to see them and they give you an appointment time, you have 2 choices...either try to get more time  for your C&P or go ahead and go to this one with your private PTSD Diagnose's , if your denied  then NOD the decision and get to that VA MH Appointment.
    • You haven't actually "Lawyer'd Up" yet, right? 1st thing 1st, never let a significant ($$) claim die. You can request a BVA Hearing on you own, then at some point get with a  Lawyer at 20% of your Retro. If you were to be Awarded tomorrow, what do you think your Retro would Be? I don't see any mention of you having applied for VA Vocational Rehabilitation and being turned down due to your SC PTSD. No mention of you turning in A Voc Rehab Denial Letter to your RO as New & Material Evidence in support of your IU Claim. Don't know about it, never heard about it, forgot about it, Dog Ate it, what's your excuse? A good friend, Nam Vet, think he was 70/71 at the time 06/30/14, told me he was sitting on the Voc Rehab Denial Letter. I had prompted him to apply to Voc Rehab in order to get the Denial Letter for N & M Evidence for his IU Denial DRO Hearing. I had just been Awarded all Major $$ issues at a DRO Hearing 06/29/14 to include IU T & P back to 12, I was 67. The DRO said the Voc Rehab Denial Letter "Sealed the Deal" on the IU Award. My friend finaaly had his DRO Hearing 09/15, IU T & P Awarded based in large part, on the VR Denial Letter. It takes the possibility of Sedentary Work producing in excess of the SGI ($12,400) off the table. It would be very informative, if you could post redacted copies of your Denial Decisions and SSOC's. There is always the possibility that you don't meet the IU or PTSD increase requirements. Hypertension & TIA's are tough sells as Secondary to PTSD. No CAD yet, are you a Vegan? Semper Fi
    • "I am working with a company that went through my service record and discovered that VA should have rated me for severe tricuspid regurgitation upon my initial evaluation when I exited the service so we put in for it and my claim is now in prep for decision.  According to the company, this rating would fall under VASRD 7020. " What company was this and what did they base their opinion on? Is it a CUE claim they prepared, that is in prep for decision? I have had 3 'should have rated' CUE claims, involving stroke, Ischemic heart disease and also HBP that were awarded under CUE but this was a different scenario that what you have. Did the "company" find evidence that VA "should have"  treated you for this condition? as well as list it in a rating decision? Was it ,under DC 7020, at a ratable level at the time they "should" have rated it. Was it formally claimed prior to their lack of rating?    
    • Because of the 2010 PTSD regulations, all claims filed  after July 2010 for PTSD require that a VA MH professional diagnose the veteran with PTSD. If you have the PH, CIB, or the CAR on your DD 214 they VA will possibly concede the stressor you have. It pays to make sure you can prove the stressor, even with any of those citations. These regulations were to help OIF -OEF incountry veterans but also can help combat vets of any war...and they apply to non combat veterans as well ,if the JSRRC can verify their stressor.  
    • Hello everyone.. I have a comp and pen for PTSD in 2 weeks.. I have verified diagnoses from an LPC and 2 phyc PH.D.  Already took the MMPI2 it also confirmed diagnoses from what my Dr said. The question I have is why would the VA need another diagnoses from a VA phyc? This is strange to me.. Any advice would be great thanks