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    • Hi all.  My name is Megan.  My husband was medically retired from the Navy and rated  100% service connected with the VA.  He passed at 36 years old few weeks back due to his illness he was service connected for.  He was also on ssdi when he passed and our kids and I were receiving dependant benefits.  I was also in the caregiver program with the VA as he was housebound due to seizures after his brain injury.  My main question is will our ssdi survivor benefits affect the total amount that is payed by the DIC?  I have many other questions but am still I'm the very early stages of dealing with his passing amd would greatly appreciate any tips or nudges in the right direction of making sure I understand all benefits available to myself and our 2 children.  Thank you in advance.
    • Update. I was granted SMC (k) with retro to 2012. Extra $ helps, but would prefer to not have this problem.
    • Thank you for visiting the eBenefits web portal. The eBenefits portal and NRD are not available now. We are making upgrades and expect to be ready for your login very soon. If you are experiencing a medical emergency or in need of immediate crisis counseling, please go to your nearest medical facility Emergency Room or call 911. If you are in need of immediate crisis counseling, please contact VA's suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK; counselors are available 24/7 to help. If you need to refill a prescription, please visitMy HealtheVet for VA prescriptions or Tricare Online for DoD prescriptions. If you need to manage your DS Logon username and password, please visit the DS Logon site. If you have questions about benefits, please call 1-800-827-1000. Telephones are answered Monday to Friday, 8AM to 9PM ET. If you need immediate assistance accessing the National Resource Directory for services and resources that support your recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration, please send email to infonrd.osd@mail.mil. Additional customer service is available online.   This is message I got. Funny thing, I was able to get on this AM, but down for upgrade, VA speak for the system ahs crashed and they do not have a @#$ZXXE clue
    • Yeah, it appears to be down.  Hopefully they are updating it! :D
    • Ok let's try this again. I should have added the DBQ along with letter the first time. Guess I was just excited. let me know if it will work the way it is.. Dr. Had C file, SMR civilian and VA medical records to review. this is to much money just to throw down range and hope for the best. Thanks.. DBQ  


Preparation For Notification

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Well, Finally went to Notification Stage after 18 months, I've been waiting a long time for this, now I just hope they do me justice and give me what I rate, Nothing More! Does anyone have an idea how long it will take before I actually get something in the mail or a post on ebenifits?

A big thanks to everyone all on this site for all your help and expertise on all subjects....


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That be under VA letters?


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They sent mine to Notification and then back to review of evidence, 3 days later my claim was closed,

and saw my letter for 100% P&T on the VA letters. So don't get upset if they send it back to review of


Good Luck,


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Thanks for the info NJ, I've been back to review of evidence twice already, so it wouldn't surprise me if it happens again, at this point I'm not even crossing my fingures anymore. It will get here when it gets here.

Thanks fir the reoly.

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Oops sorry NJ, I meant, Thanks for the reply, sorry blind from left eye and sometimes I make mistakes. LOL.

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