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    • Veterans First Act
      It frustrates me that veterans who served from 1975 through September 11th, 2001 are  about to get stiffed once again. To make matters worse, "The Veterans First Act" has gained endorsement from nearly all of the major service organizations. Under Subtitle D, page 110 of that bill it clearly demonstrates that only veterans that served "on or before May 7, 1975; or on or after September 11, 2001" Will be eligible for the Family caregiver program. Yet this bill is being sold with the notion that one of the  bill's provisions are  (note the word "all"):
      "Expands VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers to all generations of veterans and expands the services for caregivers to include financial planning and legal services."
      This is in stark contrast to the most current version of the bill that affirms "active military, naval, or air service—
      3 ‘‘(I) on or before May 7, 1975; or
      4 ‘‘(II) on or after September 11, 2001"
      You will find this in black and white as a copy of the bill is available at (page 110 of Subtitle D).
      If the bill is not read carefully, it sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. In essence, Vietnam and post 9/11  disabled veterans that require aid and attendance, are eligible to receive a stipend for their spouse/family member caregiver that is caring for the veteran. In short, a 26 year gap is being quietly proposed to exclude eligibility for this enormous group of veterans. -Please read the bill before chiming in.-
    • Awaiting BVA Remand for R-2
      <<<  I don't understand why they never granted me the loss of bowel control b/c my Doctor has ordered the padded briefs and given me medication, >>>>>   Well, gee D25, go figure. You don't suppose they have a tendency to low ball and/or no ball you? Or is it just that they're in backlog mode on SMC claims? Or maybe they haven't a clue what they're doing? I just had a guy I'm working with, who's already at S apply for A&A. He won and then they never gave him the bump. They looked at both legs and gave him a SMC K for each one instead of going to SMC O and R1. VA avoids the Rs if they can and prays you don't figure it out. You will note I am not calling it a conspiracy-just a very, very odd coincidence this happens over and over.
    • C&P Exam Completed [Bad Vibe]
      Thanks I'll try and head over their on Monday.   Buck, where are the measurements here on Hadit? Couldn't find it, do you have a link perhaps?
    • Retro pay/retro pay adding dependents
      Thank you for the heads up. I know there is a slight difference in the amounts going back, but its going to be pretty close. I just want to see if the process was correct or if they don't retro adding dependents.
    • Retro pay/retro pay adding dependents
      make sure to use the correct dollar amounts for each year. here's a link to historical va compensation rates
    • C&P Exam Completed [Bad Vibe]
      3 working days from my experience here in boston 
    • Retro pay/retro pay adding dependents
      I am currently rated at 10% for tinnitus. I filed for SC for an ankle injury, bad knees and hearing loss in April, 2010. I was SC for hearing loss and pain in knees in 2012 at 0%. I filed my NOD within two weeks of the decision and have been waiting on appeal since. I just had had my C&P for ankles, knees, and hearing on April 14th. I was told by the C&P doc to expect a letter from them by June 14th (60 days). I am not holding my breath. I have a torn meniscus, effusion in the knee, and pain. I have been issued a hinged knee brace for each knee as well as hearing aids. So I feel strongly that I should end up with at least 30% combined, hopefully 40%. My understanding of the retro pay is I should see retro for the difference in what ever combined rating percentage I end up with minus the 10% I already received, going back to the original filing date (4/2010). As I was married in 2009, but can not add my dependents until I am rated 30% or more, will I get retro for the higher amount of spouse and dependents in a second retro payment going back to the original filing date? I get that it will be the final dollar amount with dependents, minus the single amount at the new percentage - the 10% already paid. If my research is correct I should see a first payment of at least $18,671.44,  granted I get at least 30%. I got this from: $407.75 (30%) - $133.17(10%) = $274.58 x 68 (months) = $18,671.44 Once my dependents are added there should be second payment of $12,240.00 I got this from: $587.75 (with spouse and 5 kids) - $407.75 = $180 x 68 (months) = $12,240.00 Any information that I am missing would be greatly appreciated.
    • Knee Condition
      Just to update I had my C&P exam today. Had a bad feeling throughout the exam. But I guess we'll see what happens.
    • Sleep Apnea Claim
      The last RBA I got (RBA is the same as Cfile, but a RBA is certified to CAVC) was on DVD.  
    • C&P Exam Completed [Bad Vibe]
      Anyone know how long the wait period is from where I can try to print out the c&p exam at my VA center?   

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Stem Cell Treatment For Veterans

2 posts in this topic

Hello All,

As many of you know the problems with Chemical Exposures , is the amount of damage done to the Central Nervous System, The Lungs, The Heart, The Colon , Rheumatoid Arthritis , Eyes ,,,, just for a few. I am in contact with some friends that are having Stem Cell Treatment done and as long as it is dealing with the above issues there has been some very positive results. The treatments are now available in the United States but only recently and still questioned by many as to whether they work or not. Governor Perry has also been thru the treatments. I have one friend that took a daughter to Panama and unfortunately the treatment was tried on a bladder disease and it did not work. The above dieseases I listed though have had successful stories. The treatments are about $25000 for the United States and around $20000 in Panama and Korea is a about $18000. I have another friend that leaves Tuesday for Stem Cell treatment for his heart.

I am seriously considering it as I am not going to do a Lung and Heart transplant for many reasons as you can imagine. I was wondering if there are any Veterans that have used this and is there a way to get the VA to pay for this? Are there any programs that a Veteran might qualify for treatment that is outside of VA? Hopefully this will open up some alternative care and sharing some experiences or thoughts about this new treatment. I have reached a point of the diseases and suffered now to the point that I am tired, and somewhat desparate. Oh yes this is not using aborted fetuses parts so lets get this off the political screen as I would not consider it if it was. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.

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Hello All,

This is very discouraging but I thought I was going to have a problem from the forum getting an answer as this treatment is new in the United States and not many people have gone outside the US for treatement. All of the people I know that have had it done are not Veterans.

Now I kinda feel like the guinea pig for the Veteran community on this and I just don't know if I have the funds available for it. Yes, I am kind of stuck behind the 8ball on this one and really don't have an answer. I can't be the only veteran out there that is looking at this treatment am I???

As always though , I will NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

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