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    • Way to go BrocoVet! Nice catch.
    • Go ask the doctors office for a copy of the exam.  If his office sent it to VA, then go to your medical records release of information office and ask for a copy.  Sometimes, they wont release it right away, but many places do.  
    • I agree with Berta.  While a "current diagnosis" is required for service connection, the doctor makes that diagnosis, not a rater, and the Doctor decides if you meet the applicable criteria for a current diagnosis.  This is a clear "Colvin" (Colvin Derwinski) violation.  The VA judges can not substitute its own unsubstantiated medical opinion for that of a competent  medical professional.   The medical professional apparently made the diagnosis, the VA rater decided, instead,  you did not meet all the criteria for a diagnosis.  He just over ruled what the doc said, substituting his opinion for that of a medical professional.  If the doc says you are diagnosed with PTSD, then you are diagnosed with PTSD, and the rater can say that PTSD victims should not get benefits, because they have to run for political office, first.  This is CUE.   This is CUE.  
    • Berta, Thank you for the work you are doing to figure this out. Buck, Yes I was SC 50% for PTSD in 2015. I did file a NOD for the EED last month.
    • How dare you go to the ER unconscious?  This is against VA regulations.  What you need to do is wait until you either die, (VA's first choice)  or get well enough to call the VA first.    It is unacceptable for Veterans to get sick and need medical care right away, the VA expects you  to be well enough to get into a very long waiting list for benefits, or they dont want to pay. The long waiting list is mandantory, and, you, obviously just got sick for the purpose of avoiding the very long mandantory waiting list.  When you do things like this, you make it very hard for VA executives to earn their bonuses, as they have to pay for sick Veterans.  The VA's purpose is not to help sick Veterans, but, rather to ensure VA execs get their bonuses promplty.   

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Stem Cell Treatment For Veterans

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Hello All,

As many of you know the problems with Chemical Exposures , is the amount of damage done to the Central Nervous System, The Lungs, The Heart, The Colon , Rheumatoid Arthritis , Eyes ,,,, just for a few. I am in contact with some friends that are having Stem Cell Treatment done and as long as it is dealing with the above issues there has been some very positive results. The treatments are now available in the United States but only recently and still questioned by many as to whether they work or not. Governor Perry has also been thru the treatments. I have one friend that took a daughter to Panama and unfortunately the treatment was tried on a bladder disease and it did not work. The above dieseases I listed though have had successful stories. The treatments are about $25000 for the United States and around $20000 in Panama and Korea is a about $18000. I have another friend that leaves Tuesday for Stem Cell treatment for his heart.

I am seriously considering it as I am not going to do a Lung and Heart transplant for many reasons as you can imagine. I was wondering if there are any Veterans that have used this and is there a way to get the VA to pay for this? Are there any programs that a Veteran might qualify for treatment that is outside of VA? Hopefully this will open up some alternative care and sharing some experiences or thoughts about this new treatment. I have reached a point of the diseases and suffered now to the point that I am tired, and somewhat desparate. Oh yes this is not using aborted fetuses parts so lets get this off the political screen as I would not consider it if it was. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.

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Hello All,

This is very discouraging but I thought I was going to have a problem from the forum getting an answer as this treatment is new in the United States and not many people have gone outside the US for treatement. All of the people I know that have had it done are not Veterans.

Now I kinda feel like the guinea pig for the Veteran community on this and I just don't know if I have the funds available for it. Yes, I am kind of stuck behind the 8ball on this one and really don't have an answer. I can't be the only veteran out there that is looking at this treatment am I???

As always though , I will NEVER GIVE UP. God Bless, C.C.

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