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    • Sleep Apnea Claim
      GOOD LUCK...........
    • I think I made VA mad
      Good luck.....................
    • C&P Exams Results
      This descriptor is at the 30% level, from the General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders (38 C.F.R. § 4.130): [X] Occupational and social impairment with occasional decrease in work efficiency and intermittent periods of inability to perform occupational tasks, although generally functioning satisfactorily, with normal routine behavior, self-care and conversation However, these items, from Section II, Number 3 of the Mental Disorders DBQ, are at generally higher levels: 30%
      [X] Depressed mood 
      [X] Anxiety 
      [X] Suspiciousness 
      [X] Chronic sleep impairment  50%
      [X] Disturbances of motivation and mood 
      [X] Difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships 70%
      [X] Difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances, including work or a worklike setting 
      [X] Inability to establish and maintain effective relationships 
      [X] Neglect of personal appearance and hygiene 
      [X] Intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living, including maintenance of minimal personal hygiene You can find the signs, descriptions of functional impairment, and symptoms associated with each disability rating level in the General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders. I attached a Word doc, whcih contains the Rating Formula. Of course, the RVSR (VBA 'rater') determines your disability rating, but as I understand it, if they assign a rating lower than 70%, in your case, then they need to provide a rationale. It partly depends on your medical records, particularly mental health treatment records, but if they are not dramatically different, in terms of the symptoms and associated problems noted, then I would anticipate an increased disability rating for depression.  I noticed that she (the C&P psychologist) did not say anything about IU (Individual Unemployability). If the VBA requested information about employability on VA FORM 2507 (the referral form VBA uses to request a C&P from a VA medical center or contractor), then VBA will probably send your exam report back as insufficient and instruct the examiner to answer their question(s) about employability.  Her diagnosis for ICD-10 code F32.9 is wrong. She listed Depressive Disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified), which is a DSM-IV diagnosis. VA instructed C&P psychologists to use DSM-5 beginning on 1 December 2013. The ICD-10 code F32.9 is for Major Depressive Disorder, Single Episode, Unspecified.  Although the C&P psychologist's report is not a good one, it looks like the end result will be positive for you.  Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country @dolfanbls.  All the Best, Mark General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders.docx
    • DRO hearing
      I mean, if they had the IMO and ignored it , that is a CUE ( 38 CFR 4.6) but the Duty to Assist and BOD regs are not CUEable.   "Yes my POA finally asked his supervisor and they both agreed with me in stating that this is in fact a CUE. What he is going to do is ask the Rater to CUE himself " great because they see what I seemed to see here too. I would let the POA write the CUE up. "and I told him to at least try to make a deal with him about the P&T."  I do not foresee VA making any type of deal even if it seemed to make sense. Current C & Ps justify new decisions and they also provide enough info ( sometimes) for the correct rating %. Your condition might have gotten worse since Dr Bash did that IMO.
      I am going to start the process of getting my C-file. I need to see whats in there and they did not use the notes that my VA doctor wrote in my medical notes.  Thank you for your input on this issue. Its just strange how they wrote in the letter that they said I had a substance abuse problem Before I joined, Hows that possible I just graduated High School. I was only 18 and I was very responsible. The Assault happened around January or February and that's right around the time my performance went down hill. Service records show you were recognized for outstanding performance in December 1994. In January 1995 you were promoted.  Your enrollment in counseling is noted as command directed   in August 1995. Discharge action was initiated in January 1996. March 1996 service separation examination shows no complaints of or diagnosis of the record from November 1993 to May 1996.   Thank you again for your guidance and input.
    • Memorial Day Vets Freebies, discounts
      WOW long list ..... also many VAMCs like mine are having a nice Memorial Day service and I believe they will have the VA bus ready to take people up to the cemetery. It is quite a climb if you walk, and very difficult to park on Big Holidays like tomorrow is. When I got home from church today  it was almost 95 degrees out and I was about to take a dip, and suddenly like yesterday , it started to rain and then we had a violent thunderstorm. We are still under a Thunder /lightening watch. The last memorial Day service I went to at the Bath NY was hot but beautiful , blue sky and a few clouds like this AM was and this is a gorgeous historic VA with a lovely cemetery ,but just as a prominent guest speaker got to the outdoor podium, to speak, an enormous thundercloud moved over the sky fast and it began to pour in bucket loads and it was hard for us to get the vets in chairs back into the VA for cover. I think they had made the fly over ( they drop a big  wreath in the cemetery) but it turned out to be a great day anyhow ,they made a fabulous meal for all the VA patients and I stayed there for a few hours in the recreation hall ,talking to vets. We just got a flash flood warning too and the Bath VA is surrounded on two sides by the Cohocton River. But it hasnt flooded there bad yet. There are no words to really ever describe  how grateful I am for the service of so many deceased veterans, back to the Civil War at my local VA, and for the sacrifices all of you have made. It was nice to hear God Bless America and some other patriotic songs in church this AM. We have many vet members and about 6 members in Active duty. A retired Lt Col. (Desert Storm)member led us into prayer after the singing. I hope you all have a Great  and Safe Holiday!!!        
      I apologize, I had no idea there was more to this and it regards inservice MST. There has been some excellent advise here on MST claims, some of it from vets with MST themselves. Did you specifically raise MST in the initial claim? Broncovet is right! You need to get a C file copy and copies of all of your treatment records. Also if you need your SMRs from NARA, ask for ALL of your Personnel files as well. The drinking and change in your inservice behavior proves that something happened to you, and if MST ,that is a Major stressor. Search here for the MST discussions. "This Document makes me out to look like a lair." The VA Makes us ALL feel like that. "Also they did not use the notes in my VA medical file which states I have PTSD Related to MST. How come there is no mention of that ? " Did they ever list this or mention as evidence at all? Maybe that is why they seemed to say there was evidence both for and against the claim.    
      Thanks for the reply Berta. I agree that  "The series of experiences you found to be distressing, you reported antagonistic harassment by superiors related to alcohol rehabilitation contributed to his distress." I never said it was in the interview. They added that in. What I said in the examination after the personal assault that happened to me I was basically walking around in a fog the whole time and the only thing that let my mind calm down was drinking and that got me in trouble a lot. After That point my Behavior changed and the images of what happened I could not get out of my head, so when they said it was a series of experiences from drinking which leads to my distress. I guess I need to make myself more clear. I believe everything related to the military was distressing to me, Because it was a constant reminder of what happened and that person was in the unit near me, so I was constantly on guard, so pretty much where ever I went I was always watching my back. I really started to become paranoid. I don't know how i can correct this ? If they say that the stressor occurred how can they say that it does not affect me. That incident changed my whole view of the world....This Document makes me out to look like a lair. Also they did not use the notes in my VA medical file which states I have PTSD Related to MST. How come there is no mention of that ?  
    • CLAIM COMPLETE--Frm 80% to 100% Comb Rtg
      Congratulations on your win, hope you enjoy with your family!
    • Sc'd And Non Sc'd, How Do They Effect Benefit Rating.
      Non Service Connected ratings do not effect Service Connected ratings in any way.The purpose of Non Service Connected ratings is two-fold. 1. The VA acknowledges that you have a disability, but it is not related to your military service. The benefit of this is if at a later date you can prove it is from your military service then you would be compensated all the back to the date they acknowledged the disability. In order to do this you would need your service treatment records and show where the issue was reported during service or that it is a presumptive condition of your service. Not very likely. 2. Non Service Connected disabilities can help you if you ever need to apply for pension benefits. Keep in mind the income limitations for pension are so low you do not want to be in that position.

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Ddd Claim Question, And Possible Appeal.

5 posts in this topic

Sleep apnea 50%"

Migraine headaches 30%

Hypothyroidism 30%.

Degenerative disc disease 20%

cervical spine, with right hand


Degenerative disc disease, 10%

thoracolumbar spine

Tinnitus 10%

Hypogonadism, 0%


An anxiety disorder 0%

On Appeal

Anxiety Disorder

Testis Atophy

Future Claim


Just got done finishing up a claim for hypothyroidism, and the VA in Provenience cranked it out in just over a month. This got me reviewing my VA records and my DDD of my cervical spine with parasthesias.

This is the quote from the letter:

It should also be noted that the examiner found evidence of right upper extremity

parasthesias; however, this condition does not warrant a separate compensable evaluation

because the evaluation cliteria for the spine takes into consideration radiating pain. In

addition, your motor and reflex examinations were normal. Further, your sensory

examination revealed normal vibration, position, and light touch sensation; however, there was decreased sensation to pinprick in your 4th and 5th fingers. These findings do

not warrant a separate compensable evaluation.

I am thinking of pursing a appeal for the right hand numbness. In my mind it my dominant hand and does cause issues and pain. What is the % range for this condition? I looked in VASRD, but didn’t really find anything. What would be the best away to apporach this appeal? or do I even have a case.

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What's your goal?? Are you working?? I'm trying to figure out what you're doing/wanting?


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Currently still working as a federal employee and not doing bad considering the various issues that I have. My first goal, is just to make the VA rate my disabilities like they are suppose to be rated. My second goal I am at 90% now with enough items on appeal where it I am getting close to 100%.

That would be nice to take care of the wife and kids for now, in the future and allow me to retire with out money concerns. I am not as disabiled as many members on this board, but stuff keeps popping up. The hypothyroidism creeped up after being retired 1.5 years. But my health record had labs to prove it started active.

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Just wondering what percent I would be getting for my MRI diagnoses:

- Thorac/LUMBOSACRAL neurtis/RADICULITIS unspecified

- degenerative disc disease lumbar spine

- Lumbar Disc Displacement

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Just wondering what percent I would be getting for my MRI diagnoses:

- Thorac/LUMBOSACRAL neurtis/RADICULITIS unspecified

- degenerative disc disease lumbar spine

- Lumbar Disc Displacement


Welcome - please start your question/s as a new topic.


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