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Ddd Claim Question, And Possible Appeal.

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Sleep apnea 50%"

Migraine headaches 30%

Hypothyroidism 30%.

Degenerative disc disease 20%

cervical spine, with right hand


Degenerative disc disease, 10%

thoracolumbar spine

Tinnitus 10%

Hypogonadism, 0%


An anxiety disorder 0%

On Appeal

Anxiety Disorder

Testis Atophy

Future Claim


Just got done finishing up a claim for hypothyroidism, and the VA in Provenience cranked it out in just over a month. This got me reviewing my VA records and my DDD of my cervical spine with parasthesias.

This is the quote from the letter:

It should also be noted that the examiner found evidence of right upper extremity

parasthesias; however, this condition does not warrant a separate compensable evaluation

because the evaluation cliteria for the spine takes into consideration radiating pain. In

addition, your motor and reflex examinations were normal. Further, your sensory

examination revealed normal vibration, position, and light touch sensation; however, there was decreased sensation to pinprick in your 4th and 5th fingers. These findings do

not warrant a separate compensable evaluation.

I am thinking of pursing a appeal for the right hand numbness. In my mind it my dominant hand and does cause issues and pain. What is the % range for this condition? I looked in VASRD, but didn’t really find anything. What would be the best away to apporach this appeal? or do I even have a case.

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What's your goal?? Are you working?? I'm trying to figure out what you're doing/wanting?


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Currently still working as a federal employee and not doing bad considering the various issues that I have. My first goal, is just to make the VA rate my disabilities like they are suppose to be rated. My second goal I am at 90% now with enough items on appeal where it I am getting close to 100%.

That would be nice to take care of the wife and kids for now, in the future and allow me to retire with out money concerns. I am not as disabiled as many members on this board, but stuff keeps popping up. The hypothyroidism creeped up after being retired 1.5 years. But my health record had labs to prove it started active.

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Just wondering what percent I would be getting for my MRI diagnoses:

- Thorac/LUMBOSACRAL neurtis/RADICULITIS unspecified

- degenerative disc disease lumbar spine

- Lumbar Disc Displacement

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Just wondering what percent I would be getting for my MRI diagnoses:

- Thorac/LUMBOSACRAL neurtis/RADICULITIS unspecified

- degenerative disc disease lumbar spine

- Lumbar Disc Displacement


Welcome - please start your question/s as a new topic.


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    • You can certainly file for anything you feel is related to your service. I would think the upper respiratory conditions could sure cause fatigue ( or the meds for them could )....but VA does not care what I think and perhaps your treating doctor could provide an IMO/IME for you on that. I hope others here will chime in on the initial post you made recently.
    • That means the VA conceded that you had 'established medical evidence in their possession' at time of the decision, that confirms the use of the immunosuppressive drug. And that they did not consider that medical fact  in the decision. I sure hope the DAV honed in on that in their CUE That falls under violation of 38 CFR 4.6. It is 99% possible that the rater did not know what humira was. I wish we could read their decision and see the CUE the DAV wrote. Was the CUE claim sent to the last person who worked on the claim? I always put  Attention to:, and then initials in the alphanumeric on the right hand top of their decisions for CUEs I filed , because the alpha is the initials of the last person who worked on your claim. It is also quite possible that they failed to give the C & P examiner the proper information because it appears that they certainly had the private medical info but those records  have mysteriously disappeared. I have been the victim of the Buffalo RO  MF many times-the MF 'mysterious force that removes probative evidence from  C files) and then might put it back years later. I had that all well documented in House VAC testimony I gave years ago during Shreddergate.53 USPS tracking slips.Evidence they refused to even acknowledge. When they did I won those claims. I bet this happens much more then we know and vets do not realize what is missing from the evidence they can prove they sent to the RO. They need to pour over the evidence list and carefully read the VA rhetoric. VA might even list it as evidence but then fail to mention it. And it might be the best evidence they have. Did the DAV send them a print out of this med ,as evidence for the CUE claim, and what it is for and why the word "humira" in their decision supports the claim for higher rating?   Would your civilian dermatologist still possibly have anything from VA requesting those records? But then again, it looks to me that they did have them to make the statement on the humira. That is very important to this CUE because every CUE must rest on legal error in any decision in which the medical evidence has been established and is ( or was if they lost it) in their possession ,when they made the cued decision, as their  'humira' statement proves it was. When was this decision the DAV cueing a past decision that was unappealed or going after them with a CUE within the appeal period? (which wont stop the NOD clock but can get fast results sometimes) Both ways have worked for me. And I do believe this is a very valid CUE.  
    • I get 50% rating  for my headaches and I am a 100% pt vet.Every year they schedule me an appointment to ask me about my headaches and keep giving me different pills to try to correct my problem but nothing seems to help me.I do not want to keep taking more pills for these headaches,do I have to keep going for these appointments or can I just stop going.
    • First post to this site. have been 100% Schedular since 2004. Took about 6 years to prevail. Have ptsd rated 100% w/smc-k. Had Prostate removed w/ cancer , have all the usual residuals 60% have Tinnitus 10% , have PH which allows me to be in CAT - 1 for treatment. my outside primary doc has followed me for last 15 years. Treating me for near death brain seizure for 3 years. he prescribes the generic for Welbutrin since the siezure. he precribes ativan as an aid for keeping me calm ( so BP doesn't spike and create more Seizures ). been seeing VA clinic for about 6 years. Never had a problem taking my private Docs scripts to VA for filing. clinic I attend once a year for annual checkup is undergoing radical staff changes. used to have a PA do my annual and monitor my prescriptions for those 6 years. The VA clinic transferred my PA and inserted a MD to follow my health care. my new VA doc refuses to fill meds I been taking fot these last 6 yrs. VA doc wanted progress notes from my personal doc which were sent to clinic but is not sufficient proof i guess. my VA doc is demanding I go to main hosp to see mental health people i am plenty po'd because VA doc (who has done one annual hands on physical w me, and had face time w me for 25 min) seems to be challenging the sucessful treatment of my symptoms for 15 years by my doc. Do n't know what to do.i really don't want to go to a MH clinic and dredge up crap that has been swirling around my head for last 50 years. i'm 70 now and do not want to jump hoops just because a new VA doc wants to CYA by making me go down this MH rabbitt hole again. would appeciate any comments semper fi .   
    • In 2010 while I was on active duty training I was hospitalized for a month. For walking-pneumonia, pneumothorax, hemothorax ,decortication and thoracotomy. I had 3 major surgeries in 48 hours, 2 blood transfusion, placed in a chemically induced coma and placed on a ventilator and life support. I spent two weeks in ICU. While recovering I had to re-learn how to eat, talk and walk. I some how turned into a vegetable. With this being the first time I've every had to go to the hospital I was traumatized by the visit. At the time I was 19. Since this was ADT, and not AD a LOD was done and found "NOT IN THE LINE OF DUTY." "NOT DUE TO OWN MISCONDUCT." Because I was receiving treatment before going on active duty. I was doing Honor Guard for deceased veterans. When the funding became available I was placed on an ADT status.  6 months after this incident I was deployed to Afghanistan. While there I was always short of breath. I continually coughed of blood and phlegm. I was medevac to a larger base that had better medical equipment to find what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with bronchitis and given an antibiotic. It felt like I could never breath in enough oxygen. I stayed at a FOB that was in the middle of a village. Every couple of days the would dump human waste in the holes the locals dug and burn it along with other chemicals and material. I have been filling for asthma since I returned home from Afghanistan. At the C&P exam I did when I first filled back in 2011, the decision letter stated "The provider referred to a period of inactive duty."  Service connect was denied. Which was a true state, but the provider never mention any of the incidents I had while on active duty in Afghanistan. With that a CUE claim has been filed and I now had another C&P exam coming up. I had PFT test done then and I had one done today. My question is which one will they use, and what if i run in to the same situation at the C&P exam. I have been on an albuterol inhaler since Ive been back I still continue to cough up phlegm and i constantly get respiratory infections. Im still always short of breath to where it affects my daily activates. It has gotten to the point where I become depressed because I'm not able to have fun with my two boys, as any father would and having to explain to them why I can't  run or why I can't wrestle with them is heartbreaking. Any advice would be helpful!   Respectfully, Army Veteran 2008