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    • oh hamslice you are something  - below is what I found on the RACC   1Only sensitive files belonging to current and former VBA employees, relatives of VBA employees, Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), and high government officials should be transferred to the RACC. Sensitive files belonging to Veterans Health Administration (VHA) employees, National Cemetery Administration (NCA) employees, attorney fee cases, and cases deemed sensitive due to media issues should be maintained at the local ROJ. 2The St. Paul Regional Office is the primary RACC; Milwaukee and Philadelphia Regional Offices serve as RACCs as well.  http://vetaffairs.sd.gov/veteransserviceofficers/Resources/Fast Letters/FL13-021.pdf
    • Ok, I got a partial decision last week.  Along with the decision letter, I got the usual stuff, the 4107 (your rights to appeal our decision), 21-0958 (instructions) and the "Where to send your written correspondence" piece of paper. Also, I got a piece of paper that says, NOTICE St. Paul Restricted Access Claim Center, cover letter. Apparently, if I send a appeal or nod, I'm supposed to use this cover letter?  I think?  Not sure? First, that (St Paul) doesn't jive with the where to send paper. And second, am I special, or something?  Probably something, Hamslice    
    • The only bad thing about all the different kinds of insurance is, esp. the VA, they are going to ask for that information every time. I bet they can slow the whole insurance industry down too, including your timely payments which may make you delinquent in your payments. Being over insured is stupid, but the paperwork aspect is a huge cost that I never see considered, esp. with the VA. If there was something backed by USAA (auto insurance), that would make it easy for me and I'd pick them. The VA may not actually be bad for primary care, except you need physician training, lol, and emergency care would not yield even to those who had physician training. A huge problem with the VA healthcare is they hear, see, or speak no evil; and that ultimately may cut their usefulness completely out of the picture (100%) once SSDI is obtained. That is definitely one BIG problem with VA healthcare and why you see so many Sad Sacks in the VA Hospital.   
    • My wife pays 32.33 a month. Monthly Check-O-Matic Quarterly Semi-Annual Annual Under 40 $32.33 $97.00 $194.00 $388.00 40 - 44 $36.00 $108.00 $216.00 $432.00 45 - 49 $42.00 $126.00 $252.00 $504.00 50 - 54 $54.00 $162.00 $324.00 $648.00 55 - 59 $63.67 $191.00 $382.00 $764.00 60 - 64 $76.673 $230.00 $460.00 $920.00 65+ $96.00 $288.00 $576.00 $1,152.00 Each Child $25.33 $76.00 $152.00 $304.00 It's So Easy To Enroll in the CHAMPVA SUPPLEMENT Enrollment Form
    • well I heard through the grapevine that SSA change some guidelines for 100% veterans in 2008  and use the VA Evidence  to approve the SSDI Claim...how true that is  I don't know?? but back in 2003 when I got TDIU P&T I filed for SSDI and was denied twice....they said my evidence did NOT Qualify to  SSA guidelines to be totally disabled  and denied me...so I waited until I turn 62 and applied for early SS Retirement   and get 957.00 month   but here lately I been thinking about refiling for SSDI b/c I'll be 65 on my next Birthday..if I live that long? I may hire a Good Experience SSDI  Attorney...still just thinking about it...I know I need to do something pretty fast...I would like the medicare Insurance  for outside health care and second opinions  rather than count on the VAMC. Good Luck to you Reiredat44   ..............................Buck

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Ddd Claim Question, And Possible Appeal.

5 posts in this topic

Sleep apnea 50%"

Migraine headaches 30%

Hypothyroidism 30%.

Degenerative disc disease 20%

cervical spine, with right hand


Degenerative disc disease, 10%

thoracolumbar spine

Tinnitus 10%

Hypogonadism, 0%


An anxiety disorder 0%

On Appeal

Anxiety Disorder

Testis Atophy

Future Claim


Just got done finishing up a claim for hypothyroidism, and the VA in Provenience cranked it out in just over a month. This got me reviewing my VA records and my DDD of my cervical spine with parasthesias.

This is the quote from the letter:

It should also be noted that the examiner found evidence of right upper extremity

parasthesias; however, this condition does not warrant a separate compensable evaluation

because the evaluation cliteria for the spine takes into consideration radiating pain. In

addition, your motor and reflex examinations were normal. Further, your sensory

examination revealed normal vibration, position, and light touch sensation; however, there was decreased sensation to pinprick in your 4th and 5th fingers. These findings do

not warrant a separate compensable evaluation.

I am thinking of pursing a appeal for the right hand numbness. In my mind it my dominant hand and does cause issues and pain. What is the % range for this condition? I looked in VASRD, but didn’t really find anything. What would be the best away to apporach this appeal? or do I even have a case.

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What's your goal?? Are you working?? I'm trying to figure out what you're doing/wanting?


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Currently still working as a federal employee and not doing bad considering the various issues that I have. My first goal, is just to make the VA rate my disabilities like they are suppose to be rated. My second goal I am at 90% now with enough items on appeal where it I am getting close to 100%.

That would be nice to take care of the wife and kids for now, in the future and allow me to retire with out money concerns. I am not as disabiled as many members on this board, but stuff keeps popping up. The hypothyroidism creeped up after being retired 1.5 years. But my health record had labs to prove it started active.

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Just wondering what percent I would be getting for my MRI diagnoses:

- Thorac/LUMBOSACRAL neurtis/RADICULITIS unspecified

- degenerative disc disease lumbar spine

- Lumbar Disc Displacement

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Just wondering what percent I would be getting for my MRI diagnoses:

- Thorac/LUMBOSACRAL neurtis/RADICULITIS unspecified

- degenerative disc disease lumbar spine

- Lumbar Disc Displacement


Welcome - please start your question/s as a new topic.


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