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    • FloridaNurse, Now you can turn the page and begin the next chapter of your life.  Praise God for your blessings and award!
    • Can anybody tell me if this qualifies a Veteran to be able to use the VA's CHOICE program... The VA has refused Cervical Spine surgery on me THREE TIMES. So I decided to finally get away from the VA and go see an orthopedic surgeon in my area. I just recently had a new MRI and the results are now showing I have Cervical Myelopathy at TWO levels. I go this Wednesday (Tomorrow) for the follow up MRI to see what the treatment plan is. I hope its surgery because I am tired of all this pain and not having a life. Since the VA Neurosurgeon has refused me three times for surgery and with the NEW MRI evidence and maybe the Orthopedic Surgeon will say surgery is the only treatment, would this qualify for the VA to pay for this surgery through the VAs CHOICE program? This surgeon is already in the VA Choice Program provider list, I just looked. Remember the VA Neurosurgeon REFUSED to do the surgery not once but THREE separate times. Keep in mind the VA Bay Pines in St Pete NOR James A. Haley has a Neurosurgeon on staff and uses a consultant to make decision if surgery is necessary and if he says yes the VA sends you out to the cheapest doctor in town. After my uncle inlaw just went through this a little over a year ago the cheap surgeon cause paralysis in his left arm I said NOPE, not going there.
    • My IMO with a Psychologist Dr Bash recommended took 4 months to write an adequate IMO. When I called Dr Bash initially,  He called me back personally. I would give the benefit of the doubt, God forbid if he was in the hospital himself et al. I found him to be reputable. 
    • Thanks all- I already get the (Texas) tax break  on my home , car registration and I utilized Voc Rehab for my degree,I already had Tricare and commissary privileges  since I did 22 years in the Navy(1975-2997) ... et al.  I am single, so time to relax!  I will know about the P & T  when I get the packet - I did put i a request and asked for it. I am 59 so and I have a 70% rate just the PTSD with an IMO in place that helped a lot, I thought the $2,000 spent on the IMO was worth it and it was. Now time to pay it forward and volunteer. Blessed Thankful Grateful. 
    • my husband and i are just glad its over.  We will save the money for sure. Money cannot replace the trauma i have survived. Just glad its over and i can go on with my life


Question About Survivor Benefits

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My father was a WWII vet who late in life was put on 100% disability by the VA. He passed away last December. My mother is still living. Can anyone clarify what benefits she should be eligible for? What amount of payment she should receive?

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Sorry for the lost of your father midnight. Don't quote me on this but I believe the regs state that your father had to be rated 100% P&T for 10 Years before your mother qualifies for DIC payments. If they were, then that would be beautiful!


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The full gamit of survivors benefits is here in our DIC forum.

If he was SC 100% or TDIU P & T for a continuous ten year period prior to death-

or if he died due to a service connected disability causing or contributing to his death-his surviving spouse would be eligible for DIC.

The basic DIC rate is $1195 per month.

The DIC application (21-534) must be filed within one year after death for the most favorable EED if the claim is granted.

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I think spouses on welfare get more than those on DIC. The person on welfare of SSI gets food stamps, section 8 housing, a little cash, totally free medical care, and more. I am not saying poor people should have less. I am saying those on DIC should have more, much more. Disabled vets should get more as well. Some don't think they deserve more, but after fighting to get it for 40 years I want more just for the VA inspired PTSD superimposed on existing PTSD. I want revenge!


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Thank you all for the information.

I will have to check on the 10 year part of this, it is very possible it has been over 10 years, as he was getting his 100% for a good period of time (he lived to 93 yrs old.) He was granted full 100% from when he started getting his benefits. He would not talk about it, or did not know, so I could never find out more. I will check with my brother (co-executor/power of attorney, etc.)

My mother is in an assisted living facility and if she could get some benefits it would help her a lot.

Thanks again!

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