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Back in Aug 2010, I submitted a form for an increase for PTSD. On Oct 6, 2010, I had my C&P exam. I have not heard a word about this until I had a friend that works at the VA find out for me, and he tells me that it is at the Raters. Does anyone have a guess how long it takes at the Raters? I was told that they will go by the oldest date first.


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Papa, my claim went to "Preparation for Decision" (the Rating Authority) as Peggy calls it on Dec 14, 2011 and the Varo reached a decision on May 14, 2012. It was 5 months. But you know I made my call to Washington D.C. As it was a hardship case. There are many variables involved and each claim is uniquely different. Good Luck!

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    • So, I wrote my VA claims disability representatives asking what is going on with requests to repeated exams that I already repeated. The last repeat the doctor apologized to me for the repeat saying it was their mistake that caused me to repeat my exams. That was in July 2016. I am just going crazy, I am very sick, very tire tired, pissed, sick, and angry,... I have to go to the VA doctor 2x next weeks anyways... I have to drive a couple hundred miles to do so...   eye doctor for glaucoma and cataracts. They are a year late! then the GI, pancreas doctors need to get more cat scans to follow the diseased pancreas and diseased arteries through my pancreas, liver, and to my heart. The VA surgeons left the VA explicit instructions on what must be done... as I am a walking dead man, a ticking time bomb for death. I was treated very good, then I moved and feel like they still lost me... then the BVA appeals judge told them they screwed up my claims and did the Remands. I did everything they asked, then they had to do repeat exams because they made mistakes... now I learn late on a Friday afternoon, when you cannot talk to anyone anywhere) they are asking for a 3rd round of retakes? I think there are huge screw-ups and that maybe my reps can find out who made the mistakes? I also don't like going to 3rd parties (outside the VA) because al of my care, all my files, except for kaiser and a dental surgeons are all VA. They spring insanity on you at the worst possible time, when you have no chance in hell of getting help with messes they create!   **&&^^%^*%^&$%$%$%$%$%$ !!!!!!!  
    • This whole discussion. I have duplicated forums and going back an forth between the two in confusing.
    • @Buck52 After researching, I've read PROs and CONs in reference to using VA Form 21-4138. Please help me! Would it be better to have handwritten lay statements which will be notarized or the above-mentioned form? My spouse and parents have written their statements on white bonded paper. Are these suffice to use, as long as I get them notarized? Thanks!