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    • Sleep Apnea Claim
      There is nothing between 50 and 100%.  You can get: Persistent day-time hypersomnolence ................................... 30   Travis  
    • Footnote One Nehmer (A0)
      38 CFR 3.307 (a)(2) is thrown out the window. They treated me for malaria, but just like described in all medical journals, when a victim is already infected, they "will have a reaction to chloroquine". The VA is denying every reason for me being hospitalized for a month. i told them before I was even admitted as an inpatient that I was eaten alive by misquotes because I had no net the first night or two in the Delta. A month for a chloroquine reaction? Really? Who would believe that? An entire month? A few hours, even a day, but a month? No what! sorry Berta, but it is still just a cover up, hiding the facts, and denying a large retro pay. That is all it has ever been.  Whem my claim was denied, they said Agent Orange "DID NO DAMAGE", and there was "THERE IS NO CAUSAL RELATIONSHIP YET ESTABLISHED///stop there. "Yet established". My claim was denied because they knew in 1968 that the diseases in the Delta were rampant, to the point it was affecting military operations. So, in my denial they did not list a single presumptive condition that is now law. Not one. Nothing was coded.  Time to lawyer up it seems. The VA is wrong, and every last cent I have will be spent proving it, it looks like. Time for the media!
    • Question about NOD wait time after applying.
      II will add this  if your homeless and have or show good reason you need your claim adjudicated  for hardship  they are suppose to speed up/ Expedite   your claim within 30 days.  other than that  they will take there time... The process of changing over to the digitized world is what is slowing down all the claims now...hopefully next year the change over will be done.
    • Question about NOD wait time after applying.
      Wayne Usually after you send in your NOD Request  DRO Hearing  it depends on how many  hearings is ahead of you?...I was let known about my Hearing in 2 months  when an where and time it would be after I sent in my NOD requesting the DRO Hearing.  but it just depends on how busy they last claim  Waco RO sent my claim to Salt Lake City to have a decision made...this was last Jan/Feb 2016 The only explanation I can give  is the rater that read what your C&P examiner wrote down  ''skip your evidence'' he must not have read it?, ...what was their reason for denying your claim the first time? Anyway this is why we Have the DRO Hearings  its better to get your claim decided at the RO Level than wait in line at the BVA.  So the DRO can sort through all this and read your evidence you have now & Listen to you. and its your chance to tell him what you had at your C&P Exam ''clear evidence was right in front of him/her'' why was I denied?? you mention/ show a DRO that and I'll guarantee you will walk out of there knowing that your going to win your claim or increase or what ever....evidence is the whole key to winning your claim. Usually if a DRO Says I'll let ya know in 60 days  after your hearing this is not a good sign  because there unsure of a decision...and it could take a year or two or three. if you don't hear from them in 60 days after your hearing  I'd bug the hell out of them. until I got results.  you can say you did your part now do your part and make a decision on my claim  so that other veterans can get there claims adjudicated as well. Thank you Sir. Its just that some raters & C&P Examiners choose not to read it. I ask a DRO at my hearing one time after the Hearing was over  I ask him why in the hell didn't the C&P Doc read all my evidence?  and by him not reading it obviously I was denied...I ask him what will happen to that examiner? will he get fired? he said probably not...I said well what about all the lies he stated at my exam  will those documents go into my C-FILE ? HE SAID UNFORTUNATELY Yes they will but will never be used against you in any claim you file as this has been adjudicated  once adjudicated they can't go back.
    • Question about NOD wait time after applying.
      Navy 4 Life.......I requested a DRO Hearing.......I read a lot of opinions on here saying DRO Hearing is the way to go so you can challenge the evidence eyeball to eyeball in person.  My question is if my EVIDENCE submitted to DRO is clearly evident that a disability increase has exceeded the criteria for an increase why would I even need to wait all that time on Waco backlog (12-24 mos) for a Hearing date when clear cut evidence sits right there in front of him/her right now?????  This is the question I am still trying to understand / seek out if clear evidence makes any difference time-wise on an NOD to be granted an increase, and thus a Hearing would no longer be necessary (I assume) unless they simply wish to be blind to the evidence and facts to play out the string until a Hearing is set Thanks Wayne. 
    • Is this a cue?
      Ok i'm 100% now as of septermber 2015 but i was wondering my original claim I won sleep apnea and lost depression and anxiety. I filed an apeal for anxiety and depression and also filed a new claim depression anxiety secondary to sleap apnea. well 9 months went by and then they just closed my claim i called they said i had an appeal in for the same thing. I canceled my appeal refiled sleap apnea and depression secondary to sleap apnea and won. I took a break because all this has taken a toll on. me and i had been a 4 year battle because claims use to take 2 years. I think i should of won my original claim, is there anything I can do about this. thanks for all the advice
    • Question about NOD wait time after applying.
      Right now I think the hold up is them getting all documents digitized. The VA was suppose to get the wait time down to 125 days at the end of 2015..they missed that goal and now it looks like at the end of 2016. VBMS is a web-based, electronic claims processing solution complemented by improved business processes. It will assist in eliminating the existing claims backlog and serve as the technology platform for quicker, more accurate claims processing.  .........Buck
    • Question about NOD wait time after applying.
      I filed my NOD November 2014 and I inquired through IRIS and Under Secretary for Benefits in January 2016.  I got a hearing February 2016 with WACO.  I had the DRO hearing and I think it went well BUT now I am awaiting the decision for over 3 months. WACO is about 12-24 months for a DRO hearing. Did you request a DRO hearing in your NOD?
    • PTSD-MST Treatment(s)
      Yes - please utilize the above link- I had to write the statement for the Parole Board to assist in denying the parole for this inmate.  I made a lot of mistakes with my claim but self education has been essential and being proactive. God Bless.

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Request Increase In Ptsd

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Back in Aug 2010, I submitted a form for an increase for PTSD. On Oct 6, 2010, I had my C&P exam. I have not heard a word about this until I had a friend that works at the VA find out for me, and he tells me that it is at the Raters. Does anyone have a guess how long it takes at the Raters? I was told that they will go by the oldest date first.


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Papa, my claim went to "Preparation for Decision" (the Rating Authority) as Peggy calls it on Dec 14, 2011 and the Varo reached a decision on May 14, 2012. It was 5 months. But you know I made my call to Washington D.C. As it was a hardship case. There are many variables involved and each claim is uniquely different. Good Luck!

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