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My C&P exam records show that the doctor listed me as homebound. Do I have to still apply for homebound or could I be awarded that when a decision is made on my claim without ever applying for it?

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Housebound is listed under special monthly compensation S scale

You either meet the percentage requriements or are housebound.

The RO will most likely ignore it.


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I am homebound which is why the doctor stated that in my records. If I dont meet the percentage requirements is it possible to still get homebound rating because of my records even though I didnt apply for homebound?

Youre saying the VA does ignore some C&P exam records?

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My nexus letter and C&P exam states that I am homebound.

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My nexus letter and C&P exam states that I am homebound.


It's obvious you have a claim in for VBA benefit issues or a

C&P exam would not have been scheduled.

At this point your profile shows zero percent of SC.

The criteria for housebound (SMC - S) is SC at total plus 60 percent

and there are a couple of other things that might help get it too,

although not done very often.

What issues do you currently have claims in for SC ?

Please copy & paste exactly what your "nexus letter and C&P exam"

state and better answers / guidance can be provided.

Do not post something personal like name, claim #, SSA #, address, etc...

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I had my exam but I have not recieved a letter with the decision yet is why I am still at 0 percent.

PTSD chronic and unremitting

Panic disorder with agorophobia

Social alienation, housebound, limited access to healthcare

Unable to leave home unless for extreme cases

Occupational and social impairment with deficiencies in most areas

The 2 mental disorder can not be differentiated because the 2 mental disorder developed at same time

All of the top boxes are checked for the criteria used for establishing PTSD except for burst of anger. 20 boxes checked

Symtoms listed as .. depressed mood, aniety, suspiciousness, panic attacks that occur weekly or less often, near continuous panic or depression affecting the ability to function independently, appropriately and effectively.

Chronic speep impairment

Memory loss for names, relatives, ownoccupation or own name

Disturbances of motivation and mood

Difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships

Inability to maintain effective relationships

Suicidal ideation

DIfficulty in adapting to stressful ciscumstances including work or worklike setting

Extreme agorophobia

My nexus letter is not as thorough as the C&P exam records but it states Chronic PTSD and severe agorophobia. My nexus is more about my extreme agorophobia.

The doctor wrote about 2-3 pages worth of notes. Nothing to hurt my claim.

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    • Your disability should have no effect with your Job..and by your rights you have the right to bring a service dog with you to work  your employers has to make the Accommodations under the ADA (American Disability' Act) As I understand it  and keeping your medical reports private you should be ok With the Hippa Laws. VA has the right to request any of your private medical records  when you sign the FOIA. Form.  
    • I am in the process of a claim and one of my conditions could be 30% or 60%.   I'm trying to figure out what the va considers "constant or near constant during the last 12 months, in the use of a medication.  In my case I had been on the meds for 13 continuous weeks at the time I filed my claim. That just happened to be when the docs finally resorted to a more aggressive treatment.  Thanks in advance vets.
    • There is a way to get over this  with your claim  first seek treatment get in a good treatment plan VA OR Private seeing  a therapist will help. For help with your claim I recommend a Good Experienced VA Attorney  John Dorle comes to my mind,or Recently VA Accredited  & Hadit elder member Alex Graham  aka (Asknod) & also check out the Nova Attorneys  web site at the bottom...seems to me the Attorneys can find lots of fault with the VA and your last C&P Exam/examiner.
    • Just like the NOD Form 21-0958 Currently there is no required form for the Veteran to submit in order to file an NOD.  There is no required language a Veteran must use to file an NOD.  The veteran must simply express, in writing, disagreement with a decision. In May 2013, VA released a new form, VA Form 21-0958, Notice of Disagreement, which is now being attached to Veterans’ decision notification letters.  However, there remains no requirement for this form to be used in order to file an appeal.
    • Well maybe so  I am going from my experience.  I never used the 21-4138, Just written statements from family and friends/Buddys (notarized of course) I was there when the notary stamped them to sign.  (Raised State Seal)   The VA Raters has always took them and used them as evidence in my claims, but they may have change that now were the 21-4138 is  a Mandatory Requirement? I realize their cracking down on the use of these forms. So Gastone makes a good point. If  the 21-4138 is Mandatory Required in the CFR'S #'s on that let me know!