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    • I'm interested in filling a gulf war illness claim , my question is do you think it worthwhile, I have the symptoms that are required for the claim , but some of the fall into my ptsd symptoms which I all ready receive compensation for .   if I file gwi , will they try to reduce my ptsd rating.  all I read is so many gulf war claims are denied . I don't want to fill and have it denied and have them turn around and start messing with my ptsd claim . Any thoughts?  
    • My opinion Any new evidence will help you with a NOD. Mine was just a Voc Expert who testifies in VA, SSDI and Railroad Benefits Courts. And even though it sounds silly and anti-progress, i think at this point in time with the games the VA is playing with fast rejections and lowballs have FILLED the frikin Appeals Dockets, we should maybe hold back just ONE bit of evidence, maybe because we kind of already know lowballing is SoP for the bastiches, just have that one bit of evidence ready for your NOD. Once again, just a opinion, and a path i'm taking on my next claim.
    • I thought the same. To be honest I get strong anxiety disgust when I go to the va. Lost trust with the providers there. So part a is free correct? Even if I only have 8 years of solid work and on and off.  As far as part b they are saying that I can lower my rate by signing a earlier effective date my alleged onset date. Which would be a difference of 104.90 starting date June 2011 in which I have to pay an additional 6,517.30. I currently have no medical bills pending throughout that period.  The other one is August 2016 with a premium of 121.80 a month. However, What I don't understand is on the bottom they want to charge me 243.60 due through December 2016. Is that two year enrollment plan?
    • @broncovet @john999 thanks for the feedback, the Peter Principle is exactly what I'm worried about. Since I am SC for PTSD already and filing for an increase, I was concerned that they wouldn't acknowledge any of my treatment records as evidence for increase since the CRNP made diagnosis of MDD on almost every treatment note over the past year. I think he just looks at the thing that's most obvious with me, writes a prescription, and sends me on my way. Maybe he's uncomfortable with the MST part but he has never asked me anything about it, my stressors, etc. When I mentioned my nightmares he didn't ask anything about the nature of them, just prescribed me prazosin. When I mentioned my anxiety and social avoidance, he again didn't ask me anything about it, but he prescribed me hydroxyzine. Aside from the depression, I have all these meds treating me for various PTSD symptoms but that MDD stays right there as my primary dx, and that's what I'm worried about. I'm very afraid they will reject my claim or maybe even reduce my PTSD as not having a current diagnosis and say the depression isn't SC. I guess I just wait and prepare myself.
    • From my experience yes. My initial claim took two years and my current claim,  one increase and one new, is currently at prep for notification and was filed in May. I'm sure this varies greatly by a number of factors. 



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My C&P exam records show that the doctor listed me as homebound. Do I have to still apply for homebound or could I be awarded that when a decision is made on my claim without ever applying for it?

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Housebound is listed under special monthly compensation S scale

You either meet the percentage requriements or are housebound.

The RO will most likely ignore it.


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I am homebound which is why the doctor stated that in my records. If I dont meet the percentage requirements is it possible to still get homebound rating because of my records even though I didnt apply for homebound?

Youre saying the VA does ignore some C&P exam records?

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My nexus letter and C&P exam states that I am homebound.

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My nexus letter and C&P exam states that I am homebound.


It's obvious you have a claim in for VBA benefit issues or a

C&P exam would not have been scheduled.

At this point your profile shows zero percent of SC.

The criteria for housebound (SMC - S) is SC at total plus 60 percent

and there are a couple of other things that might help get it too,

although not done very often.

What issues do you currently have claims in for SC ?

Please copy & paste exactly what your "nexus letter and C&P exam"

state and better answers / guidance can be provided.

Do not post something personal like name, claim #, SSA #, address, etc...

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I had my exam but I have not recieved a letter with the decision yet is why I am still at 0 percent.

PTSD chronic and unremitting

Panic disorder with agorophobia

Social alienation, housebound, limited access to healthcare

Unable to leave home unless for extreme cases

Occupational and social impairment with deficiencies in most areas

The 2 mental disorder can not be differentiated because the 2 mental disorder developed at same time

All of the top boxes are checked for the criteria used for establishing PTSD except for burst of anger. 20 boxes checked

Symtoms listed as .. depressed mood, aniety, suspiciousness, panic attacks that occur weekly or less often, near continuous panic or depression affecting the ability to function independently, appropriately and effectively.

Chronic speep impairment

Memory loss for names, relatives, ownoccupation or own name

Disturbances of motivation and mood

Difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships

Inability to maintain effective relationships

Suicidal ideation

DIfficulty in adapting to stressful ciscumstances including work or worklike setting

Extreme agorophobia

My nexus letter is not as thorough as the C&P exam records but it states Chronic PTSD and severe agorophobia. My nexus is more about my extreme agorophobia.

The doctor wrote about 2-3 pages worth of notes. Nothing to hurt my claim.

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