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    • Not sure what state your located in,  but I highly recommend piemonte law firm and also the ATTIG Law firm is excellent, Chris Attig is the main attorney I believe, and the first thing they do is request your complete cfile. 
    • VA will pay compensation for some disabilities that are proven to be directly due to ionizing radiation exposure.   Ionizing only Can you scan and post the Reasons and Bases part of the denial and the evidence list from it? It is always possible that you were exposed to ionizing radiation but VA considered it to be non ionizing,in order to deny the claim. Based on your post it does sound like ionizing radiation.(involved with the nuclear reactor). Perhaps VA did not have enough info to determine what type of radiation you were exposed to. This VA  link contains limited info on radiation claims: http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/radiation/basics.asp We have more info here at hadit under Radiation than at the VA web site. Also there have been a few awards for Agent Orange exposure at Ft. Mc Clelland, also searchable here at hadit. Or you can search with google Radiation Berta hadit.com or Fort Mc Clelland AO Berta hadit.com and many of my posts as well as from others on these issues will pop up.I just suggest google with my name in it because I have had many posts on both of these issues here over the years and it is easy for me to use google to find them. Were you ever, while at Fort Mc Clelland, involved in any "Tiger Village" exercise? If so when? What disability(ies) are you attempting to gain service connection for? Cover your C file number,name, prior to scanning the denial.    
    • Its very hard to win a S.A. claim  if you don't have Medical Records about any type of Sleep Disturbance/OSA while in the military. it can be a secondary from another S.C. Disability ''Aggravated by''  but  a specialist sleep Dr would need to detail why it is aggravated by. A S.A. DX and using a C-PAP prescribe by the VA is not enough to win a S.A. Claim  Just saying ''It is more likely than not that the xanax that my patient takes contributes to the sleep apnea" would be sufficient.'' Is not enough! I agree with Lotz about the detail explanation of the med Xanax However its true the  VA raters are not Medical Dr's but they have been trained to  read medical evidence and have a medical manual for the claimed disability to  point out certain possibility's of the  causes /aggravated  by  ect,,,ect,,
    • Will get an attorney. Thanks for the advice. Anyone know of any good VA attorneys? 
    • Just my opinion, but I would suggest that your doctor also explain exactly how the Xanax that you take to treat PTSD causes YOUR sleep apnea, specifically.  What is it about that medication that leads to sleep apnea?  Add what clinical evidence exists to back him up, like in a journal or something like that, then have him attach his curriculum vital (aka resume).   VA raters who review these forms are not healthcare professionals and need things spelled out in plain English.


What Additional Evidence Do I Need For My Claim To Be Successful?

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What additional evidence do I need for my claim to be successful?

I was denied a PTSD claim back in 2005. I was in the Gulf and served in the grunts in a combat zone. I was diagnosed with PTSD by a Psychiatrist (private Doctor) in 2005 my GAF score was a 43. The VA needless to say stated I didn't have PTSD according to the VA Psychologist that did my 30 minute C&P exam I had a severe personality disorder and in her notes she gave me a GAF score of 38. I never filed a NOD at the time I just wanted to be done with the VA after reading the C&P examiners notes I was basically called a scam artist. I filed again for PTSD in August 2012 and was diagnosed again by the same private Doctor what other material evidence do I need to make sure my claim is successful

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You need a DX from a VA doctor. Keep trying!

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Willidx4 you might try describing your symptoms to your PCP (assuming you go to a VA facility).

Try asking for a referral to see a MH DR. That may get the ball rolling. Good luck to you.


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I agree with both... Get scheduled to see a VA mental health physician. They will prescribe medications if need be and schedule you for appts. There are other programs and classes that I attend in my out-patient clinic that are very helpful also. The Va Medical center also offers programs like trauma recovery program (TRP), classes on anger mgmt etc. I also got a letter from my treating psychiatrist to submit on my claim. But just remember....DON't miss your appointments. Good Luck to You!

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Thanks folks I feel better about the direction Im going in now. I have a current Dx of PTSD and Major Depression from a private Psychiatrist and that evidence has been submitted to the VA. I still see my private Psychiatrist once a month and I have contacted a local vet center to make arrangements to attend some group counseling sessions once a week. I went to my Regional Office and requested to be seen by a MH doctor and was informed my income disqualified me from being seen. I have been prescribed Wellbutrin SR, Klonopin and Remeron by my private Psychiatrist

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I got a DX from a local Vet's Center "PTSD: chronic & severe" The VA just ignored that DX and went with a very old DX to grant TDIU. Since the VA has made themselves the sole power to DX PTSD in veterans if I could not get the VA to dx me with PTSD I would get an IMO to DX me with either depression,Panic or GAD. This way you side step the PTSD roadblock. It all boils down to the same thing.

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