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    • I believe  a veteran only needs to meet 3  diagnostic criteria?  not all 5 so I agree with Ms berta All diagnostic criteria has to be met  is B.S. BUT I'M GOING WITH THE 2010 CHANGE. I would think the new regulations on PTSD would be grandfather in.  IF SO then the EED would start in 2O10.\here is a link o the new 2010 update PTSD Regulations, be sure and read all the way down and check out the last line in #12...so I don't think a CUE can be beneficial here? http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/07/12/new-regs-on-ptsd-claims-facts-and-qa/ jmo ...........................Buck
    • The PTSD C & P exam of 2015 clearly indicates you had PTSD, when they denied in 2009. VA had knowledge of your receipt of the CAR then, and also the recent exam states that the TBI was a stressor. You certainly fell into the 2010 PTSD regulations.But they were not out yet in 2009. The 2009 denial for PTSD clearly states: “This award verifies an inservice stressor occurred which is one of the requirements for a grant of service connection.” But then it states: “A diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder must meet all diagnostic criteria as stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association. The evidence does not show a confirmed diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder which would permit a finding of service connection.  “   ALL diagnostic criteria? I think that is BS…… I need to find the DSM for 2009. That can’t be right. I sure hope others chime in on this. The C & P examiner in 2015 gave you good evidence in their statement, for a better EED. I do think a NOD should be filed but maybe there is a way to file a CUE claim on the older decision, as well as NOD on the 2015  decision..          
    • yes thats correct brokensoldier244th Also I usually check my appointments in MyHealthyvet   by useing the ''bluebutton'' and clink on VA Notes  & future appointments.
    • As for Dr. Gail Poyner, I was convinced she did my initial C&P exam, but after receiving my C-File, I learned it was from a Dr. Rosco. I'm not sure if I saw her during another visit or if they just look alike. Sorry for that bit of erroneous information.
    • Berta,  Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I have filed a NOD for the latest PTSD rating and effective date and for my TBI rating decrease. Here is my 2009 decision letter.   2009 - Decision1.pdf

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What Additional Evidence Do I Need For My Claim To Be Successful?

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What additional evidence do I need for my claim to be successful?

I was denied a PTSD claim back in 2005. I was in the Gulf and served in the grunts in a combat zone. I was diagnosed with PTSD by a Psychiatrist (private Doctor) in 2005 my GAF score was a 43. The VA needless to say stated I didn't have PTSD according to the VA Psychologist that did my 30 minute C&P exam I had a severe personality disorder and in her notes she gave me a GAF score of 38. I never filed a NOD at the time I just wanted to be done with the VA after reading the C&P examiners notes I was basically called a scam artist. I filed again for PTSD in August 2012 and was diagnosed again by the same private Doctor what other material evidence do I need to make sure my claim is successful

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You need a DX from a VA doctor. Keep trying!

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Willidx4 you might try describing your symptoms to your PCP (assuming you go to a VA facility).

Try asking for a referral to see a MH DR. That may get the ball rolling. Good luck to you.


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I agree with both... Get scheduled to see a VA mental health physician. They will prescribe medications if need be and schedule you for appts. There are other programs and classes that I attend in my out-patient clinic that are very helpful also. The Va Medical center also offers programs like trauma recovery program (TRP), classes on anger mgmt etc. I also got a letter from my treating psychiatrist to submit on my claim. But just remember....DON't miss your appointments. Good Luck to You!

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Thanks folks I feel better about the direction Im going in now. I have a current Dx of PTSD and Major Depression from a private Psychiatrist and that evidence has been submitted to the VA. I still see my private Psychiatrist once a month and I have contacted a local vet center to make arrangements to attend some group counseling sessions once a week. I went to my Regional Office and requested to be seen by a MH doctor and was informed my income disqualified me from being seen. I have been prescribed Wellbutrin SR, Klonopin and Remeron by my private Psychiatrist

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I got a DX from a local Vet's Center "PTSD: chronic & severe" The VA just ignored that DX and went with a very old DX to grant TDIU. Since the VA has made themselves the sole power to DX PTSD in veterans if I could not get the VA to dx me with PTSD I would get an IMO to DX me with either depression,Panic or GAD. This way you side step the PTSD roadblock. It all boils down to the same thing.

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