Waiver Of Regional Office Consideration For The Amc?

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This may be a dumb question, but i am gonna ask for some input. If I had a claim at BVA, and it was remanded to the AMC should I submit a Waiver of regional office consideration to the AMC? I submitted one to the BVA so do I need to submit another one? I sent new evidence to the AMC today (Thank you Hoppy!!!) but should I send another waiver? If I do send the waiver in, where do I send or fax it to? what happens to my claim? Does it go back to the BVA?

This is a link to my BVA claim:


Thank you for overlooking my ignorance.

Accordingly, this matter is hereby REMANDED to the RO, via the AMC, for the following action:

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Assuming the claim is at the AMC, and you wish to submit a waver, I'd send it to the AMC.

At this point, it looks like your file is at AMC.

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Thanks chuck, thats what I was wondering. so I send the waiver to them, then it automatically goes back to the BVA for there people to decide?

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Thanks chuck, thats what I was wondering. so I send the waiver to them, then it automatically goes back to the BVA for there people to decide?

Who knows?

Actually the AMC must take action as directed by the BVA. They should send or have already sent a letter to you, likely requesting information you may have already sent, and possibly scheduling yet another C&P. The confusion factor is whether AMC does things directly, or creates additional delay by going back to the VARO and asking it to do things that the AMC was directed to do by BVA.

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Posted 16 November 2010 - 11:32 AM

This waiver is a great time saver. Each time the BVA remands the claim back to the RO to consider the evidence, it may sit a yr or so before they get to it.

Once your at the BVA, keep your claim in their hands until it's finalized. The AMC is dead time and remands back to the RO are long delays.


Posted 15 November 2010 - 08:31 PM

This link has a PDF attachment for the Waiver of Regional Office Consideration

that is used when you submit additional information / evidence to the BVA.

If the BVA does not get this signed Waiver from the claimant, in most cases they will automatically

by regs. have to remand the additional information / evidence back to your RO for their consideration.

Truth Wins --- sometimes you just have to walk thru fire to get there !

When you have the CREDIBLE & PROBATIVE EVIDENCE - NEVER give up !

I am not an attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is strictly my humble opinion

therefore not to be held out for liable.

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Yes you can waive amc"s jurisdiction. I myself did this exact move ONLY after making sure all remanded development had been completed by amc. Amc will after receipt of signed waiver return files to the bva even if NO development has been completed therefore causing another remand from bva. BE SURE ALL DEVELOPMENT HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Again i recently did this in july of this year and within 3 days of receipt of my waiver my file was returned to bva and now is currently with the vlj for review. I called the amc's directors office at this number (202) 530-9455 direct line) and she will tell you if all development has been completed and if so fax your waiver directly to her office FAX 202 530-9384. Deanbrt is dead on point about the dead time while at the amc, only to get the same results you got from the previous regional office. These people just can"t read and comprehend evidence. JMHO.

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    • Absolutely...try to see if Merck has info to help via google...as VA uses Merck info a lot.You can use a 21-4138 on line to use as cover letter for the CUE that your rep filed. I sure hope these reps keep copies of what they file on line for a veteran. I would love to see how he shaped the legal error. If you mean on line by ebenefits---does the CUE claim show up there?  
    • Since they submitted online would it be ok for me submit some info on my own such as, a description of humira and a quote of the regulation you suggested?
    • Have they not sent you to a neurologist?  I have severe chronic migraines, I see a neurologist.  Sadly, nothing has helped so far (and I am allergic to a lot of meds, or meds conflict with one another).  I would never stop going for treatment for a service connected condition unless it has gotten better.  I would ask for a referral to neuro and see if they can help, I have even had botox (after much hesitation) for mine and many migraine sufferers have success with botox treatment, I did not.  I hope you find an answer for your migraines, I know how debilitating they can be!
    • Gastone is right...when we can read the actual words verbatim here, from the VA, we can help much more. The claims process is a War of the Words.  The CUE claim and Asthma and Costrochondritis have been reopened twice and denied both times since coming back from Afghanistan.  So the CUE was denied and the asthma, costrochondritis  ( I need to look that up) have all been denied? Do you have any claims pending now? Did you file a NOD timely for anything they denied? I am lost.
    • Ms Berta is correct a veteran can do this..> quote from ms berta “In this case, the Veteran seeks service connection for PTSD, claiming that he developed PTSD as a result of having seen fiery aircraft crashes, to include victims in the wreckage, while stationed at Gander Army Air Base (AAB) in Newfoundland, during World War II (WWII).  The Veteran is not in receipt of any military citations indicative of combat service such that the combat presumption under 38 U.S.C.A. § 1154(b) would apply.  As such, service connection will be considered under the amended regulatory provision, 38 C.F.R. § 3.304(f)(3). In evaluating the Veteran's claim under the amended regulatory provision, the Board will first consider whether the Veteran's claimed stressor event is consistent with the places, types, and circumstances of his service.” THIS IS A TRUMATIC EXPERINCE I would file claims for everything  especially PTSD