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    • Hey,  I had Dietz he is a hatchet man. This guy said the same things on my c and p as yours. Over reporting the mmpi or whatever it is. He also said the same thing about the glitch in the system. That in my heart is not true. He just wants to say no. What he did to you he did to me. I was denied and am fighting it now. This guy needs exposed. He runs a business on the side called medpsych of the Rockies. They are a professional company that challenges workers comp and Ssdi claims. This guy has a major uncomfortable vibe about him. With his low lit office and facial manirisims. He had a private practice that failed. It brought in less than 100 grand in a very large city. Columbus.  In Chillicothe I ran into a veteran that had the very same experience. I also ran into two vso and a social worker. The guy Denys or underreports. He is doing a disservice to veterans. You do not have a personality disorder neither do I. My psychs and PTSD programs have me at chronic. Sleep sucks intrusive thoughts suck driving sucks. He is a piece of work. I researched this dude. He is no good, he needs dealt with because he has a generic way of turning vets down. Over reporting, personality disorder, and calling the dbq glitche in the system, I bet he never asked you a question in regard to the dbq. There is no glitche. He simply answered no in regard to PTSD symptoms. Then he rushes you out the office hands you a packet and walks off with a dirty look. Do not give up. Continue your treatment, if denied file a recon based on new evidence. You served and he called you a liar. Basically his c and p should not be used, he is stating he is incompetent by stating any decision would be speculative. This will catch up to him.  Glitche in the system my a**. LIAR VA HATCHET. 
    • Killemall, The Regional office used the examination for re-evaluation as the C&P.  I discovered this as it was annotated in my medical notes that I was able to view via Blue Button in MyHealEVet. The rating ended up being:
      50% Bi-Lateral Hearing Loss / Word Recognition
      10% Tinnitus
      =VA math 55%, rounded up to 60%.
      This is a fair and accurate representation of my SC hearing loss and how it effects my life and work. However, the PTSD-MST claim was denied without the use of a C&P, as I did not officially report the crime while in the Army back in 1984.  The rater simply made an incorrect decision, which was absolutely devastating to me.  I don't expect the rater to fully understand how this could happen to a man and not be officially reported. No one deserves to understand that first hand.  It took me a few months to write up a short statement of disagreement as instructed by my VSO.   Interestingly, the VA (Medical / Physiological) division of the US Government, consisting of Clinical Psychiatrists and other experts in the field, believe I need intensive and specific treatment for my PTSD-MST.  So on November 6th, I will be heading to another VA inpatient PTSD facility located in Virginia for seven weeks.   This particular program is a tertiary referral center which has a division that specializes specifically on male MST cases like mine, which the Regional Office rater said does not exist due to lack of documentation. This matter will now last for many more painful years and I vow to never give up, just like when this unthinkable crime against me was committed.  I apologize for going off topic. BTW, this is the place I am headed to in November:  http://www1.va.gov/directory/guide/facility.asp?ID=116    
    • I recently learned how donating blood was good for (many people, not everyone)  Men, especially, tend to have too much iron.  (Women lose Iron from menstration, so its rarely a problem for women to have too much iron)  If you have too much iron, its bad for your health, it can even be life threatening.   http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hemochromatosis/home/ovc-20167289 I was a bit suprised they would "take" my blood after I read about the health benefits of donating blood.   I answered all the questions honestly, and they took my blood.  They did a iron test, first, to see if my iron was low. (finger poke).    I donated blood locally, NOT through VA.   Remember, VA has to get you to sign a consent form to get medical information about you other than the VAMC's.      Here are a few health benefits of donating blood:  It reduces cancer risk, is heart healthy, and can be good for other organs also, especially for men with hi iron.   I read where "old blood" is "sticky" and tends to clot.  When you give blood, your body makes more "new" blood, which is slicker and is less likely to form blood clots.   Of course, you dont want to donate blood too often.  My area only allows you to donate whole blood every 56 days.  (2 months).    http://www.medicaldaily.com/why-donating-blood-good-your-health-246379
    • http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/copy-machine/n10022 "making copies", the Richmeister the copy machine guy, FWIW, Hamslice    
    • We dont know your PCP, so we dont know if she will help.  But, you need to seek treatment for ED for 2 reasons. First, for your wife, and secondly for the money.  (SMC K).  If you could do the Wild Monkey before the PTSD meds, and the Wild Monkey Dance is gone now, then that is a pretty obvious link.   If you want compensation for SMC K, you need it documented.  So you should start with your PCP.  If your PCP does not have experience/does not treat ED, then you should ask for a referral to someone who does.  

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"Cost of Living Increase passes Congress

On November 14, 2012, in COLA, Department of Veterans Affairs, by CharlesSheehanMiles

Congress Passes 1.7% COLA for Veterans

Veterans benefits is an important issue followed closely by Bergmann & Moore. We are pleased to share welcome news for our Veterans and families concerned about the annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for disability benefits paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Acting immediately upon returning to Washington after the election, today the United States Senate passed the annual benefits increase of 1.7 percent for 2013. The Senate sent the legislation to the White House, where President Barack Obama is expected to sign it soon. On September 27, 2011, Bergmann & Moore alerted Veterans and reporters about how one or more Senators were blocking what, until two months ago, was a bi-partisan, no-nonsense bill. The secret hold was lifted today, and Senators quickly passed the bill.

The bill appears to have passed in time for VA to add the increases to benefits effective for 2013. If the COLA bill was delayed, then Veterans and dependents may have had to wait until February 2013 or later to see the increase."

For Veterans and dependents receiving VA disability benefits, this means and increase of $47 per month for a single Veteran rated at 100%, or an annual increase of $564. Expect VA to publish the exact amounts at VA’s web site in the next few months.

Let us all hope the a few bad actors in the Senate don’t ever disrupt or threaten to disrupt Veterans’ hard-earned disability benefits again.

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Will we ever find out who the enemy Senator of Veterans was that started the block. It sure makes me sick. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.

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now regardless which senator was playing the "hold game" it is now a moot issue and our checks will be correct for next year, I know it's not a lot but it is better than nothing one or 2 meals or a tank or 2 of gas remember the fed employees are held to )% raises or a .5 % in 2013 they are hoping to get it retroactive to Jan 1, the mation is being told we are takers and don't need raises we all have prepaid for our compensation and injury checks they are not "giving us anything" we have earned it.

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Hello Boomer and Test Vet.

Thanks for the Headsup article Boomer ......kinda lets us a hint .

TestVet ,,,,yea its a moot point , but I just wanted to know .....they really don't care about any veteran. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.

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All of us who get SSA, VA or federal pensions are vulnerable to hidden cuts to our benefits if gangsters in Congress regigger the formula for the COLA. I do write my senator and congressman telling them that the quickest way to loose my vote forever is to cut SSA or VA in order to make a deal to cut debt.

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