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    • Thanks everyone! i received the BBE today, In my case, the BWE......all it states is my current 30% rating and that they need the DBQ for bladder and they are ready to make the award decision.  it just says deferred on PTSD/MST and bladder until C&P exam for bladder is complete.  i received the retro pay in the bank today.  All i can do is wait now.  I want to also ask the question about grinding of teeth that has been caused by PTSD and stress. I want to also claim that. What do i do for that? i have a private dentist that confirmed that.  i guess they will want a claim for that, but i am not doing a damn thing until all this PTSD stuff is done.  Also, they said in the BWE that they considered all evidence pertaining to the MST (buddy letters, service records, medical records and all. the list was 2 pages long of stuff they are considering}...i wanted to ask if i should go to my private urologist that wrote the letter for my SSDI if she would write a letter confirming that my PTSD has made the bladder condition 100 times worse. if she writes that letter, will that be something i should bring to the C&P exam? i already have two letters from her, but they don't mention PTSD.... what does everyone think? @Gastone @Buck52 @Berta i truly value all your opinions and sorry if i have been jumpy! i need help with this whole process.  Love to you all, Floridanurse
    • this wasn't a cue claim right  as some say they won lately just show evidence in the decision where VA say a CUE was committed  and its in all CUE claims decisions  I'VE seen which ant many this topic was for CUE claims correct this is not one. A lot of people win cues but cant post a decision where VA say IT was a CUE in the decision and to me its either lying or you just forgot like this vet lie for a purple heart and benefits you just don't know everybody who to trust. People will lie and so can I but what can I win with a lie paper work proves everything. jmho
    • SSD will often send a person for what they call a Second Opinion exam and what we call a C&P exam.  They are just as tricky as the VA.  The key phrase in a SSD claim  is "  claimant is totally disabled from all work for at least one year".    SSD only cares that you can't do any work and that you have enough quarters paying SSA to meet the requirements.    They are not concerned with service connection vs non service connection like the VA.  It is routine to have to hire a lawyer to win your SSD claim.  Some of us get lucky and get it the first time around but are in a minority.  If you can win a SSD claim based entirely on your military service then you should be able to get at least TDIU from the VA.
    • So, I woke up to encouraging news from e-benefits. It still says gathering dust, but it's asking for  two things from me: One is to update my Finacial institution immediately. We can only pay EFT or pre-paid Credit Card. The second was to update some form that deals with my dependants.  It looks like something is happening. I will post redacted copies when I get to my desktop later today. I also owe a copy of my Dr's nexus letter. I hope some of this helps other legitimate claim veterans.

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"Cost of Living Increase passes Congress

On November 14, 2012, in COLA, Department of Veterans Affairs, by CharlesSheehanMiles

Congress Passes 1.7% COLA for Veterans

Veterans benefits is an important issue followed closely by Bergmann & Moore. We are pleased to share welcome news for our Veterans and families concerned about the annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for disability benefits paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Acting immediately upon returning to Washington after the election, today the United States Senate passed the annual benefits increase of 1.7 percent for 2013. The Senate sent the legislation to the White House, where President Barack Obama is expected to sign it soon. On September 27, 2011, Bergmann & Moore alerted Veterans and reporters about how one or more Senators were blocking what, until two months ago, was a bi-partisan, no-nonsense bill. The secret hold was lifted today, and Senators quickly passed the bill.

The bill appears to have passed in time for VA to add the increases to benefits effective for 2013. If the COLA bill was delayed, then Veterans and dependents may have had to wait until February 2013 or later to see the increase."

For Veterans and dependents receiving VA disability benefits, this means and increase of $47 per month for a single Veteran rated at 100%, or an annual increase of $564. Expect VA to publish the exact amounts at VA’s web site in the next few months.

Let us all hope the a few bad actors in the Senate don’t ever disrupt or threaten to disrupt Veterans’ hard-earned disability benefits again.

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Will we ever find out who the enemy Senator of Veterans was that started the block. It sure makes me sick. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.

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now regardless which senator was playing the "hold game" it is now a moot issue and our checks will be correct for next year, I know it's not a lot but it is better than nothing one or 2 meals or a tank or 2 of gas remember the fed employees are held to )% raises or a .5 % in 2013 they are hoping to get it retroactive to Jan 1, the mation is being told we are takers and don't need raises we all have prepaid for our compensation and injury checks they are not "giving us anything" we have earned it.

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Hello Boomer and Test Vet.

Thanks for the Headsup article Boomer ......kinda lets us a hint .

TestVet ,,,,yea its a moot point , but I just wanted to know .....they really don't care about any veteran. NEVER GIVE UP . God Bless, C.C.

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All of us who get SSA, VA or federal pensions are vulnerable to hidden cuts to our benefits if gangsters in Congress regigger the formula for the COLA. I do write my senator and congressman telling them that the quickest way to loose my vote forever is to cut SSA or VA in order to make a deal to cut debt.

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