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    • Update 8, Pending decision approval New completion date; 08/02/2016  
    • Contact  Mary Ann Wentzell  and that's RMC  (Records Management Center) email= MaryAnn.Wentzell@va.gov she super Nice!
    • The S.A.V.E. Farm A gap exists between the need for new farmers in our country and a large potential population of new farmers that exists within our veteran and transitioning servicemember populations. The average age of farmers in the U.S. is approaching 60 with 40% over 65. Sixty-three percent (63%) of our farms may be in the last generation. Therefore succession planning is critical in the country's farming future. 2.3 million veterans and transitioning servicemembers are looking for a meaningful way to live life. A high percentage of them indicate an interest in farming. Therefore, a tremendous opportunity exists. To bridge the gap, a pathway to farming for our veterans and servicemembers is needed. Servicemember Agricultural Vocation Education, or S.A.V.E farm, will bridge the gap providing a home-like training center where they can learn to farm and heal as they are brought into the culture of agriculture. Upon completion of training, transitioning servicemembers and veterans will be matched with mentor farmers with the potential to work on, manage or own a farm. View the full article
    • In the middle of a C&P exam for scars, the examiner didn't take any measurements. He sent a woman in after he left, to take photos of my scars.   I asked this person," Why didn't the examiner measure my scars?", as this was necessary to get a fair decision/rating. She left and in a short time the examiner returned.   I asked him the same question. He measured one scar on the back of my neck and none of the others. I even specifically pointed out the ones I wanted him to measure. He said that the rating officer will see the scars from my photos and that is mostly how they make their decision.   That isn't the rules on scar evaluation.   This guy was a P.A.   It was a bad omen when one of the first questions the examiner asked was," What is your current disability rating?" That made me feel like he was going to do all he could to make sure I would never reach 70% disability.   At the end of the exam he stated he was a veteran too.   When his assistant returned once again to take the photos, she began to tell me how my examiner was a really good guy and was serving in the Reserves currently. Took all I could do to bite my tongue and hold back and tell her how he did a hatchet job on my claims.   Finally.... forgot to mention..he checked my ankles range of motion without using a goniometer, or any form of test instrument. Then he proceeded to inform me that I needed to get a medical diagnosis of my ankle condition. I told him that I have an orthopedic appointment scheduled for my ankles the following week.   MY QUESTION IS: Will I have to wait and NOD/appeal the bad exam AFTER a decision has been made? Or is there an alternative such as writing a complaint and/or request a new exam before I get a rating?
    • I know what you mean. It took me about three years to go from 40% to 90% and then another year to hit 100% (backdated to original EED from five years earlier). The 90% hurdle is just probably the toughest for most veterans. It is pretty bad when the VA fails to read records properly (even typed ones) and causes all sorts of unnecessary anxiety and stress in the process. Despite still having heart issues, I have not won SC yet. The docs pulled me off of one heart medication that was actually making the problem worse and it put me into the 0% category. However, I do have two other claims that I know can be increased if I filed now. One would go from 30% to 40% and the other from 30% to 50%. I talk with my wife periodically about filing for all three, but she doesn't want me to rock the boat. She told me to wait until I retire.

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Augusta Ga Va Clothing Allowance

30 posts in this topic

I know this has been mention 100 times,but this is what VA is trying to do with clothing allowance, I had a back brace that was not through

VA and the first guy says it has to be through VA to get paid. My responce was I don't get care for my back from VA, its through

a private Dr, VA won't see me for my back problem. So the supervisor who pays clothing was in a meeting until I ask for the regulation

that says it has to be issue through VA to get paid,they could'nt. Then she says I have to appeal the decision and to write a NOD as

to why I disagree, so I ask for paper to write my disagreement she don't have any, so one of the co worker gave me some paper and

told me to write everything they said and before I could get it wrote the supervisor say stop right there sign it I will pay you for the brace.

I was suppose to get three but my left hand is not sc for carpal tunnel just the right and the back. I just had to show the prescription for

my back brace and the brace it self. So dont let them s**t you they must pay you. ALL this was after I recieve my letter, just got paid for

one,but was denied 2 other. Now the back brace was approve today!!

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tmoe - thanks for the great info!!! I'm sure it'll help someone.


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tmoe -

I received a letter months ago and still haven't seen any cloting allowance from the Augusta VAMC. I too applied for dual and was told over the phone that I was only approved single.

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I am still waiting on my clothing allowance. I called the prosthetics department and I was told that they are still processing it.

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First to be sure, the VA isn't going to pay more than two clothing allowances to any veteran. The rules only call for payment of two , not three. four or more. Now, to be sure, if your brace was not issued by the VA then legally according to VA Handbook 1173.15 they cannot and should not pay you any clothing allowance. So if you got a brace from the private sector and the VA employee agreed to pay you the clothing allowance they are breaking the Law. You really should download a copy of the handbook and read it. The VA here in San Antonio will not only refuse to pay a clothing allowance for a private sector issued brace, but they also refuse to pay a clothing allowance if your brace or appliance was issued by a different VA Hospital or A Military Hospital. The Handbook specifically states that the item must be issued by the VA, ( not the Local VA). The new clothing allowance form shows an example of an appliance being issued by Walter Reed Medical Center... so even the example on the form contradicts the Handbook. I presently am fighting with VA San Antonio because of refusal to pay the second clothing allowance because as they stated they did not issue my AFO, Canadian crutches , or manual wheelchair... at the local va there fore even when I present medical records showing they were issued at other va medical centers they still refuse to pay for the second clothing allowance. I generated a congressional inquiry today after playing their games for over a year. So in response to your last sentence, what you were told was against the law, and no other veteran should expect to be paid for a clothing allowance under the conditions you outlined, The appliance that warrants the clothing allowance by law must be issued by the VA for a service connected issue.

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Teac,dont know who told you you are allowed only two clothing because i only filed for two but they had me for three and this was why

the allowances are late because people are filing 3-4 clothing or this is what Augusta been telling me. I say again VA DON'T TREAT

ME for my sc back but I have a prescription for a back brace from private doctor she says she would pay me for it thats all I said. San

Antonio could be giving you some of their bull because that don't even sound right you can/t use a brace from another VA who prescribe it

you go back and read that handbook some more. I got my letter tuesday money 741.00 in bank wednesday now waiting for the second

allowance so believe as you will. This is why I don.t post because I get call a liar or telling something wrong but it ok I got mine only trying

to help another person

Edited by tmoe

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