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    • Fully Developed Cue
      I like it, but suggest one thing.  Judges are very full of their own ego.  Always ASK them, never tell them.  But use leading questions, to be sure.   I would not use the term "undebatable fact".  While I agree this is likely accurate, the judge wants to decide if its undebatable and not you.  (no offense meant).   Its OK to say, "The RO decision does not dispute....." Or,  "The RO decision dated xx-mm-yy has already conceded that...."    I try to never put my opinion in there.  If you read the VBM, they often "undersell".  They dont say things like its an absolute undebatable fact that...._____" ...because then the lawyer can say..oh yes we debate that so called fact.   But use their own words against them.  The RO decision stated, "xx yy, facts a, b, c".  However, Dr. S, stated on 11-14-08, " not a, not b, not c".  There fore, the decision was in error in that it was in conflict with the medical evidence.   Its just a suggestion.  
    • Confused --- what am I covered for?
      Just my opinion but you can go to the VA rather or not you have private Insurance  they may ask you if you have private Insurance or not but you can still use the VA for medical treatment  As for as your % it don't matter if your 10% or 100% the medical part it does not matter what your rated they do have a small co-pay if your less than 30% I believe. However  only for Dental Treatment you need to be 100% if you have a myhealthvet account you can go to ebenefit's and check on your current ratings.
    • How does one continue ?
      Gastone the only thing about going to view your C&File  is how long it takes to go and read through every page. I viewed my C-file about 15 years ago at the Waco Tx RO...and they watched me like a hawk  made me nervous, every time I took out a page to read the guard as you will  came closer to see what page it was nerve wracking and  kinda pissed me off. And after you read it they can make a copy but on that particular page I had it and didn't need a copy of that one...its just hard to view your C-File while they stand over you like he did with me. broncovet  good information from Att Chris Attig, but time is very important here, I think we will just file the claim without viewing the C-file If  he don't get it in time  before he has to file the ITF/ FDC Claim... it probably be denied...we were trying to prevent the NOD & Having to go to BVA....The reason for Requesting the  C-FILE over a year before filing.
    • Highly Perturbed Of C&P Exams
      Hey there pink kitty, sounds like your examiner was cut from the "deny Vets their just due benefits" cloth!  I've run into a few of them, and one was even a Vet himself! Semper Fi
    • DRO hearing
      " Did Dr Bash state any rationale in the IMO that should have warranted P & T for the 100%? " Yes he did. He explained that my condition would not get better but worse in many ways. He also explained and showed them proof of this with my 2nd EMG study I had which went from 1st EMG "Bilateral Radiculopathy" to 2nd EMG "Chronic Radiculopathy and now with Bilateral PolyNeuropathy". Yes my POA finally asked his supervisor and they both agreed with me in stating that this is in fact a CUE. What he is going to do is ask the Rater to CUE himself and I told him to at least try to make a deal with him about the P&T. The Rater told him the other day that if I did not get a new exam he would deny me no matter what. BS because this should have been rated back in 2013 whenever they decided on it in saying that it was no diagnosed. That was their reasoning. This is BS because Dr. Bash diagnosed it in 2012 only to have the VA in latter 2013 finally come out and say the bowel issues are related to my lumbar spine injury. That was pretty much it on their reasoning, nothing else. So this morning they did not have my hearing because the RO wants me to get a new C&P exam. Nope I refused and told my POA that this is a CUE and if the RATER doesn't want to admit its a CUE I will in fact appeal it straight to the BVA, no matter if I have to wait until 2018!!! I don't care I am not going to get low balled any longer, I've already let them low ball me on the ratings on my legs which I am still thinking about appealing.
    • C&P Exam Completed [Bad Vibe]
      My ebenefits says preparation for decision with a completion date of tomorrow the 27th. I feel that was very quick for a decision.  Anxiety has officially set in.
    • Mental Health C&P
      jlduty, Hmmm, your exam sounds like the nearly exact opposite of mine. Not only did my examiner come across as not interested in the real reason for the exam, he wanted me to tell my VA MH dr to refer me to a pill pusher, as he(the examiner)thought it would really help me.  I did not tell my doc that, since we had discussed that months earlier, and he said if he feels I need pills, he will refer me at that time.
    • Sleep Apnea Granted
      Something smells trollish...
    • IME and Physician conflict of interest
      '' I finally have found a physician that does IMEs '' Who was the physician?
    • Should I file a CUE or leave NOD in place?
      I think Vync posted this link. I posted one too somewhere here last year from Utube  but after the Peggy stuff there was an audio transcript between a man with an accent and AT&T or some phone company and everytime the phone supervisor put him on hold,(he was hard to understand)  there was a lot of audible and unmistakable flatulence from the man with the accent. Maybe Tbird felt it was inappropriate or maybe it is still here. I laughed for days over that. Maybe I can find it. We all need good laughs sometimes ..otherwise this VA crapola will drive us all nuts.

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Self-Employment Track

8 posts in this topic

I'm currently receiving SSD and Disability Retirement.

SSD is for a combination of service connected PTSD 50% and Back which is non-service connected.

My Back is what I receive Disability Retirement for from the post office.

My total VA rating is 80%.

I had a claim in for IU, but was recently denied. The VA stated I have not been found to be unemployable.

While I'm going through the appeals process, I applied for Voc-Rehab.

My initial meeting with a VRC is the 8th of January.

I have a very strong passion for music and wanna follow this dream I've had since childhood.

I am a writer, producer and performer. I've invested a lot of money in music equipment, and currently

Building my own recording studio. I've started my own music publishing company. I recently had one

Of my songs released on a national level. I know mostly the production side of music, but now I

Wanna learn the business side. My question is ?

Since I've already done most of the work to set-up and run my own business, will the VRC allow me

to go to school online to get educated in the business side of music ? Thanks for your replies.....

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They should do that, It depends on the counselor.


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I have a friend who did a degree under voc rehab in 2005.

He now wonders if he can go back and apply for self employment help.

Anyone know?

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Devil dog...

Go ahead and "Ask". The Voc counselor may go for it. If not, you can always try an appeal. You cant possibly fail if your determination to suceed is strong enough.

China Vet

Voc Rehab has much fewer hard "regulations" than does disability claims. Again, "go for it". The worst they can say is "no", and you can still appeal.

While I am not sure the Va will opt to let you "keep trying" different Voc rehab paths, I dont know that "2" is precluded, either. Go for it.

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Well guys, the Voc-Rehab Counselor denied my request for retraining because of my disabilities, but he did approve me for ILP and wrote a statement in support of my IU claim, which was recently denied

Through a DRO Review decision Oct. 2012.

Hopefully this will help.....What do you think ?

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Its great news you were awarded ILP!
Congratulations! ILP can be a big deal. I know one Vet who got about 10,000 of computer equipment for his ILP. You now need to think about what you would like for your ILP. ILP will be specific to your needs. IT WILL NOT be used, however, to help you become employed or self employed. Dont even ask for an ILP that will lead to a job.

There is stuff on ILP and you should look at what other Vets got, and think of what you want. You probably should have a "plan A" plan B and C. Example:

Plan A...I would like an Ipad and software to help me connect with friends and family..along with a webcam, etc. (under 5k)

Plan B.. I would like a woodshop with tools to make wood toys for grandchildren (10-20k)

Plan C I would like a green house, lawn tractor, etc. The VA ILP will NOT give you money for lawn equipment to start a biz cutting neighborhood lawns, so dont ask for that, however.

Frankly this sounds to me like the VA is "speaking from both sides of its mouth", but I would know better if you posted "reasons and bases" for your denial.

You see, Voc Rehab is for Vets who need retraining or need help becoming employed. ILP, however, is for people who are not employable, especially 100% Vets.

So, I dont get how they can say you are employable and also eligible for ILP which suggests unemployablity. This assumes you have sought TDIU.


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They said I couldn't work because of my service connected disability, PTSD.....

They said they considered my SSD award, which is for PTSD and Back ( NSC )....

I was denied Retraining from voc-rehab because of disabilities, but approved for ILP...

I think you read it wrong Broncovet.....

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