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I have been waiting for 27 months and now the VA has request RTEX does anyone know what RTEX means?

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Found out RTEX mean rountine exam

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    • The only problem I see now is that I already clicked the button to make a decision without more info, because I thought I was looking at the CUE.  They might need more current medical records for the increase claim.  Would me submitting more info kick it out of fully developed?
    • Good that is great! But I have VAOLA Paranoia because I am a hardcore claimant........ It appeared to me that the DAV filed the CUE prior to any additional claim but I could be wrong, and I sure hope the open CUE claim appears in your ebenefits account soon. When Phila Nehmer was adjuducating my AO IHD death claim, filed in 2010,I reminded them that my CUE claims of 2003,2004, were still pending at my RO, set for BVA transfer, and those CUEs were contingent on a proper AO award  and since they had been filed prior to the AO claim, I wanted Phila RO to adjudicate them first. They did. It took them,(Phila RO) at that point,  a mere few weeks to adjudicate and award those CUEs, and included that in the AO IHD award. (2012) I cant believe how long that took at Buffalo since 2003 and still no proper decision,.....then again , I do believe it is because they (Buffalo) cant read.I am putting every decision I ever got from them into my book.All BS rhetoric , they even tried to make up a regulation, but could not cough that phony regulation up, and I sure fought back. Part of that period of time from 2003 ,I had a vet rep but he didnt have a clue on anything and was useless and was asking me to help with some claims he buggered already.  The DAV seems to be definitely helping you..  
    • So DAV called me back this morning, They looked at my file and it turns out that they filed for an increase as of 10/21/16, as well as the CUE.  So it was technically 2 different claims and they have only started on the increase not the CUE.  The C&P exam is for the increase.
    • Thank you for the input!  Yes, I have been earning more than than 12k, but it is getting harder and harder to work. I would love to work as long as I can, but as you said, eventually I will not be able to.  I had to give up things I love like hunting, and hiking, and I hate that it has come to this.  I was thoroughly examined at the VA by Neurology, and the C&P examiner did a great job too, and for that I am thankful.  I am currenly at 90% (93 total) so hopefully this will give me that push to 100.
    • Andyman73 Did you get  denied for Sleep Apnea? You sure don't want to give up b/c you were denied  keep fighting them. if you have MH problems (Depression) you just need to find the right Dr to state your MH problems do effect your OSA...study's have shown it can cause/aggravate  OSA problems, just as well as PTSD and medications can be  related to OSA. You just need to find a Dr that will connect the two...and since your already on The Bi-pap  or C-pap machine  that will be hard for them to deny you...the nexus is all you need   it can be secondary to your  MH S,C, Disability. check with Attorney Chris Attig