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Va Form 21-0958

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Hot off the presses. From now on, this is the form to file your NODs with. USB Allison "Wonderland"Hickey told me so herself.


It's so new, they don't have a .pdf fill out version yet. You can download it and fill out by hand. Be sure to write in insanely small letters with a burnt out ball point pen so they'll need a magnifying glass to read it.

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Love it!!!!!!!!!

Be sure to write in insanely small letters with a burnt out ball point pen so they'll need a magnifying glass to read it. AARRRGGHHH

Dont forget coffee stains, dried drool and stool samples.

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Here is the .gov link to the PDF version of the form you can fill in on your computer. I assume it's the most recent verison but for some reason it's not on the va forms site I had to find it on the GSA reginfo government site.


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While I wish to thank you for posting that, sir, it doesn't offer the opportunity to make life miserable to the VA pukes we have to do battle with.

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For me, neither link is working.

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Well maybe with a structured format, they will have a better chance of actually addressing your appeal?

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    • Buck, you are missing a point I have been making here lately---you mentioned me helping her three or four times in the same post ...guess what...others here will have to help her too.................. Everyone here with a spouse they love should try to get up to the DIC regulations and make sure they have that info available for their spouse. I get flashbacks of what VA did to my husband every time I get involved with these DIC claims, particularly DIC claims that could also hinge on malpractice too. I am willing to make one more post here ,regarding about an hour of research I did, but that depends on Pdiddy's reply...and then all she needs to do is read over the DIC topic right under this one, and all the info on 38 Section 1151 claims.....and others can help her too if they read those topics. I don't mean to sound abrupt but I am pressed for time, this time of the year, and would rather focus on any AO issues, TDIU, PTSD, or CUE claims so that others have chance to learn more about DIC....and 1151. I get shocked when I read DIC denials at the BVA when I could see the survivor didn't have a clue, even when the denial clearly stated the veteran had a long relationship with VA as far as SC claims go, and most of them had no VSO or a lousy VSO....or maybe a very good VSO but they probably didnt take the advise to get an IMO when it was absolutely the only way they could succeed. But also ...since I have been involved with 1151 claims for over 20 years the bad part is that there often is not basis for them.I saw a lot of that at the local VAMC when the vets there found out I had FTCAed this same VAMC.Many contacted me with stories that had no basis in documented medical fact. If a claimant is unwilling to get an IMO, for 1151 issues, there is not much point in trying to help them (unless they succeed right away without an IMO/IME- possible but highly unusual)  I only know of  one vet I helped ( a friend of mine) and myself who did that. I think we might have some here too who got 1151 awards with no IMO/IME but I dont know.          
    • I think if your 90%with combined ratings, then all you need is an additional 50% separate rating to reach the 100% according to VA Math Calculator.
    • Plug them in on the Hadit calculator: http://www.hadit.com/disability-calculator If you happen to have any bilateral ratings, you'll need to calculate them first though.  
    • All new members,Veterans and spouses,and widows of veterans If your looking for fast answers to/for your claim question's any member here will be glad to help you. However,you can also click on the ''Home'' at the top of the page and it will take you to Menu and there you can click on the subject you want to know about, you could possibly find your answer there. or if you don't  then please feel free to use the Search  button...type in what you need and  simply''search'' for it you can find just about anything VA Related here on Hadit.com & be sure and check out the Hadit Blogtalk Radio Shows here on hadit usually on Tuesdays & Thursday Evenings at 7:00 pm eastern time,  if you have questions about your claim or anything VA Related please call into the show  Elder members JBasser and Jerrel Cook will be glad to take your call. click on hadit podcast to listen to the show , if you want to call in  here is the call-in # 347-237-4819  then hit #1  Jerrel or John will be right with you to take your call. Everyone here strives to help each other the best we can and help you get your benefits that you earned & so deserve in the fastest way possible, in dealing with the VA We all know how that can be  but here at hadit we try to fix that. Thank you and welcome to Hadit .................Buck
    • Tbird moved them to our DIC forum. You will get more answers that way.