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    • TKR; Arthritis and in service fracture
      Does it make any difference being a NSC? A lot of us Vietnam Veterans sure messed up , when we got hurt we just sucked it up and never went  and recieved medical help back in those days, I fell off a Duce &Half front bumper landed on both knees, I got some pain meds from the medic but it was never log down, but my knees turn blue & purplish for about 2 weeks  and I was in a lot of pain  but I just endured it...if I had known  then what I know now  hell yes I'd reported it. Now years later I have arthritics in both my knees , I believe that's why because of that but can't get it service connected, most of my buddys from back then have either passed on or I can't find any of them  so no proof  my word only and with the VA that's not good enough...Hell who would think to take a pic of my knees eh! Reason I mention that about a pic?  I took a pic of one of my unit awards from Nam that was not on my DD-214  and submitted that and the VA used it as part of my Vietnam service to place me at a certain Hostile Area in Nam that also was not on DD-214  It has my full name ,rank an unit/company engraved on it.   many veterans that are disabled today that can't get an award or claim S.C. because we never reported a lot of shi** that happen to us over there. is a crying shame ........Buck
    • CLAIM COMPLETE--Frm 80% to 100% Comb Rtg
      Congrats Coastie.  Always good to read good news. Look in to all your benefits.  Good luck and take care.   
    • Aortic valve /ihd
      To add...I commend you for being willing to take the time to go over his Blood Chem reports. I looked up every single thing in my husband's medical records...and studied every blood chem report very carefully for my DMII claim. Even the Brain MRI and his autopsy became relevant again in another way of reading their info, for the undiagnosed DMII death claim. I was more thorough for this claim than when I filed for wrongful death under FTCA/1151 because there was no internet in those days, only some medical libraries , none near me, and some didn't even have a Xerox machine.....lots of work and frustration... The internet made the DMII claim easier in many respects.   I am sure my IMO fees would have been much higher if I had not taken the time to present a cover letter, detailing everything I could find that led to the diabetes diagnosis based on documented readings of Glucose , BUN, GFR, SGOT, Albumin ,etc etc and even an odd prescribed med called Swish and Swallow...when I found out what it was really for, I knew ,step by step, that I had built a solid case, that would warrant a great IMO..  My point here is when we leave no stone unturned, it can become  the pathway to success, and makes us more willing to spend an IMO fee when we have a good idea of the outcome of the IMO.   These are 2 good web site for Renal(Kidney) Disease: This site has a serum creatinine calculator, if you have his creatinine values. VA might have erred in his  glomerular filtration rate but other factors can change it  “They said they did not feel his diabetes had progressed that much.  His aid 8.1.” Do you mean his HBAIC is 8.1 ? “What's a Normal Hemoglobin A1c Test? For people without diabetes, the normal range for the hemoglobin A1c test is between 4% and 5.6%. Hemoglobin A1c levels between 5.7% and 6.4% indicate increased risk of diabetes, and levels of 6.5% or higher indicate diabetes. Because studies have repeatedly shown that out-of-control diabetes results in complications from the disease, the goal for people with diabetes is a hemoglobin A1c less than 7%. The higher the hemoglobin A1c, the higher the risks of developing complications related to diabetes.” As this site says the risks for complications are higher when a HBAIC is over 7.    
    • CLAIM COMPLETE--Frm 80% to 100% Comb Rtg
      THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!  (Buck52; Navy04; killemall; eagle1012004; Gastone; j92mike; Palma114; TALON II FE; Hamslice; ITChief67; ALL the HADIT.COM Elders) for your kind words and support, it's been tuff sleeping these last few days or getting back to normal routine for that matter! LOL BUCK52...thank you sir for the additional benefit, I/d card, health & life insurance, prop tax info. I really needed that since I been researching the internet to see where I'm suppose to go for the family i.d. and such. Also, please do share my story in "success stories", that's sounds cool. For once, I truly feel successful from having hung in there on this thing & that I didn't let up off the gas pedal much or become strayed from it by all my everyday stresses.   I will say that, I'm so confused as on how the VA decided on my retropay $$$ amt. My new info is & effective dates is (ATTACHED) what conditions were granted NEW, INCR, or not increased since I'm still waiting on the BBE to arrive but since HADIT.COM is a family, can any of you take a stab at this one for me? Thanks again!!! SEMPER PARTATUS  
    • My husband died in motorcycle accident
      page 1006, Yes click on Ms Berta link and it will take you to the Hadit Podcast  just click on the topic for 5-24-16- 7:00pm eastern 6:00pm central and wait a few seconds and click 1   call in and talk on the phone if you want to  and ask questions any question & like Ms berta mention you can always go back and listen to the show. Also for future reference  Ms T has put up a ''podcast'' link inside the ''DashBoard'' on the left  side of the hadit screen with all the links to hadit Note: Some times its easier to understand things that is said to us to where we can understand it a lot better than reading in a post or email because things can be  quite complicated with the VA  Such as your Case. These wonderful people are just like family. jmo ....................Buck
    • One of 11 Items remanded to AMC
      Berta - I have 100% with P&T
    • Just diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome
      This is an award for Sjogren's Syndrome from the BVA.: The case contains a good nexus the veteran had: “Regarding the second and third Hickson elements, in-service incurrence and evidence of a medical nexus, the Board acknowledges the Veteran's service treatment records are silent for a diagnosis of or treatment for Sjögren's syndrome.  However, an August 1985 service treatment record indicates the Veteran received care for arthralgia of her left foot, during a period of active duty service.  Additionally, in an April 2008 letter, Dr. J. W., the Veteran's treating rheumatologist, opined that the Veteran's Sjögren's syndrome initially manifested during her period of active service between 1984 and 1987.  In his rationale for the rendered opinion, Dr. J. W. explained that the symptoms in question were migratory symmetrical polyarthralgias, symptoms that are quite typical of early Sjögren's syndrome, and eventually became the swollen joints the Veteran now suffers from.  He further explained that the joints in question, hands and feet, were also typical of Sjögren's syndrome.  He also noted that the Veteran had a positive antinuclear antibody test which showed a slow progression of the initial illness, and had lymphadenopathy, which demonstrated that the Veteran's immune system was beginning to be overactive.    Additionally, the September 2008 VA examiner opined that the Veteran's symptoms of inflammatory arthritis first manifested in August 1985, and that it was easy to deduce that those symptoms were related to the Veteran's current Sjögren's syndrome.   This BVA case reflects the diagnostic code and rating info for Sjogren’s Syndrome. This syndrome can appear initially as polyarthralgia, as well as inflammatory arthritis per the above BVA case.  
    • My husband died in motorcycle accident
      You can hear the show here: Also, if you call in, you need to hit the #1 button on your phone to get into the call in queue. The shows are all archived too and can be listened to anytime.  
    • Appeal Closed in Ebenefits
      Thanks for your response. No, actually. I was orignally service connected 50% PTSD in 2010 with an effective date of 2001. After winning a claim after 9 years I was estatic and didn't care what the percentage was. In 2013 I filled for an increase for my PTSD and was sent through a c&p. In 2014, I was granted a 100% rating for anxiety disorder. They connected it with my PTSD but listed it as a seperate disability. I appealed the effective date of the decison stating something like "if it's related to my PTSD then it should have the effective date of my PTSD. Well we both know the VA doesn't work that way. I provided medical evidence showing an increase in anxiety and ptsd and that's why they took the effective sate back a year. Hope this helps!

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    I am proud that I've been able to offer all that has for free for 19 years and continue to do so. does accept contributions to help with costs we also offer paid ad free subscriptions. None of the paid options are required. The forum, the website, news site and podcast are free and will remain so. If you choose to support the site with a contribution or a subscription it is appreciated but never required. If you choose to make a contribution or purchase an ad free subscription, you can do so here. 


Linking Eye Cancer Claims To Service In Vietnam

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To all Vietnam Veterans with eye cancers:

I've won my case against the VA.

My evidence:

Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences’ comprehensive evaluation of scientific and medical information regarding the health effects of exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides used in Vietnam

This is the VA's primary document used to determine Agent Orange related claims.

The study makes the case that herbicide exposure is NOT the cause of eye cancers. In doing so, it supplies the evidence I needed to defeat the VA’s denials of my Ocular Melanoma claim.

This “smoking gun” evidence is one sentence long and has been in plain sight since the report on Agent Orange, under the direction of Congress in 1991, was first published:

Under “Cancers of the Eye and Orbit”- page 423:

“Some analyses of the Australian Vietnam veterans showed excess risk, but it was probably due to excess exposure to UV radiation, which was not adjusted for.”

Four important points about this statement that will help you win your case:

1. The word “probably” more than satisfies the VA’s “at least as likely as not” requirement.

2. Ultra Violet radiation is the only known risk for eye cancers. No other risk has been discovered, proposed or assumed. The VA has no room to argue other possible causes.

3. The Australian study cited is one of the largest and most comprehensive studies ever made on Vietnam Veteran health issues. Any factors not accounted for, such as cancer victims being farmers (who are also at increased risk) are insignificant due to the huge sample size, exceeding 100,000 individuals.

4. If you served in Vietnam, complained of headaches or other UV related symptoms while in country, you have the same proof I had. In my case, our CO refused to let us wear sunglasses. For whatever reason, this "Hollywood Marine" phobia was common among the upper ranks.

This single sentence, a letter from my physician and the order from an obsessive sunglass fearing Colonel was all the evidence I needed to win my case. It will work for you as well.

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But I have 2 questions as the AO issue has been the most important one of my life, long before I had any dogs in the fight.......

1. I assume melanoma was the only diagnosis and your eye cancer was not one of the Presumptive Soft Tissue cancers under AO regulations: right?

Types of Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Time Requirement

Adult Fibrosarcoma

No time requirement (veteran qualifies no

Alveolar Soft Part

matter when this disease first appears).



Clear Cell Sarcoma of Aponeuroses

Clear Cell Sarco

ma of Tendons and







Epithelioid Malignant


Epithelioid and Glandular Malignant


Epithelioid Sarcoma

Extraskeletal Ewin









Malignant Fibrous Histiocytom

You stated:

"2.”Under “Cancers of the Eye and Orbit”- page 423:

Some analyses of the Australian Vietnam veterans showed excess risk, but it was probably due to excess exposure to UV radiation, which was not adjusted for.”

Four important points about this statement that will help you win your case:

  1. The word “probably” more than satisfies the VA’s “at least as likely as not” requirement. “

You succeeded very well on that point but many veterans ,who provide VA with an Independent medical opinion that uses the word “probably”, get denied because VA can consider that word as too speculative....unless the opinion contains a very strong medical rationale.

Question 2 :so I assume and could be wrong that

“This single sentence, a letter from my physician and the order from an obsessive sunglass fearing Colonel was all the evidence I needed to win my case. It will work for you as well.”

I assume that your physician gave a very strong rationale in their opinion for the LV cause without stating as likely as not ???? am I getting this correctly?

WOW Veteran ..... you did your homework on this!!!!!!

This is the type of endeavor our member Kurt Priessman did, to become the very first AO Thailand vet and his extensive research not only has helped many more AO Thailand vets but also the VA had to define an AO Thailand criteria that many Thailand vets can prove they fall under to receive AO comp. He went through every report from Operation Ranch Hand to the Alvin Young stuff on AO....many times....and he even won at a RO level.....

GOOD for you! Highly Commendable.!

Hard work pays off.

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