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    • Do you know why they would retro me 1200 and then pay me my previous award amount this month. I checked my account and I have a pending deposit for the same amount I was when I was 90%. Trying to make sense out of this all.
    • Great News,,,,it's always nice to see a Vet Win and thanks for sharing the wonderful news....nothing comes easy and from what  I've heard and seen, the SSI Battle usually requires an attorney and even then success takes a lot of perseverance and drive...   Good Luck and Godspeed...Rootbeer22
    • Folks: C-File Experience Update.....Despite all of my emails, letters to senior VA officials, phone calls, filling out new forms and etc over the last year.  The only thing that worked for me  was old fashioned time and waiting? After almost 300 days of waiting, I was informed this morning that my C-file is on the way to me via CD and USPS? Of course, last month, I had to file my first NOD without he benefit of reviewing the C-File which I believe put me at a big disadvantage.  But, I keep feeding new evidence into the NOD so the extended review/DE novo timeline may help me inn the long run? The NPRC in St Louis says that they currently have an over 80,000 C-File request backlog and are working 2 full shifts of 25 people to get it done. As we do the math, it's clear that it may eventually get a little better but as long as the requests keep coming in at this rate, it's going to be a long wait for everyone. It would be nice if the smc were  just linked it directly to MyVet Blue button, but I imagine that may be a security nightmare/ On the other hand, it's no different than the information that is already displayed on Bluebutton anyway if a vet is part of that system...? Anyway, I'm learning to be much more patient these days and maybe it's because I'm getting older....   Godspeed  Rootbeer22
    • Thank you I promise to keep you all posted. 
    • In my heyday, if someone told me I couldn't get there from here, I took that as a personal challenge that demanded that I try to prove them wrong. That's exactly how I got my computer and greenhouse on appeal. I read here often that a VRC said "Ain't gonna happen". Do you believe that? You're talking to a gomer GS-11 with no authority. They are spouting the party line and M28 R.  Let me explain. M28 is a manual-not a rulebook. It is a guide on how to interpret Chapter 21, 38 CFR. The law was laid down by Congress in 1982 in 38 USC 3120. There are 2,700 souls who are extremely disabled who entitled to ILP services every year. There is no limit on how many ILP you can have in a lifetime. Congress did not rule out greenhouses, woodworking shops or riding lawnmowers-VA's VR&E did-with no authority, I might add. This is a decision to curtail "freebies" to us that they think we do not deserve. You will find no law that says we are forbidden to get anything avocational. If you just roll over and accept what they say, you become another victim.  When they told me I was never going to get a computer to use for Asknod.org, I filed an administrative appeal. Six months later, I had a state-of-the-art Dell with all the bells and whistles and a teacher for 2 months. I call this the Win or Die technique. Never give up. Eventually, they have to deal with you or they have to go to the BVA/ CAVC and explain to them why you don't get a woodworking shop. Sorry. The M 28 does not trump the BVA  or the CAVC judge. I've proved that in spades. Follow the Yellow Brick Road.This isn't rocket science. Never accept no for an answer. ILP laws and regs were written to help us-not hinder.  https://asknod.org/category/independent-living-program/

  • HadIt.com Veteran to Veteran providing FREE information and community to veterans since 1997.

    I am proud that I've been able to offer all that HadIt.com has for free for 19 years and continue to do so.

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Spinal Stenosis

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I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis 3 years ago, 7 months before I retired. The VA listed this as degenerative arthritis (10%) on the explanation of my case. Degenerative Disk Disease is one of the causes of spinal stenosis, and I do have one degenerative disk. Is it a big deal that they listed what they did instead of the spanial stenosisis. Secondly, I am now having pain going down both elgs as a result of the spinal stenosis. I have been through physical therapy and the pain got worse. Yesterday, I had another MRI done and suspect I will be sent to a neurosurgeon. I currently have a claim for increaseed compensation pending although it is not being worked on because I filed a notice of disagreement for my initial rating and that is being settled first. Would I claim the pain caused by the spinal stenosis seperately? When I had my intial physical, I told the examiner about the sciatic nerve pain in the right leg and this was ignored.

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It does indeed answer my questions. I should be seeing the neroulogist in the next couple of weeks and will request that test.

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