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    • I will have been on a CPAP come a year Dec. 1st.  As I understand I have to turn my CPAP into my local VAMC, which I assume is to show the actual usage in order to get prescribed for another year of usage. My question is what is VA looking for inside the CPAP besides obviously the conisitent usage, and what actual data is there for them to see and evaluate?  I read somewhere that they can see if your apneas have increased or decreased......is this true?  Has anyone ever actually gone from moderate or severe OSA to no apneas ? If this is true..........I do not understand how it can go lower in apneas when other conditions are still involved like allergies, sinus, deviated septum, etc.?  Just curious what is involved and what is the data is extracted from CPAP.  I do have a claim in for SA as a NOD.  Thanks for any help on this subject.
    • Some DRO's can't read either   I think the veterans claims should be decided at this level and if they were Most claims would be Awarded. It maybe just me but when a veteran has everything it takes to win a claim all the correct evidence & records all in the veteran favor and the rater don't read all of it and then the vet is denied,  Then vet files NOD  for a DRO Hearing (usually) they are other means to how the veteran wants his claim to be decided. Some times DRO Hearings are no good...it maybe just me but I truly think if the DRO don't like the veteran or just don't like his/her looks   they have a denial in mind, because when a veteran proves his case to a DRO and has everything needed for the DRO to make the Right Decision   they don't do that  instead they tell the veteran: ''ok well everything looks good  I will take this back to my desk and I'will read the evidence more and this may take a while so I'll let you know by letter in 60 days or less''  ect,,ect,,  to me that DRO knew he would deny that veteran...then the Appeals process begins a timely process, BVA Journey starts I -9 filed SOC read ect ect,,,  and the wait for a decision that should have already been made....This cost the VA more $$ b/c one day the veteran will win his/her claim  and get a lot of retro paid but what does the veteran do in the mean time....sometimes its to late (vet dies)  but the agony and worry's with the VA is carried on by this veteran family  and this should never happen but it happens everyday at the V A jmo ..........Buck
    • In July of '15, I appealed a denial of service connection for a R shoulder condition. I submitted actual copies of a shoulder injury from my Navy medical record, along with evidence of surgeries in 200 and 2015 done by non-VA doctors. At the same time, I filed for an increase in my cervical spine condition. Of course, nothing has happened yet, but it appears that the VA has lumped the two together as one "appeal." I submitted the paperwork under the direction of my NSO. I'm sure this question has been addressed here periodically, but I'd like a fresh opinion:
       As time goes by, I continue to be treated, tested, injected, etc. for both of these conditions; they are getting worse and worse and the NSO is encouraging me to go for and IU claim, but I still want to try to work. Also recently lost my wife to cancer so i'm the only income anymore. I've been told that submitting additional evidence causes your claim or appeal to go back to the beginning of the process. Is this true? Also, does the VA, when they do get around to looking at my appeal, automatically go through my record and look for information pertaining to my claim? I began using the VA system exclusively last fall, so the new information should be readily at hand. Do I have to go through and pick it out and submit it to them as supporting documentation, or will they find it on their own? If I need to submit, then it goes back to my question above; am I just moving my appeal father away from being considered? Aside from that, I recently got a favorable 10% for tinnitus. I was already at 90% and the new award doesn't push me to 100, but i guess it always helps to document it. Considering a subscription - these ads are a killer and make using the site a lot more confusing to me. Thanks for all the work you do, all of you! Jim
    • They haven't ever given me anything but Lyrica, and that was a fight.  Tricare is the same or worse.  When the "rich kids" started OD'ing on Mommy's pills 10-15 years ago, they started this war.  As usual, the first casualties are those of us that can't afford to go to someone else.
    • Update -9/28/16  I had 26 months of backpay hit the bank, I think it was more exciting  to hear the "IU grant". Life is not fair but it may feel like justice as I "save" that money. 


Rating Board Time Frame.

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Hello again,

What is the usual time frame for a file to be at the rating board? OK, I know the word usual should probably be removed, but on average. I just got off the phone with 1-800-827-1000 and I was told that they no longer give out approximate dates, because the file isn't always rated by the date they have told you and the fact that they have been getting so many claims recently. My file went to the rating board 8DEC06. The last update she had for me was that it was still at the rating board on 10JAN07.

Oh, and I talked to a woman, can't remember her name, but she was very nice and helpful.


Tamara :huh:

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Your file can be bounced from the rating board back to Pre Determination - then it could be sent for more evidence gathering -

you could be called for a 1st or 2nd C&P -- the rating board could request another medical opinion etc...

Being at the rating board does not mean much.

The vet gets an answer when ever ----- the vet gets an answer.



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I have already had a C&P, and the info on my first letter only the Chiari malformation claim was rated as of now, but there is a list of symptoms:(head injury, neck pain, back pain, migraines with nausea/vomiting, memory loss, tinnitus, dizziness, constant aches and pains, fevers) have been put in as residuals of the Chiari and not stand alone conditions (which some are). It then stated that it was deferred that the osteoarthritis in the right knee was deferred because they needed more information. It also said they requested a medical examination, hmm.ok no info on that yet, and this letter was dated 06OCT06. The C&P did have so far. The doctor checked me for everything (it was almost an hour long), but willing to go again and again. Now that's just the 2nd page of the decision letter. In the next pages (the one with that gives you the introduction/decision/reason for decision states under the reason section that the Chiari residuals(all listed above) are directly related to the military service. They go on to say they are giving me the minimum rating of 60% assigned to benign growths of the brain (yes it is a growth of the brain because the brain herniated). Higher evaluation of 100% is granted for malignant brain growths.

The next paragraph states: The disability is not specifically listed in the rating schedule; therefore, it is rated analogous to a disability in which not only the functions affected, but anatomical localization and symptoms, are closely related.

Here is a copy of part of the rating schedule:

" Brain, new growth of:

8002 Malignant 100

Note: The rating in code 8002 will be continued for 2 years following cessation of surgical, chemotherapeutic or other treatment modality. At this point, if the residuals have stabilized, the rating will be made on neurological residuals according to symptomatology.

Minimum rating 30

8003 Benign, minimum rating 60

Rate residuals, minimum 10

Note: It is required for the minimum ratings for residuals under diagnostic codes 8000-8025, that there are ascertainable residuals. Determinations as to the presence of residuals not capable of objective verification, i.e., headaches, dizziness, fatigability, must be approached on the basis of the diagnosis recorded; subjective residuals will be accepted when consistent with the disease and not more likely attributable to other disease or no disease. It is of exceptional importance that when ratings in excess of the prescribed minimum ratings are assigned, the diagnostic codes utilized as bases of evaluation be cited, in addition to the codes identifying the diagnoses."

I would like to see the list symptoms needed to fulfill this requirement. I wonder if each symptom is rated at 10% or the 10% is the minimum for the total rating of all residuals as it shows above

Ok, to move on to the knee. They state here that "The issue for osteoarthritis of the right knee is deferred for the following information: additional development.”

So when I called for a status report on my claim they keep telling me that they are working on the back and neck part of the claim as well as the knee. I have no clue sometimes, because I keep thinking that they bulked together all the symptoms from the Chiari, but at the same time it seems like they have taken out the neck and back pain/cervical strain (plus I have had the 1st 2 cervical vertebrae partially removed) and are going to rate them separate. WOW! That was a lot. Sorry I veered a little off course, but I figured I would fill you in on all of it so you could get the big picture.

The woman at the 800# also told me that they will not contact you e.g mail, while your claim is being rated. She said that was because it was at the final stages of being rated. Some days I have no idea who to believe at the 800#. I have been told some totally untrue information, and then again I have been given great and detailed info like today.

So now what do you think? Maybe this is the final stages, or maybe they want to send me to another C&P again? I just want some sort of answer, that’s the part that kills me, waiting to find out anything.

Thanks so much for listening!!


PS. I guess "hurry up and wait" is still the unwritten motto of the military.

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I submitted my claim in March of 05. It went to the rating board in June of 06. I just received a partial rating decision dated 28 Dec 2006 with decision letter dated 9 Jan 2007. They deferred two of the conditions for further VA review examination on one and pending additional information on the other. At least they finally gave me something instead of continuing to hold the whole thing up until all the issues have been rated.

So it was almost 6 months at the rating board, before a decision.

22 months is how long it took before I received a partial decision with 21 months of retro for the claims that were approved.

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If you are fortunate to live out here in the middle of no where (Nebraska) it usually takes less than a month. My last claim was at the rating board less than 2 weeks.

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If you are fortunate to live out here in the middle of no where (Nebraska) it usually takes less than a month. My last claim was at the rating board less than 2 weeks.

I do live in the middle of no where, but the problem is that I am bulked in with Metro NY, because I live at the very edge of the county. I only live 2 miles from another county which would then go to a different place. Way back when the claim was first sent, they were processing it, but then because of the overload of claims, it was sent to another place to be processed, which made it even longer because of the in-transit time.

I am just thankful I am SC.

PS. I was stationed at Offutt AFB, Nebraska. It sure is beautiful there.

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