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    • Nurse Practicianer can and do, but I am not sure about a straight RN (Registered Nurse). A quick search on the net, I do not see where a RN can do a C&P.  All I see are NP's, or registered nurse practicioners. But they may have changed it up, Hamslice  
    • Are new laws currently in effect lowering the medical qualifications for C&P examiners?? I was looking on the USAJOBS government website tonight and it seems the VA is seeking to hire nurses as C&P examiners. Does this mean that RNs can be hired to examine, fill out dbqs, and do IMOs? This is a game changer if true.
    • http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2016/07/30/gary-the-bee-man   This was a good show.  BTR finally is back up.   J
    • Yes appeal is at intake center at bva.  But have not received a docket number yet.here is a copy of c-file denial.  We have not talked to Vso yet.  And the reason is the new claim says a development letter has been sent but of course again it has not arrived yet.  The claim originated June 30 and is in gathering evidence.  We don't have any new evidence relating to kidney disease connected to his heart disease.  He has had diabetes since 1999.  He was diagnosised with kidney disease in 2011.  And ihd in 2013, when they  had to replace his arotic valve.  Now I have no idea what is going on.  On the new claim on ebennies in a little box.  It ask if we want them to go ahead and decide the claim to check the box.  My other question he did not put in for p and t,. But if you notice on one of the dbq our doc said in his opinion he is not able to work.  And these are diseases that are going to get worse and contribute to his death.  So will they grant p and t.  Even if he did not file for it.  I think they want to say it is related to his heart,. But afraid they will say related to valve problem and deny it again.  So if we say yes decide it. Then that kills the appeal.  I'm I right on that?  Any ideas are appreciated.
    • Getting ready to file a new claim for Agent Orange symptoms for my Vietnam Vet brother who was on the ground as USMC rifleman for 9 months, until he was WIA by a grenade booby trap.   He was found to have hypertension and his USMC ENTRY physical showed him ineligible to serve -- then they gave him 3 more blood pressure tests and someone scratched threw the 'hypertension' and said ELIGIBLE to serve.   His USMC exit physical after recovering from his wounds in 1970 also showed hypertension.   In 2008, a physical showed hypertension, along with abnormal EKG with doctor's notes indicating cardio infarction and possible A-fib.  I just had a private doctor give him a physical last week and he's diagnosed again with hypertension, and EKG abnormalities, with a referral to a cardiologist.   I am still waiting for a copy of his C&P physical exam from April.   Is this enough to claim IHD?   There is no time limit (from date of discharge) to file for IHD from Agent Orange right ?  Also awaiting blood work / diabetes screening and Diabetes Type II claim may be in order as well.  Any suggestions / guidance is greatly appreciated.   

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Ptsd Denials

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I was surprised to notice today how many legitimate PTSD claims have bee denied by VAROs in 2006.I didnt read them all just enough to wonder what is going on.

This one is good example:


"The veteran was awarded the air crewman badge which is

indicative of combat exposure. Therefore, the veteran is

entitled to the combat presumption under 38 C.F.R.

§ 3.304(f). Additionally, the veteran's personnel records

reflect that he was a lineman/wireman which likely would have

placed him in a combat zone.

The veteran has reported several credible stressors. At a VA

examination in September 2003, the veteran reported driving a

truck as part of a convoy which was shot at, causing him to

lose control of the truck and get into an accident. At a

hearing before the Board, the veteran's representative stated

that the veteran was repeatedly exposed to rocket and mortar

attacks on Hill 837 (and the veteran indicated that they were

shelled every other night for six months on Hill 837); and

the veteran referenced several accidents in which he ran over

civilians while driving a truck. "

Apparently the VARO screwed up on VCAA or DTA regs too:

"In light of this result, a detailed discussion of VA's

various duties to notify and assist is unnecessary (because

any potential failure of VA in fulfilling these duties is

harmless error)."


Service connection for PTSD is granted."

Is it beyond my comprehension why claims like this cannot be properly resolved at the RO level- cant they read at all?

It took 2 years for this decision from the VA and who knows how many more years it was at the RO-with all the evidence needed to award-and then denied and sent to the BVA.

Makes you sure wonder what the VFW (POA on the brief so I assume on the initial decision too) did to help him-

obvious DTA errors in the RO decision as well as probative evidence in the c file-ridiculous!

(The aircrewman badge does not specify combat but the regs indicate what it is for:

Crew Member: Individual must be on flying status as a crewmember in a specified position or non-crewmember in the case of observers, medical aidmen, gunners, aircraft maintenance supervisors or technical inspection)

I believe his MOS in a combat zone was more indicative of "engaged in combat" for the presumption.)

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I think it could be the difference between 38 U.s.c. § 1154 vs. 38 U.s.c. § 1154. Although this is VA law, maybe the BVA reserves the right to discriminate between who was in combat and who was not.

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