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    • Hey all I have a C&P exam for PTSD increase on Monday, and just want to know if I should bring my MH progress notes, IE from my psychiatrist, MH clinic and such? Reason I asked is because I had a TBI C&P exam yesterday and the doctor didn't even look at the documents that I brought in because he told me what he has my records when I asked him.
      Also how would I be able to check the C&P if it was outsourced and not done by the VA?   Reason I ask is because I had a TBI C&P done yesterday and it was outsourced. I am getting treatment though the VA, Ie Speech Pathology Therapy. NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Exam was done maybe last month? I tell him my story, what happened, my residuals, etc. He then asks me what I think is making me have issues and problems more, TBI or PTSD.  I thought about it for a sec and I told him that I cannot answer that question but if I had to guess it would be PTSD. What worries the crap out of me is that the C&P was only 20 minutes or so long, I asked the doctor if he wanted my progress notes, my speech pathology therapy progress notes and he said no, I asked if he has my records and he said "Yes".
      20ish minutes for a C&P seems extremely short in my opinion, this is only my 3rd C&P by the way, I don't think that it will be a favorable C&P because of how short the exam was.
    • Buck, Hope the biopsy comes back clean, And good luck if you have the surgery.  Don't put that off (like my Dad), it don't get better with age. Hamslice    
    • I don't think civilians understand VA disability.  They lump it in with SSDI and Insurance disabilities.  Not the same. The VA comp is the difference between when you signed up and when you left service.  They bought you at 100%.  You either retire (or leave) at 100% or they pay the difference. A total guess, but your 40% could be from limited Range of Motion, or even required bed rest. How riding a bike or playing volleyball a investigator could determine your ROM, etc., would be a good read. I would imagine your disability(s) are static, which means permanent (almost, I know, but I say permanent) I wonder how many phone calls the VA gets from civilians questioning a Veteran's compensation? I would not worry, Hamslice    
    • Glad she is your X. Sounds like a WJ1..Whack Job first class. The VA is not stalking you.   J
    • Buck, My prayers are sent your way and wish you the best!!  Thomas

Speaking Out

Can The Vet Center Refuse To Treat A Veteran?

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I am so upset right now that I feel sick. I just called the Vet Center here in Indy to speak to the social worker there that I used to see because I wanted to start coming in to see her again because I can't afford to pay for therapy on my own anymore and she told me that she had been advised not to speak to me or anyone about me. I asked her who advised her of this and she said she couldn't say. Can the Vet center refuse to treat me because I am involved in a Federal tort claim for medical malpractice. It's not like I want to go talk to her now, knowing that my health isn't the Vet Center's priority, but I would like to find out if they can refuse me treatment?

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Speaking Out

Go see the patient rep and see your senator or congressman and tell them the VA is denying you treatment. They should jump all over that with the Walter Reed thing going on in the media. I would stay in my congressman's office and talk until they start helping you get treatment. They cannot deny you treatment because you have a claim against them. You are entitled to treatment.

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that was the reason vet centers were created because many vets don't trust the VA system, first time I have ever heard of the vet center refusing counseling

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My therapist was the lead (director) of the Vet Center on 1st Ave N in St.Petersburg, Florida. Her name is Dr. Maria Crane and she was wonderful with me, unfortunately she works in Germany now. Anyways, my FTCA was against The United States of America, Bay Pines, Veterans Administration - for personal (sexual) assault committed against me by a Bay Pines VA - ENT doctor named Dr, Farid Karim.

My therapist, Dr. Crane was very supportive of me throughout the entire process which lasted around five years or more.

I suggest speaking in person (make an appointment) with the lead of your Vet Center.


Good luck,

hope this helps a vet.


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I called another Vet Center here in my state and got the # for the Regional Director of the Vet Centers. I called and left a message and he called me back and asked what happened and if I was okay to be alone because he could tell I was in crisis and he said that no, the Vet Center could not refuse me treatment. He asked me the therapists name and said he would make some calls and call me back. He did call back and said he was unable to reach the therapist because she was in session and she would call him back and that he had called the VARO counsels office to find out what was going on and was not able to speak to the counsel. But he gave me the name of another counselor at the Vet center to call and that she would be expecting my call. I called her and I have an appt next week. I was in crisis today and I reached out to someone whom had been good to me before. She knew I was in bad shape because I told her that my son was what was keeping me from taking my own life And I was turned away. Am I stupid to go back to the Vet Center to see someone else?

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Speaking Out,

It's time to call out your congressman and see where that person stands on emergency care for vets.

Like an old-time showdown at high noon, it's put-up or shut-up.

We need to know who stands with us and who doesn't care.

Besides, you have a better than even chance that something will happen in your favor.

You don't have to take that VA crap anymore.

Give them hell.


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