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Md - Maryland Veterans Benefits

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The correct web site addy is www.mdva.state.md.us/

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good catch i got it corrected thanks!

The correct web site addy is www.mdva.state.md.us/

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There is also a great program in Maryland that helps Vets get tools and other things when starting a trade. I benefited from this myself. I got not only all my tools to start as an Electrician Apprentice, but I got Gas money until my first paycheck, and my first year Union Dues paid in full.

I live in Montgomery County, but I can point anyone in the right direction if you are interested in this program. Bsically it is a non profit that is contracted through the state. This helps alot because they have less redtape and can get you the services you need fast.

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Hello my Veteran Friend. Please tell me who I need to contact about this program. I'm in MD DAV#17 in PG county,Clinton,Md area. I would like to inform my DAV members about this program. Thanks you,Maurice

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Something for our brother and sister Veterans in the DC Metro area:

Those with VA disability ratings of 60% or greater can get a significant discount for riding on the Metro rail and bus system.

The discount is half of the regular fare for Metrorail.

Bus fare is $0.65 (instead of between $1.35 and $3.20, depending on type of payment and type of bus).

Seniors don't need to bother applying, as the senior and disabled rates are the same.

Metro Reduced Fare Application

You'll receive a free photo ID card that you will present when buying a disability SmartTrip farecard or when paying cash for bus fare.

Extra benefit: The disability photo ID can be used with Amtrak as "written documentation of disability" to get discounts for train travel (15% discount).

Amtrak info

Hope someone finds this of use!


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    • Green there are a lot of factors to consider, heck OPM's work load and manning and staffing requirements.  I can't say that my case is typical but from most in my circle 4 to 8 months is about the norm.   Get that agency assessment in writing as it will come in handy for a few things.  I waited them out and tried to last as long as I could. In my case I lost it at work and took my aggression on assets located in my work area. I had to bail before I really made a situation for myself.  Not saying that you will do that, but be aware of that.  Stress gives you a beating.   I was told more or less the same thing and it was shorter than what they stated.  I'm not sure if that was just luck or what.  I know that 2/3 of the staff that processed retirement packages were not available.  When mine was processed one or two people usually took care of medical retirement packages.   All I can say is to make sure you make it easy for them to have all the information and medical evidence to warrant your medical retirement.  This will help immensely.   Tid bit make sure you visit occupational health and ask for a copy of your medical records you will need those eventually and they come in handy.   I don't get on here as often any more, however, I will share what I know from my experiences.  
    • Buck52, In your opinion, do I need to get a VSO, or can I simply submit a FDC via eBenefits? I plan on submitting the following as evidence: 1. All medical records originally submitted that resulted in VBA granting a Service Connected rating 2. All medical records since my approved rating 3. Clarification on the symptoms of these conditions:                                           All SPINE conditions already granted as Service Connected, previously approved date of 11/25/12 Lumbar Spine degenerative disc disease with thoracolumbar strain (rheumatoid arthritis-lower back, upper back herniated discs, and thoracic spine stenosis) 40% Service Connected Cervical spondylosis with degenerative arthritis 20% Service Connected Radiculopathy, right upper extremity 20% Service Connected Radiculopathy, right lower extremity 10% Service Connected   Thoracic / Lumbar strain is an injury to the lower back. This results in damaged tendons and muscles that can spasm and feel sore. Symptoms include back pain and stiffness that worsens with activity, bones, muscles or ligaments may place pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord. Resulting in numbness, weakness, and pain that travels down the leg, instability and weakness, & decreased mobility of the thoracic region Pain can be exacerbated when taking a deep breath or coughing Cervical Spondylosis is the Degeneration of the spinal column which chiefly affects the vertebral bodies, the neural foramina and the facet joints. Cause pressure on nerve roots with subsequent sensory or motor disturbances, such as pain, paresthesia, and muscle weakness in the limbs Radiculopathy refers to a set of conditions in which one or more nerves are affected and do not work properly. The location of the injury is at the level of the nerve root. This can result in pain, weakness, numbness, or difficulty controlling specific muscles Thoughts?
    • Haven't been on much but Andy I agree with Buck don't give in and throw the towel,  with the right nexus and evidence behind you, you will prevail.  Keep at it.  Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.  Hang in there.
    • Hey guys good show tonight James has some very good information about nexus letters   so if any of you veterans out there that can't call into the show you can click on hadit Podcast radio archive shows and listen to the show.  Guaranteed James will make you laugh. Oh btw James  do you still have that A.O. suite....? LoL And also when you due buddy? have you picked out a name yet...LoL I Laugh my ass off  when you said you  throwed that letter down  LoL   Your quite funny...  made my day. Keep up the great work my friend .....................Buck