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Unit (ship) Combat Awards

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Do the circumstances/awards below entitle me to be considered as a "Combat Veteran" under the VA regs? I have previously met the "VA "Feet on Ground" rule in the initial compensation claim, and received a 10% compensation award.

In the fall/winter of 1967, I served as part of the crew on an LST assigned as a support ship. We were a part of the "River Rats" or Mobile Riverene Force, TF117.

(Operated in the rivers and Delta of Vietnam) In 1968 I was transferred to another ship, an LSMR. This vessel provided "close in" fire support along the entire coast of Vietnam.

As a result, for the time that I was on the crew, the ships were awarded:


CR 11-DEC-1967

NU 20-AUG-1967 16-JAN-1968

RG 24-AUG-1967 01-SEP-1967

13-NOV-1967 29-NOV-1967

26-DEC-1967 02-JAN-1968

VS 1 June 1967 - 29 January 1968


NU 01-SEP-1968

VS 04-FEB-1968 21-MAR-1968 30-APR-1968

11-JUN-1968 18-JUL-1968

CR Combat Action Ribbon

NU Navy Unit Commendation

VS Vietnam Service Medal

RG Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation - Gallantry

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For VA purposes to concede a stressor for PTSD from a combat veteran, the Combat Action Ribbon meets this criteria. Is this what you are asking??

Vike 17

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Yes and no--

There is a clause somewhere in the regs that reduces the "burden of proof" for a "combat veteran". Also, since "stress" is a contributing factor in a medical condition's severity, PTSD may come into play before all is said and done.

Because of my past profession (Retired now) PTSD was a "don't go there" for many years -- one of the government forms that had to be filled out periodically had a line that asked "Are you now or have you ever consulted a (Mental health professional) or have you been treated by a (mental health professional).

Answering yes was an automatic "you no longer meet the qualifications for this or a similar position", and termination.


For VA purposes to concede a stressor for PTSD from a combat veteran, the Combat Action Ribbon meets this criteria. Is this what you are asking??

Vike 17

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I don`t really understand your question, but if you are considering a PTSD claim bottom line is you have to be in treatment and truely diagnosed by a doctor.


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Chuck-I dont understand the question either-

Since you already have the 10% for "boots on ground"-AO disability- then anything secondary to that should be claimed.

You asked something else that I have always wondered about-

If the ship got the CIB -does that necessarily mean the servicepersonnel onboard at time of the CIB event-got it too?

Do you have the CIB in your DD 214?

If not you could send the VA a DD 149-( I posted the form here before) and have your DD 214 corrected to show any awards that might not be on it-

Otherwise for PTSD nexus- the stressor would have to be proven.and current diagnosis and treatment records will be needed.

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I'm not familiar with Navy regs but I don't believe the awarding of a CAR to a boat counts the same as an individual CAR award. You might want to locate the citation for that award cuz it might hold important info that could meet the criteria. You might check over at the Riverine Assn site. http://www.mrfa.org/ Mike Harris has a lot of info, there.


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    • Thanks ALL I'm still at 90% which is still GREAT 
    • John, you have known me for a very long time and A0 has been the most important veteran issue of my life- way before I even had any dog in the fight. I still believe there are many vets who have AO presumptives and don't even know they could be compensated for it..(or even their survivors because many vets are dead by now from the AO).and I also believe the AO story is far from over. I agree with what you said and I am exasperated by the latest Bull crap from DOD over those NG vets who got bonuses to re-up in California and go to Afganistan and Iraq and now the Gov wants the cash back????? Our Grateful Nation is far overdue now in it's 'compensation' to so many, because of the VA- induced backlog, and get this-DOD wants the bonuses back with Interest! Aint that the shits?   How come the VA takes years to properly award our comp or DIC and pays no interest on the retro, yet the dollar value declines year by year as we wait.  The acronym for COLA in my opinion should be BCOS (Big Crock of Shit) Hell -this years cola will be absorbed month by month via the mailing fees for some of us who need to send, and often re send ,to VA our evidence many times. Ebenefits might save us that expense but our PCs run on electric, our property taxes and food and other stuff keeps getting more expensive , and we all face the fact that our expiration date might come before the VA properly adjudicates our claims. Time is our enemy and the VA knows it.    
    • Roger That Ms berta Sorry,and yes I understand & I see your point. It's just your the best with DIC Claims and the best with any VA Claim! I realize you get tired of repeating your self, I did put a post on here for the veterans to check the home page menu and click on subjects that's been discussed and maybe they will find the answers then are looking for.
    • Your Welcome Ms berta I  hope your able to help this widow  she seems to have been so miss informed or not informed. I believe with your Knowledge with DIC Claims you can help this widow & I can only imagine its never an easy task. she came to the right place for help & with all your expertise with DIC Claims/&Possible Torte claims all of us are soooo thankful to have you here with us. I know she will be in good Hands with you helping her. I wish her the best
    • John:
      Every where I've read about sleep apnea and its relation to PTSD or TBI is the same, that its not concrete evidence but there is quite a bit of strong suggestion towards it.  Similar to how there was a slow ramp-up with IED and TBI, and possibly how slow it was for the VA to make the connection with AO and its effects.  Both (IED-TBI and AO-Effects) of which are still being disputed by the VA to a certain extent. I think the 'grace' option here is the fact that doctors don't need to be 100% certain, but just mostly certain.  And you're right that no VA doctor will speculate on causes of OSA.  I've asked and questioned, especially when they told me that obesity contributes to OSA.  I'm 6', 165 lbs, with a size 14" neck.  Not exactly obese....They would just skirt around the issues and questions.  Luckily, we can talk with doctors outside the VA.  Just gotta keep searching...