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40% Tdrl 80% Va Rating

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Hello all =)

I was discharged 40% tdrl from the Navy in Nov06. I applied for a VA claim Apr06 and finally got back my final rating of 80% service connected. Dfas sent me a letter in Dec06 that my retirement rating is 100% and back payed me to Nov06. The dfas check is more then what the VA is going to send.

So now im confused because I was told that the VA will recieve the 40% from the Navy until the "severence" amount is paid. Then I would get only a check from the VA.

With the tdrl thing of 40% and seeing the dfas letter saying im 100%... maybe its the tdrl with the

VA(40% +80%)? I thought the VA doesnt rate diagnosis that the Military rates you for?

Am I only going to get one check or two checks with the Navy check being reduced?

I was only in for 13 years, Iraq x2. So I dont think im eligible for cdrp or cdrc.

I hope to get my VA rating to 100%, so many evaluations were in the grey area and close to increases. Im so miserable and in pain 24/7 taking vicodin to survive. ugh....

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Welcome to Hadit. If you are not able to work you should be considered for 100% TDIU. There is a big difference in pay.

Good Luck

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As Pete says apply for IU if you unable to work. You will be paid at the 100% level from the VA if you get IU. 80% is enough so that the VA should evaluate you for IU anyway and they should treat it as an inferred claim but they may not do that so you should do it yourself as soon as you get your decision. It would be retro to you discharge date. For a single person it is around 2300 bucks a month and 2610 for married. All tax free I might add.

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Was the 40 TDRL for more than 1 disability? Did the VA rate you the same for that particular disability or was it rated less?

Also, CAUTION, your TDRL disability is not permanent for a least 5 years. You'll get rated about every 12/16 months. I was 60% and they dropped me to 20% (meaning no retirement, lump sum) You don't want that to happen! Keep going to as many appt. as possible and stay up on your meds! For the whole 5 years, then you'll be permanent.

The VA check might look lower because they are deducting the 40% from the disabilities the military gives you. And they have to catch up those few months that you've already been paid. Remember, also the VA is TAX FREE and isn't lowered quite as easy as the TDRL.

I was rated 10% on one disability in the military and the VA gave me 30% and I was rated 20% on one in the military and the VA gave me 10%. I found the Military hard to fight, it took me 10 years for one claim TDRL. The VA to me 6 months.

Its good your still willing to keep fighting for your rights!


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My husband was also on TDRL for his back. Think he was also rated at 40%. It is very important to keep going to your doctor on TDRL. My husband didn't. The VA re-evaluated him after about 2 years. He was found to be fully fit for duty and went back on active duty.


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Thank you all for the help!

You all are very kind and considerate here in this forum.

Im not sure I want UI. But ill tell you im not sure I am capable of actually working. I cant be around a lot of people. I have ptsd from Iraq. I was a corpsman and ive seen the most horrible injuries ill ever see, plus being shot at everyday. I havent worked since leaving the Navy. Its kind of driving me nuts. I cant even shop at the commisary.... I feel like a bomb is going to go off in i shop at small markets with less people.


I was rated with three diagnosis from the Navy %20 %10 %10= 40% TDRL

The VA rated me %20 %10 %30 for the Navy rating....I thought VA doesnt rate Military ratings??

VA gave me also %30 for something else and a bunch of %10 and %0 ones...

VA total %80

I think I will fight for the 100% from the VA

So wont the VA pay me for everything except for the military ratings? 40% TDRL is half my active duty pay, minus that from my va pay is what VA will send me... right?

1650(Navy)-1450(VA)= -200 So VA wont send me anything?

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    • Got to va letters and then choose generate benefits letter, I think it is the first will give you boxes you can check to include on the letter, if there is a box that says you are permanently and totally disabled due to your service connected disabilities then you are PT.   Also on the letters page there will be an option to print a commissary letter if you are PT.
    • Also, your dependents (if you lived in Florida for at least a year before being rated 100%PT, I believe) receive  4 years of in state tuition at any public university.  That can be used out of state or at private colleges as well but they will only pay what it would cost to attend an in state on average university.  I have 2 children using this and their Chapter 35 benefits to help them graduate completely debt free!!  
    • I was able to use my DD214 to help get "Concealed Weapons Carry Permit"  .   It was so damn easy and relatively cheap I would advise all Florida vets to get a Carry Permit before the state comes to their senses  and makes it much harder.  I made an appointment at one of the stations you can use to have the whole process done in less than an hour.  It cost me $102 for a seven year permit.  This also means no 3 day waiting period of me now. Plus it is not just for carrying a pistol.  You can carry knives, stun guns, bras knuckles, billy club or anything short of an atomic bomb.  In Florida there is a ongoing legal debate about how you can carry a knife or gun on your person or in your car.  Once you get the permit to carry that is all pretty mute.  You just got to be careful to hand your carry permit with your license to a cop if he stops you before you tell him you have a gun on your person or under the seat or any place else in your car.  The cops here the word  "gun" and you are liable to get shot.  it is much easier now to get a carry permit than to get medical care in Florida.
    • Can anyone help me with this? How or where can i find information as to how does the VA rate "Radiculopathy"
    • WOW!!! Cost of Living! What A Joke! Basically, We're Worth More Dead To Them Than Alive!