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38 Cfr Book C-schedule For Rating Disabilities

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    • Thank you Ms berta I'll sure try this, I have all my medals and awards most that I know of anyway & like you mention they maybe more? I don't know about. I just want something to prove my military service and the time and places I served,  just personal reasons I guess & for grand children & great grand children to see. The Vietnamese citizens gave me a wall plaq for my humane kindness toward there people , when we received our MPC payments through out the months/ years, I would give some to mama-son to take home to her family help buy clothes & food  she gave me that special made plaq the day I left Nam with tears in her eyes   that meant the world to me.  but its not military related stuff. I have it hanging in my office here at home. I want this DD 214/ 215 corrected before I pass.
    • The rating is usually contingent on something due to other spinal conditions etc etc.  We have many here who know more about this than I sure do but That is the search link I used for the 3 most recent years of decisions with radiculopathy in them. Do you have a Diagnostic code yet for this disability? Also you can go to the VA Schedule of Ratings here at hadit...a long article, but all rating info and diagnostic codes appear in that link. I assume you are claiming this as secondary to an established SC??? With 90% now, are you still able to work? If not have you applied for TDIU?    
    • It pays to repeat this info. A DD 149 form ( available here at hadit under a search) is what is used for DD 214 corrections. Just put "not applicable" to the 'injustice' part and mail with proof of mailing to where they direct you too on the back of or second page of the form. It took us about  4 months to get a response from sending in this form , shortly before my husband died. They sent a DD 215 that included awards/decorations he didn't know he had received... There was scuttlebutt when his unit got back from Vietnam that they had received the PUC.1966. But USMC made them fill out a form for their 214s, when many were being discharged, and they all wanted to get the hell out of there and really didnt know what awards they got.... 1968 Quantico. Sure enough, it was on his DD 215 and they sent him all medals /ribbons except those that were made and awarded by the Vietnamese Government ( all purchasable on line or at PXs.) Also there could be a Destination/Arrival document in your Personnel records.The one in my husband's records however is very limited.I dont even remember if it said Okinawa as well as Vietnam. The DD 149 however is only for limited correction of a DD 214 ....they would not have access to some of the info you seek.      
    • Thank you @Berta, @Gastone! We're having breakfast at IHOP as I typed this. She's quite shaken and unsure, but I told her what's done is done. We're all unsure of our outcomes until we are presented with that letter.  I have documentation (past and current emergency room treatments from outside hospitals because the VAMC is over 50 miles) that wasn't submitted with the original claim, as well as lay statements, pictures of prosthetic devices that I have to use. When I receive my C-File which took about 10 months, I went over it with a fine-tooth comb and realized that I have some documents pertaining to certain contentions that were not in the C-File (very strange). Another thing, when I was stationed in Hawaii, I kept passing out either in the shower, formation or at work due to the sexual harassment from my platoon sergeant and subordinates.  I was hospitalized at Tripler AMC for conversion disorder. The doctor from Tripler referred me to Schofield Barracks Psych. I went for about 10 months on a weekly basis. The Psychs all said that I had "Conversion/Adjustment Disorder/Sexual Harassment." I can't find no Psych records at all, but in several documents of my STR, it is noted that I seen the Psych, so where are these records? Hmmmmm!
    • M1342, by now with your research on SA claims, your aware that a SA Secondary is not a Slam Dunk award. A Solid Clinician's (Board Certified neurologist/Sleep specialist) Statement (IMO, clinician Treatment Notes) establishing an irrefutable linkage to your PTSD or SC Meds is necessary. Problem is, no Dr can opine with 100% certainty as to the actual causative factor, could be any number of the list of Usual Suspects (age, obesity, neck-tongue size etc) that could all be contributing to your SA. The Secondary SA Award or reversal of  Denial will be determined by a Preponderance of Evidence in your favor or enough to get you to a "Jump Ball," "Benefit of Doubt" Award. If the "Evidence of Record" is equipoise, you get the Award, supposedly. Semper Fi