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      For some unknown reason or another

      Some Veterans are just lucky at the draw and get their Appeal approved sooner than others,  why IDK? '

      My thinking is  when they  (Veterans) Appeal they have all their T'sand I's crossed to perfection, they don't have long statements to read  they just get to to point and present the facts/evidence  using the CFR# ,to back them this makes it so much easier for the rater ..because they hate reading long drawn out statements or sad stories , most of the time they stop reading them  ,they go by our evidence that we present to them and stick to the facts/evidence  that proves your claim./claims.

      Even with this New AMA system in tact  I can only imagine the claims coming in are stacking up...who's to say or know  when the rater gets these claims for the day  does he grab from them bottom of the stack or the top of the stack or the middle of the stack.we will probably never know.

      In the old days the claims were taken in  as they come in ,first come first served basis, but now I think that has stopped completely , as they use to say claims are adjudicated as they come in..that's all out the window now. (jmo)

      The new Veterans claim processing center is suppose to speed this process up but I think it actually slows it down compared to the old system  because now they have to decide where to send your claim for proper adjudication and they have to check all across the nation for R.0's that are not that booked up with claims..well this is going to take some time  I think this is the reason they came up with a ''projected Date '' to adjuicate claims..because they them self do not know.  this ''projected date is anyone's guess and it just covers there A**

    • Buck you are spot on for each state is so different when it comes to property tax exemptions. 


    • All disabled Veterans should go to their property tax assessors office and 

      Homestead their home  rather or not your a 100% disabled Veteran or not.

      Some states do have a lower % to pay your taxes if your 30% up to 90%  they reduce your taxes according to your disability percentage.

    • If your county gives the examption  then usually like Richard 1954 mention the exemption is usually good through Jan to April 1st  this is the time to apply for the exemption...

      if you don't make it then you will need to pay the property tax the rest of the year  then come Jan of the next year you get your exemption  and they should refund your taxes that you paid that prior year, I think they will only go back 2 years

      some times the employees at the tax office isd full of BS and you need to go above them

      I am not so sure when the exemption went into effect? I think 2008? its another top benefit for 100% or TDIU P&T Veterans

      Here is the property tax exemption criteria for Texas.  you need to check your state for the correct tax criteria for the 100% disabled veterans exemption.

      Property Tax Exemption For Texas Disabled Vets! | TexVet

      https://www.texvet.org › property tax 

      If you apply and qualify for the current tax year as well as the prior tax year, you will be granted the 100% Disabled Veteran Homestead Exemption for both years. Effective January 1, 2012, you may receive this exemption for the applicable portion of the year immediately upon qualification.


    • @Mawm Unfortunately dealing with the VA can be very frustrating and waiting for the VA to decide a claim is like watching grass grow. It can be painfully slow and by checking the system daily or sometimes more than once a day just adds to the frustration (I know for sadly I have done that myself). I have NODs go quickly and I have had them go incredibly slow (I currently have one where the dust is piling up on the claim for lack of movement).

      Basically is what everyone is saying try to be patient and try to get your mind off of the claim (which is easier said than done).

      Good luck with your claim and enjoy the holidays!!!

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