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    • Try not to stress  but we all know that's hard not to.

      here is a few tips to prepare for the exam.

      Preparing for the C&P Exam

      Make sure to bring the following to your C&P exam:

      – Complete medical history of the conditions to be examined in the C&P Exam, including all doctors' reports and tests. You may have already submitted this information, but bring it to your C&P Exam anyway just in case the physician hasn't seen it or needs any of the information in it. 
      – Specific knowledge of the exact information and tests the Rating Authorities need to properly assign a VA Disability Rating to each of your conditions. You can Find Your Conditions on our site to figure out exactly what is needed to rate them.   

      It is essential for you to be proactive at your C&P Exam. All VA Physicians have access to Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs) that guide them through the exams to ensure that they record the correct information, but while we’d like to think the system works perfectly, there is far too much proof that it doesn’t. A contributing cause to the VA’s massive backlog is incorrect or incomplete data recorded in the C&P Exam reports.

      This causes the cases to be returned, after months of waiting in line, for another C&P Exam to be conducted to provide the missing/proper information. If you come properly prepared to your first C&P Exam, you can help make sure this doesn’t happen to your case.  

      Even though it shouldn't be, make it your job to ensure that the C&P Exam physicians (1) have all the information they need and (2) perform the proper tests at the C&P Exam.

      For example, supraventricular arrhythmia (a heart condition) is rated on how many episodes of arrhythmia are recorded every year. The type and quantity of medication, etc., doesn’t matter for rating. All the physician must record during the C&P Exam is the number of episodes that were properly documented during the past year. Extra evidence never hurts, but if the physician fails to record the necessary info, then the case will have to be sent back.

      A C&P Exam does not need to be excessively long to get a proper rating. All that needs to happen at the C&P Exam is for the proper information to be recorded.  

      Just be prepared and proactive, and your C&P Exam should go well.

      :Source Military Made Easy*


    • I’m on a “Mission from God” to help Veterans (to plagiarize John Belushi). I love it. This has really made my day!

    • On 8/18/2019 at 11:39 PM, Lagin02 said:

      I am definitely more liberal in regards to social safety nets, protection of vulnerable populations, and issues related to equality.  When I say far-left I mean extreme left polices like teaching kids there is no such thing as gender or making college classrooms “safe spaces.” 

      Hey Lagin02 just wanting to follow up to see how it is going?  Any luck I hope?

    • 43 minutes ago, vetquest said:

      My only advice is that if you are nervous tell the examiner.  Do not let them get under your skin, some of them may do that.  Don't raise your voice and try to relax.  They may ask you some pretty tough questions so do not be surprised if they do.  Buck has already given you some very good advice.

      Vetquest, I'm pretty well terrified to be honest. My startle response is ridiculous, I'm snappy at my wife and kids, I get way too worked up over menial stuff, I have no friends anymore, I have sleep apnea, hearing loss, wake up at 3am almost every night with my tinnitus sounding like a cicada swarm inside my head, I drink like a fish, I own my business but have hired people because I can no longer deal with people, I avoid anything bright and noisy like fireworks, avoid public places and places with crowds. I am scared to death to do the exam. I just want to be better

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    • @vetquest You’re right...sadly. I started getting excited, but ebenefits is notorious for being unreliable. It’s probably a mistake. I emailed my VSO, but she is out of town until next week. If by some miracle it is medical retirement I’ll update you.

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