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    • Afternoon folks from sunny Palm Beach, it sure doesn't feel Christmas(y) here, but another day in paradise!


      Got an Email on Ebenefits/va.gov this morning telling me my original decision date for my already SC claim increase has been moved from 12/22/2019 to 03/14/2020.

      ALL evidence was submitted, including results from C&P exams, and accepted back on 11/18/2019, as per conversation with VA toll free number.

      Two of the increase claims dated back to 11/20/1990, and one increase claim dates back to 03/18/2010. These we all included in this claim dated above.

      VA also informed me on Ebenefits that nothing else was needed or required.


      I've gotten all kinds of opinions on why the delay is taking place; everything from "It's the holidays" to "The VA has cut back on the number of people working on these claims"


      Got one interesting email this morning here from a seasoned hadit.com member who suggested that "The amount of retro involved is more than likely the reason for delay.."


      Is there a long drawn-out process that has to happen when paying out retro? More retro=longer decision time?


      All input welcome.


      Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!







    • Thanks Berta and Vetquest for your recent responses.  I agree with you both 100% and I should never have followed some of their advice or I would be further along now.  My last post on their forum was also dismissed and locked when former DRO Cruiser did not like my statement about my winning a CUE appeal as a pro se veteran before the CAVC vet court in 2005.

      I feel very sorry for younger and or newer vets seeking their advice on their one sided forum.

    • I was not banned but I made a statement that they disagreed with.  My statement was merely that the RO said I was going to be reevaluated for a reduction in a in a rating decision.  I was piled on by no fewer than five moderators that belittled me and told me it was not the truth.  I cited the actual decision and was further berated.  They were very demeaning and condescending.

    • Just to add, that 100% veterans are also entitled to other benefits in some states, like a permanent license plate that does not incur taxes.  You should be able to get more information at the local city or county offices.  I just needed to take my benefits verification letter from e-bennies to the county and city offices in Tennessee.

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    • Berta

      Posted (edited)

      I was banned too ,twice, over the years and they recently let me back on via Tapatalk.All I wanted to do was give updated info on the Blue Water AO situation.There were a few AO questions I answered there. 

      Then -you know who told me I was wrong in suggesting a specific vet get an IMO/IME from a private  non VA doctor.

      He  ,the former VA rater, told me basically there was no such thing.

      I rebutted with a decision from the BVA, whereby the BVA awarded due to the veteran's private IMO/IME.And added how many BVA search  decisions contain private non-IMO/IME references, plus my own  IMO situation that awarded my DMII AO death claim.

      He said something like ' you still dont get it' ......and locked the topic.

      I am trying to unsubscribe from Tapatalk.

      Those posts are still there however for any vet who might need an IMO/IME.

      I think I was the sole claimant that ever got an IMO for a claim when I was with my former POA,except for one vet after that who they asked me to help and he got an IMO and finally won his claim.




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