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    • Your question is quite valid, and many individuals consider similar scenarios as they plan for retirement. When it comes to contributing to an IRA while receiving a pension, it's essential to understand the rules to make informed decisions.

    • Also you really should consult with a qualified and hopefully motivated VSO located at a VA regional office or VA hospital.  Their services are free of charge for vets.  You have a great many questions.


    • I would say the most important thing is to file for service connection and to get those issues rated prior to being concerned about their effective dates. There are rare occasions where after a veteran is granted/awarded service connection, the veteran can then appeal for an EED (Earlier Effective Date) but that has to deal with the veteran actually filing a claim or the veteran has medical evidence of treatment records that could be used as a veteran seeking help as an initial request for filing a claim. Even though the VA has removed a certain regulation from their registry, that regulation could still be used for your benefit. As stated, your first step would be getting your claims granted then go for a better or correct effective date.    

      P.S. You should go to the VAMC and request a copy of your VAMC medical records, through the Release of Information Office. These records are not your military medical records and are only at the VAMC. These records should show your diagnosis and treatment. You can go through them and submit them as part of your evidence and to support your claims.  

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    • However you could file for your back issues if those are sc in your service treatment records as directly service connection and claim that your mental health is secondary from your sc back condition.

    • 5 minutes ago, Dot09 said:

      Unfortunately you missed your deadline. I recommend that you gather your records and submit a claim. Are you filing directly service connected and was there anything in the military that documents that?

      At this point you miss the year deadline in order to file a condition within that presumptive period. Now you have to show that your condition was treated or documented in your service treatment records.

      oh ok 👍 I have a claim ongoing from all my issues. I am doing it on my own with help from this forum and youtube.

      So my mental health issues are not in my military records and I never asked for help in service. 


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