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    • Aviationtech  »  Buck52

      Hi Buck52.
      wondering if you can advise? I’m presently at 100% metastatic prostrate cancer, still going through treatment, which my last another 5 months. This was awarded as blue water agent orange. In the last week I have been diagnosed with kidney cancer and my kidney must be removed ASAP. This I’ve noticed is on the presumptive condition for water contamination while stationed at camp Lejeune. How do I do this in filing a claim, with one already being paid. American Legions here are closed most of the time so getting help from them is difficult. Thanks
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    • cecil pearson  »  Berta

      Have had computer issues lately.  Anyway I'll try to answer your questions.
      I was an AVIATION MACHINIST MATE and was a mechanic on a flight crew and also assigned to an engine test cell .
      It took me a while t get things moving but I will say that trying to get rated for PARKINSON service rated IS NOT something that an individual should try on his/her own.
      I quickly realized that an attorney was a must.  I hired Hill & Ponton in Florida to take the ball and run.  If I didn't wi'n it was to cost me nothing.  I quickly found out it is all about presentation.  I will say it did cst but nothing was taken from my settlement.  A bill was sent to me from the attorney office.
      I did have to pay $2000 for a doctors letter as my outside doctor and VA. doctors did not mean a lot.  The $2000 was paid by the attorneys office and was included in my total fees.
      My BVA case was as follows:  Citation number A20009507 dated 5/28/2020 and docket number 200213-66979.  
      . I am still in another issue related to this case but attorneys have appealed the issue of how far the VA went back.
      My advise is get a  law office that will take case with no fees unless you win the case ( pretty sure bet that if they take it then it is very winable ).
      Sorry it took so long and thanks for all yu do for the vets 
      · 1 reply
    • Lynette Burkey  »  Berta

      We couldn't get his MD to help us. She may not even be at that hospital anymore. I appreciate all the info you sent. I'm going to try to forward it on to our lawyer. I wish we could get a good nexus letter. 
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    • retiredat44

      I am in an area of Oregon where there fires and evacuations. Right now I am good. No need to evacuate at this time at Level 1. Thank you all.

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    • Carmand47

      My issue is how to get VA to look at a 18yr old claim. My original claim. I see that they didn’t use all the supporting evidence on rating for Anterior disc fusion. If they had used all the material evidence provided then they wouldn’t have given me 20%. In 1999 title 38 explains that limitation of motion of the cervical spine and a demonstratable deformity from fracture warrants a 30% rating. Problem is the wording. Deformity is never mentioned in any of my exams however my radiological consultation request and report dated September 94 (while I was active duty) reads... examination of the cervical spine in two views: no demonstratable recent traumatic pathologies and cervical spine except straightening of the cervical Spine due to muscular spasms. Fused vertebrae or seen at Levels  C5-C6 which may be due to the result from an old trauma. (I broke my neck when I was in the army) Another diagnostic radiology report dated May 2002 and conducted at VA Medical Center, Louisville, KY states The examination of the cervical spine is compared to a study done in March 2001 the fusion at C-5 has not changed appearance since that time. The alignment still shows rather marked straightening of the normal lordotic curvature. Making note that they refer to my compensation and pension exam for my disability in March 2001 that Diagnostic radiology report says there is normal alignment there is evidence for anterior fusion of C5 and C6 vertebrae bodies. There are mild to moderate degenerative changes involving the C4 and five and see six and seven levels joint space narrowing is seen no acute fracture or subluxation. But the radiologist in May 2002 used March 2001 to compare the changes and he said there were no changes and that the fusion at C-5 C6 has not changed appearance since that time.The alignment still shows rather Mart straightening of the normal adult curvature he said it still shows when in 2001 they didn’t even mention it. I’m going to move forward to February 2004. I got approved for an increase but...There wasn’t an increase on my cervical spine anterior fusion. I say again deformity is not mentioned anywhere in my records but I looked up straightening of the lordotic curve in the cervical spine and loss of lordotic curvature of the spine it’s defined as lordosis. I looked up deformity it lists scoliosis lordosis and a couple others. Just because deformity is not used in Any other diagnostic radiological reports or consults but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a deformity. It just means they did not list it for whatever the reasoning was. In August 2003 I was referred out from VA to aneurosurgeon the Neurosurgeon’s letter ofinterpretation of the radiology report stated there is a mild scoliosis of the cervical spine complevexity to the right. There is loss of cervical lordotic curvature was also an independent review of systems he noted MRI scan of the cervical spine reveals presence of loss of the cervical lordotic curve with cervical Degenerative disc disease. he specifically said scoliosis most people know scoliosis is a deformity but he also said loss of the cervical lordotic curve which is lordosis. Both of Those are deformities yet they never used it to give me theproper rating in 2001 or in 2004 I would appreciate any help that you guys can give me on how to try to fix this
      · 3 replies
  • perspective-001.jpeg10 Tips to Help You Keep the Compensation and Pension Exam (C&P exam) in Perspective

    I encouraged you to keep the exam in perspective. What is that Perspective? Honestly, it comes down to recognizing that the purpose of the C&P Exam is NOT to convince the doctor that your injury is service connected, but to let him or her conduct their exam and ...
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    While there are 2 legal processes to pursue an earlier effective date, there are several legal theories that can be used in those processes. Here are 2 of the most common legal theories to argue for an Earlier Effective Date in a VA Disability Compensation ...
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    disabilities-002@3x.png2016 The Most common VA Service Connected Disabilities

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    3-Things-You-Want-Out-of-a=DRO-Hearing.jpg3 Things You Want Out Of a DRO Review – VA DRO Hearings (Decision Review Officer)

    [Reprinted here with permission from Veterans Law Blog] A de novo review is your other option. de novo, which means “new,” or “fresh look,” is a Latin term used by lawyers.  In a de novo review, a DRO, who is a senior-level, highly experienced claim ...
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    appeals-001.jpeg5 Things to Know about the VA Appeals Process

    The multi-stage appellate process is available to you after you have already received one or more decisions on your claim, but disagree with some aspect of VA’s decision. During the appellate process, an appeal undergoes additional independent reviews, often multiple times and by different adjudicators, ...
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    gavel-stethoscope-book-slider.jpegA Veterans Benefits Raters View

    "First, allow me to introduce myself with some background info. I am a veteran, a nurse, a woman, and decide VA disability claims." Author Unknown I share many of the frustrations of veterans when I see claims that have not been properly or expeditiously decided. It ...
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    emergency-room-001.jpegAm I eligible for emergency care at a non-VA facility?

    Am I eligible for emergency care at a non-VA facility? An eligible Veteran may receive emergency care at a non-VA health care facility at VA expense when a VA facility or other Federal health care facility with which VA has an agreement is unable to ...
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    rom-test.jpegBack and Cervical Pain – Bulging Disc and the C and P Exam ROM Test

    I have a C&P coming up in October for Neck/Back pains. While in Iraq in 2004, I fell off of a 916 semi-truck and have buddy statements to verify this. I also have medical proof that I went to the TMC in theater and it ...
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    Can a 100 percent Disabled Veteran Work and Earn an Income?

    You've just been rated 100% disabled by the Veterans Affairs. After the excitement of finally having the rating you deserve wears off, you start asking questions. One of the first questions that you might ask is this: It's a legitimate question - rare is the Veteran that finds ...
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    Can I work and receive TDIU? Yes, in some cases you can.

    I can't work if I'm getting Unemployability, right? No, in fact, unemployability does not always mean that a veteran is not working. The key, however, is that all income earned from employment must be at or below the poverty level, or from a job that ...
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    Disability Calculator: Veterans Compensation Rate Calculator

    10 + 50 = 50 and other VA math mysteries explained. VA Math It's Not Your Mother's Arithmetic "VA Math" is the way that the VA computes combined impairment ratings for multiple conditions in a Veteran's compensation benefits claim – and it requires that you unlearn real math. When a ...
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