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  2. Thank you Okemos, it's nice to meet you as well. I'm not sure I can offer relevant information that's helpful because mine is a little older now in regard to experiences my husband had and things tend to change some over time. I have been actively involved since then with trying to claim his kidney failure (which was secondary to his primary rated diabetes) after his death which seems out of reach now since he didn't get his claim filed for it before passing away. We were told he couldn't go above 100% by every VSO we asked and at that time we didn't know about online information like this forum...so when we discovered online information like this and the Special Monthly Compensation tier of disabilities we began to prepare a claim but he passed just before doing it. I have spent untold hours, days, months and years developing that claim but no attorney holds any hope for it. So maybe something I've learned along the way can help someone else. I have only one possibility left that Berta thought would work - filing a CUE. I may still give that a try...otherwise I need to let it go. If I can be of any help to anyone here, let me know and I'm happy to share whatever I know. If I can give just one piece of advice, it would be to continue to claim all changes in health in as timely a manner as possible no matter what any local authority or VSO says about it...check here with questions cause this forum is a blessing and will give you truthful and helpful information.
  3. I live in Battle Creek, Michigan...I am a surviving spouse. My late husband went to the Battle Creek facility and a couple times went to Ann Arbor for specialized testing and connected doctor visits...he received good treatment both places. However, he had private specialists for his heart, diabetes and nephrology. He had a GP at the VA facility he saw every 6 months to renew his meds he got through VA and he saw a psychiatrist there for his PTSD. He passed away 12/2015. My profile here says Seaman but that isn't correct. He was E-4 Army and a VietNam Vet 100% SC P&T.
  4. In MI, 2 days of rain is usually followed by MONDAY. 10 yrs at Dingell VMC, great Care. Occasional push-back when requesting specific service or treatment from Jr Staff, but the saying "squeaky wheel gets the Grease," has worked for me. When it comes to Surgery, minor or L & D, I opt for the "Pros from Dover" at Beaumont Royal Oak Mi.
  5. Hello there from Shelby Township Mi. I go to the VA Ann Arbor for 99% of my care. The VA there has been very good for the most part (exception of wait times) with mostly university of Michigan doctors doing rounds. I was in-patient there for 60 days after getting shingles that followed the nerve root into my brain and I was very ill and have multiple permanent deficits as a result . Many times in the ER there and again great care. The VA hosp stuck with me all the way after my hospital stay allowing me to rehab inpatient for many weeks post neurologic shingles (Ramsey Hunt Syndrome) . I served from84-87. The VA took care of me physically and emotionally and I am very grateful.
  6. Hello, I would like to meet other Hadit members who live in Michigan. We have at least two major VA Hospitals (Battle Creek, Ann Arbor). Or maybe you go to the the John Dingell in Detroit. I like Ann Arbor. I like the fact that most of the doctors there are also at the UM Hospital. I don't like how uickly they seem to turn over though.
  7. A short video from LegalHelpForVeterans to help your understand your rating.
  8. We have this new clubs feature. I haven't done much with it yet, but thought I'd start trying it out. Join in if you want.

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