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  2. Please do not give up. I have been fighting for over 20 years, and so have many others. Finally, on May 20th, the BVA awarded my 100% P and T. It was a slow process starting with a 10% for 1, and slowly getting others added and higher ratings. I was stuck at 80% for about 10 years with many bad VSO's. Now, I am just waiting for my final decision letter letting me know the effective date and back pay amount. I was informed 2 days ago, it has been sent up for final approval and to expect a letter in next 2 weeks. I am now 50 years old with 4 GROWN children. Did we have struggles due to the VA wh
  3. I sent a message using secure messaging to the eye clinic, they called me back, by phone, and they made sure I have my meds and told me they will re-schedule for about 2 months later... so, it was worth the secure messaging for the clinic to make sure I am not left out... I don't want to lose my eyesight too!
  4. Retired Yes, the VA is now cancelling veterans' visits to clinics (CBOCs). Got that news yesterday. I needed a new CAT scan on my ankle and my doc put me in for it on 3-12-20. Just got my appointment. August 12! C&P scheduled with LHI was scheduled for next week. Nope; can't reschedule right now. TBD. It is a bad situation and getting worse every day. The VA is going to have a major problem reallocating resources when this crisis is over, and a lot of suffering will be happening to veterans through out the country.
  5. I have more than pancreatic and liver diease, I have glucome and cataracts. The VA optometry cancelled my eye appointments with all these virus problems going on in the USA. The letter said if I have to reschedule. I have to see an eye doctor every three months because the damage was increasing for a while. Now what? is the VA cancelling ever vets appointment at the clinics? Are we screwed?
  6. Everyone in the service or at a base, etc needs to report contact with virus to doctors https://www.thedailybeast.com/coronavirus-outbreak-on-aircraft-carrier-sends-troops-scrambling?ref=scroll if they don't some day in the future the va will screw them and say they weren't affected... of course they don't know they will get screwed like most of us didn't know until we made a claim and found how vindictive and mean the va is
  7. Hi, You know it is approaching 2.5 years since my last dealing with VA (still waiting on my appeal for one contention ) and a few weeks ago I called my VSO(nice earnest man) and he said to call him back in 3 months. OK, of course I will. I just wonder why 3 months as opposed to 4 months...any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance. Happy St. Valentine's Day (several days early) everyone.
  8. Hi Paul, You sure got that right. I am keeping my appeal in legacy and I am a ways into my second year. Lesson to self: if my service-connected disease gets worse do not EVER apply for an increase. Sorry to sound bitter or cynical but that is how I see it. Plus when I have the RO that I have...it does not help. Balderdash is the only word I can think of to describe it.
  9. I hope the Hadit family is doing ok. I know fellow Veterans have been waiting on appeals longer than me but I am very disheartened as to how the system "works". I will keep hanging in and I will never give up. I just had to vent. Have a nice weekend.
  10. Hi Vetquest, in the great and grand scheme of things it is best to not get upset with the abusers of handicap spots, I totally agree with GBArmy's "you can't fix stupid". Even though the man involved with your humor did not like it, too bad for him right? That is a humorous line! Thank you GBArmy, Paul, and Vetquest for listening to my vent.
  11. Hollie, I know all about invisible disability. Other than 35 extra pounds I look like a healthy individual. I try not to get upset with people who abuse the handicap spots. Close to what GBArmy said I say "you can't fix stupid". I once almost started a disturbance when I asked a man if he was mentally handicaped. He did not like my humor.
  12. Hi, to tell the owner would be useless. Best idea is to take my business elsewhere. The H/C placard is both a blessing and a curse. I have had random people question me about the placard, one unforgettable time an elderly woman (in her 80's I would say) threatened me with a slap. The whole scene ended with the woman's daughter apologizing profusely to me as I said I was going to call the police. Please note I had my cane with me when all of that went down. The cane is to help me with mobility. I believe a lot of the guff I receive is because I do not fit a person's personal defi
  13. As I get older I have less patients, I think I would have told the owner I will start taking my business elsewhere. If the van should not have been parked there then they need to move it. I have two issues (old age I guess). First no H/C or DV indication then move your vehicle, 2nd kids are not supposed to be left in vehicles without parents in the vehicle. I have no respect for those who abuse disabled parking. JMO
  14. I have been dealing with this VSO nightmare since the 1990's. Not counting the time when I left the USAF because of medical (and feel if I have been advised properly, I probably would have been medically discharged...) in the 1980's.
  15. Hollie, there is no reason to comment on the ignorance of some people. If that stylist did in fact say that, she also wouldn't get it if you called her out. The saying goes "you can't teach stupid!"
  16. Hi, I have had a H/C parking placard for the longest time. A few days ago my husband was kind enough to take me to the hair salon to have my hair trimmed. I like this salon because the H/C space is so close to the entrance. I was crestfallen when there was a van already in the space so we turned the car around to scout the lot. There was a space away from the salon so we went back up to the salon and my husband dropped me off then went to park the car. I mentioned something to the gal who always works on my hair about the van in the H/C spot and how there was not a placard or "DV" on
  17. Vetquest, A great thing to keep in mind: "Try not to let the negative get you down."
  18. I do not think it is just you retiredat44. I too am seeing an increase in times to get things done. An NOD did not take two years previously. That is what I am seeing. As far as the care afforded I am seeing some positive lights. I no longer have to travel three hours to a hospital to get specialist care, they are providing it near my home. I will never fully trust the VA to do what is right though. As far as your situation, being sick makes things look less bright. Try your best to see something positive, be it family, or something else. Try not to let the negative get you down.
  19. Is the whole VA medical and support system getting worse? Is it just me, or are other seeing the VA getting worse, with help, with medical, with claims, with services, the whole thing getting worse? Or am I just losing it, lost my patience, going mental.... as my medical care is getting worse, help is worse..... support,,, the whole va thing getting worse.. or is it just the stress of the claims taking decades, and really bad health making me so jaded that I can no longer see the good side of the va? Everything is really going bad,, being sick doe snot help, with no chance of ever getting be
  20. no.. you don't put your address, it is like putting a pin in the map in the general area, but you can stop there,, no address need, unless someone wants to for like a meeting place, or event place, otherwise it would be like marking a city....
  21. I was 500 feet from this bomb blast. I was at my duty station at the fuel storage depot when the bomb went off 500 feet from me.. https://www.stripes.com/30th-anniversary-of-usafe-headquarters-bombing-1.153700?fbclid=IwAR2xLMVEgtGOaYYc5-tKuwfTK_-Ryy8tvxW3KB7vuFH0rbb0Z2a_zsdnx0I long story short, it blew us to the ground and across the room, only 2 of us that morning waiting for out shift to end. I was only one of 10 people who were in a group of volunteers to who volunteer work for several years, and this time we were the first group to enter the bombed building and make a rep
  22. like has been stated, the varo's didn't do their jobs and created this mess. No accountability for horrible varo's.
  23. I just wonder how many would be needed if the original jurisdiction decided the claims correctly.
  24. VA achieves historic goal delivering more than 90,000 appeals decisions to Veterans in FY 2019 https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=5312 --- I call B.S. !

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