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  • How to get your questions answered...


    All VA Claims questions should be posted on our forums. Read the forums without registering, to post you must register it’s free. Register for a free account.

    Tips on posting on the forums.

    1. Post a clear title like ‘Need help preparing PTSD claim’ or “VA med center won’t schedule my surgery” instead of ‘I have a question’.
    2. Knowledgable people who don’t have time to read all posts may skip yours if your need isn’t clear in the title. I don’t read all posts every login and will gravitate towards those I have more info on.
    3. Use paragraphs instead of one huge, rambling introduction or story. Again – You want to make it easy for others to help. If your question is buried in a monster paragraph there are fewer who will investigate to dig it out.

    Leading to:

    Post clear questions and then give background info on them.


    • A. I was previously denied for apnea – Should I refile a claim?
      • was diagnosed with apnea in service and received a CPAP machine but claim was denied in 2008. Should I refile?
    • B. I may have PTSD- how can I be sure?
      • I was involved in traumatic incident on base in 1974 and have had nightmares ever since, but I did not go to mental health while enlisted. How can I get help?

    This gives members a starting point to ask clarifying questions like “Can you post the Reasons for Denial from your claim?” etc.


    Your firsts posts on the board may be delayed before they show up, as they are reviewed, this process does not take long and the review requirement will be removed usually by the 6th post, though we reserve the right to keep anyone on moderator preview.

    This process allows us to remove spam and other junk posts before they hit the board. We want to keep the focus on VA Claims and this helps us do that.

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  • Most Common VA Disabilities Claimed for Compensation:   


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  2. I have diagnosis of PTSD at 30%. I filed for sleep apnea as a secondary . I also have a Sleep Apnea diagnosis from the VA. the VA Psych told I would have to get a dr. outside the VA to write a letter stating they are related, she could not state that they are 'likely' related as that is a C&P statement.
  3. I had a hard time getting Tinnitus Service connected, I told my Audiologist about it every time they tested my hearing, no matter who did the hearing test, they all just shrug their shoulders, I would tell them about this buzzing humming sounds in my head sounded like thousands of crickets on a creek bank and it drives me crazy especially at bed time. IT IS CONSTANT AND NEVER STOPS...all they would say is ''Humm I don't know about that'' After Appeals and a DRO Hearing they finally Approved me. I was rated for 50% in April of 2000 service connected for my hearing loss by
  4. Correct, John, but this poster alleges a "protected work enviornment" because VA has some special rules for those permitting tdiu while working. If you watched "Duck Dynasty", that is an example. "Sy" works for the family..designing duck calls. No one in their right mind would hire that old PTSD Vet, but "his family" protects him and gives him a salary. He is as crazy as a looney bird, if you watched that show. Its actually a good thing, because few people in the world have the skills Sy has as far as duck calls go. If I wanted to go duck hunting, and had a chance to br
  5. Congratulations! It sounds like you will have to appeal that effective date, or lose 4 years of retro. My reasoning: YOU stated you applied in 2010, not 2014. Someone may correct me on this, but I think "informal claims" were still allowed back in 2010. The tdiu form "formalizes" the informal tdiu claim. VA has a duty "not to just ignore" your informal tdiu claim. And, that is what they are doing..for 4 years. Now, I have not read your file, but my intuitive guess is that you are owed 4 years of retro, and, that should be enough cash to buy "a couple" of new cars if y
  6. DSIG Are you working at present. It is hard to get 100% for PTSD or any mental health issue if you are working 40 hours a week. Part of the evaluation for PTSD is your ability to work. Since you have 70% now you could probably get TDIU if you are not working which pays at the 100% rate. I had TDIU for almost 20 years before I got lucky and got 100%. It is no big deal since it pays the same. You can get "S" with TDIU as well. If you read requirements for 100% for PTSD I wonder how anyone gets it. I know those who get 100% for a mental condition richly des
  7. I would do the same. However, in my experience, it can be hit or miss whether the examiner will look or even accept them. I have had one examiner thank me for bringing certain documents because they had not seen them in the CFile and I have had an examiner outright tell me he didn't want it. But I believe it is ALWAYS a good idea to bring all pertinent information to the exam, you never know how it might help.
  8. https://militarypay.defense.gov/Portals/3/Documents/CRSC_Guidance_104.pdf My God, what a read. Good luck trying to figure out where you fit in this puzzle. The very last paragraph is the best read ever. Hamslice I'm pretty sure that you don't pay Federal income tax on CRSC, but read for yourself.
  9. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), National Cemetery Administration (NCA), is seeking nominations of qualified candidates to be considered for appointment as a member of the Advisory Committee on Cemeteries and Memorials (herein-after in this section referred to as ``the Committee''). View the full article
  10. Why do you think that CRSC will reduce your taxes? CRSC and CRDP are both not taxable. I was getting CRSC for 90% but when I reached 100% I switched to CRDP because the two disabilities that got me to 100% were not combat related.
  11. Granted TDIU 3-4-21 will back pay go back to the first time 21-8940 6/2014. Any thoughts?
  12. First, you are relying upon an unreliable ebenefits and that normally does not work out well. Your VSO has or should have VBMS access. You should ask him if this was a SCL or HLR, because, the VA is correct in that HLR does not allow new evidence. The VBMS file should be more accurate and give a better picture. I guess its already done, but I would not even think of listening to a "mere" VSO over Berta. I see your 2 best choices being CUE, as Berta said, or appeal to the BVA. Here is the reason many Vets advocates "do not recommend" HLR/SCL: Res Judicata. VA "justi
  13. Yesterday
  14. Since you are Retired Military, have you considered contacting DFAS? Defense Finance and Accounting Service > RetiredMilitary > disability > payment (dfas.mil) A retiree may be due funds from DFAS, the VA or from both agencies. DFAS and the VA remain in communication with each other to successfully establish and process CRDP and CRSC accounts. DFAS will audit your account to determine whether or not you are due retroactive payment. An audit of your account requires researching pay information from both DFAS and VA. If DFAS finds that you are also due a retroactive pay
  15. All, so after talking with VSO in Pittsburgh and VSO here on island they recommended I do a supplemental instead of CUE since I had new additional evidence to submit. Doctor put me on more medicine. I submitted a supplemental just like I did last October with the new evidence. However, when I opened my VA.gov account today it had the attached update. It says they are doing an HLR by a Senior Rater. Is this verbiage what they would normally put in for a supplemental claim? I had new evidence and submitted on a 20-0995 form as per VSO. I have had bad luck when asking for an HLR, s
  16. Its a great question, and I noticed others (besides myself) also did not have an answer. Since I dont have an answer (out of my area of expertise), I will instead, guess. First, try sending an IRIS email, with your question. It would at least generate some type of answer. Apparently, you indicated amending your returns will make a difference, but that is unclear to me, since VA income is not taxable and does not show up on our 1040. (My tax accountant told me not to put VA income down, it confuses IRS). But, if you deserve more compensation, at least with VA, you can requ
  17. I retired from the Army active duty in 2013 with 25 years and various combat deployments. I found out that I was 90 percent CRSC and 90 percent from the VA for disability. I got my CRSC letter from HRC and got my letter from DFAS about CRSC in 2018. I am wondering since I have been getting CRDP from the VA can I amend 4 years of my last tax returns if I could have gotten CRSC instead of the CRDP I got from the VA since CRSC would have reduced my taxable income? Thanks for any help!
  18. They didn't, at least not recently. One age is Board expedition, one is regional office expedition. The RO age as been 85 at least 2016. The agree for docket at board expedition didn't change. https://www.knowva.ebenefits.va.gov/system/ws/v11/internal/stream/05067dff-b672-47a3-b3bf-e9c747252c8c
  19. I am thinking the way this NEW AMA Claims System is going is anybody's guess I mean look at the United States of America the state its in Today & where this Great Country is headed is anybody's guess Veterans Are slowly looked at in Congress, we are the ones that helped keep this country free ,but yet the congress people get all the glory and the $$$ Have you ever look at the Salaries these Idiots in congress Gets....its a whopping amount. yet they look down on us Veterans for trying to get our benefit's. (jmo)
  20. Well, the average age of the Vietnam Veteran is 74, so this all makes sense. We have to move the goalpost, Hamslice 85 is the new 75............
  21. Yup, this is something that should be constantly talked about. The VA pulled a fast one with these new forms. Edit: and the kicker is the life expectancy for men in the US is 77.
  22. Since when did the VA change the advancement on the docket age? Advancement on the Docket (AOD) The Board is required by law to review appeals in docket order unless unusual hardship or “other sufficient cause” has been shown to advance a case on the docket. 38 U.S.C. § 7107(a) and 38 C.F.R. § 20.900(c). If applicable, you may submit brief, but complete, reasons to the Board for advancing your case on the docket, which must include supporting documentation to factually demonstrate reasons for advancement. The following are some examples of unusual hardship or other sufficient causes,
  23. The VA needs to have a website: Which form to use when..... (Then there would be software where you put in certain information such as "want to re apply with new evidence" or how to appeal a Higher level review, or maybe add dependents. Currently Vets have to do a search and they may just land on a website where a well meaning vets advocate is giving them dated information, which could be costly to the Veteran, in reference to "which form to use". THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE with AMA, where many procedures and forms changed in Feb. 2019. IMPORTANTLY: The Veteran should know
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  • Most Common VA Disabilities Claimed for Compensation:   


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