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  2. Gotta wait for the envelope in the mail that states it, pst you know that--ebennies isnt reliable until you have it physically in your hands.
  3. It means originally it was denied/closed but can be open for "New and material evidence to reopen" your case. And sounds like you will be getting a C&P call soon to make the appointment.
  4. I still had some remands, and had a C&P for several issues January 2020, some issues going back to claims from the 1990's. I haven't wrote anything down in the forms, comments, because I don't know anything, yet.

  5. Hi all, The 4138 that came with your RAMP decision is no longer valid to appeal those decisions. I believe the final date those were accepted was April 26, 2019. That said, I regularly see those claims opened and then cancelled, because a) not everyone knows the rules, and b) the rules have changed since the implementation of AMA. Your 10182 is the valid form to use to appeal to the BVA for a RAMP decision - or any decision issued on or after February 19, 2019. You can send the 4138 in if you want, but it should be (hopefully will be) ignored. Good luck with your review! Phury
  6. I was treated for OCD through the local VA clinic by seeing a therapist for approximately 3 months, maybe longer, in 2011. After treatment (therapy) I put in a claim for OCD, and was denied, which I suspected and accepted. The VA's rationale was that my OCD was caused by my military service, but, it helped my do my job more efficiently. But that's a different story. Now I am researching my records for a new claim going forward for a different issue and came upon this; ------PTSD Checklist C------ SCALE RAW Total 30 DSM-IV PTSD Criteria B is NOT met DSM-IV PTSD Criteria C is NOT met DSM-IV PTSD Criteria D is met So, after finding that (not sure why I didn't see that before, but then all our records are many) I looked up rating criteria for PTSD, and found that I probably fit the 10% rating quite well, and maybe 30% with a good examiner. Additionally, I know that for PTSD, the doc has to be VA, and in this case the therapist is VA. I have never been to a civilian doc regards PTSD. I am thinking of adding PTSD to my new round of claims with the above VA evidence. What ya think?, Hamslice I know my original claim was for OCD, but they did the PTSD test and it showed D being met, shouldn't they have inferred PTSD? I know the answer, but.
  7. Can someone please explain to me what exactly this means? When I first read it I was super happy because I read GRANTED, then right after DENIED.... What does new ad material evidence to reopen claim even mean? Please help!!!! The Board made a decision on your appeal The Board of Veterans’ Appeals sent you a decision on your appeal. Here’s an overview: Granted The judge granted the following issue: New and material evidence to reopen claim for service connection, Limitation of leg motion (flexion) If this decision changes your disability rating or your eligibility for VA benefits, you should see this change made in 1 to 2 months. Denied The judge denied the following issue: Service connection, Limitation of leg motion (flexion)
  8. I would second this. I generally do the math and calculation manually which....takes time lol. Would be interesting to see if there is one, however, I feel there may be a lot of variables involved in such a calculator. Perhaps too many to create an accurate calculator based on individual circumstances? I may do a little googling later when I am more free.
  9. Thanks everyone! I probably should have included background lol: Submitted as Secondary claim to L. Knee SC on 11/01/19 with all evidence I had and pointed to a specific symptom in my STR (Insomnia). Had CP Exam with VES on 11/19/19. The examiner stated afterwards that she felt she would be able to tie the issues to my L. Knee SC. VA received the CP exam results in December. I assume then the holiday slowed some progress down at that point. For the longest time it had a estimated completion date of March 22, 2020. Then, yesterday (1/21/2020), It was updated to show that it was in the "review and decision" phase with a new estimated completion date of 1/28/2020. Today, it was updated again to "awaiting decision review" with an estimated completion date of 1/25/2020. A few hours later, it showed the new rating of 70% secondary SC to L. Knee, combined at 80% So from 11/01/19 to 1/22/2020 was the entire time line. NOT too shabby it would seem??
  10. AMA BVA docket 4/2019. Evidence submission to BVA.. Decision(s) to be based on evidence of record, with no hearing. tic-toc.
  11. just a thought is there a Retro pay calculator anywhere? i know there are Disability calculators everywhere, and i personal like H&P but what about figuring out retro pay. just to make sure they are paying the right amount- we all know how the VA likes to screw up on claims....whats to stop them from messing up retro pay calcs. any ideas? if not i am thinking of making one up in Excel and posting it here. might take me a min but i am pretty good with excel. would be better if there was one already out there though
  12. Foxhound6 Way to go! Congrats, man. 30% to 80% is nothing to sneeze at. And take Vync's advise. Don't leave anything on the table; put in for whatever you have coming.
  13. I don't know if they would have let it slide on mine, because I knew they were supposed to pay back for any meds I paid out for the new s-c disability. I just called Peggy and asked for an audit and I was reimburse soon afterwards. What I mean is I don't know if they do it automatically, because I asked right away. I'd give it a month and if a deposit didn't show up, I'd do the same again. But it's like Paul was saying recently, you don't always know what a deposit is for. Most of us will probably accept the deposit whether we know what it is for or not!
  14. so i was wrong. they did actually put a description in the letter saying why they only gave me 0%. but like i said- nothing in Ebennies for months now. so we submited HLR last month to get this resolved. do i have to wait for that to be resolved before i can send in a NOD or request for increase? which/what/how should i go about this? thanks guys
  15. i dont think i have paid any copays...but they have hit me up several times for meds and took it out my monthly check a few times.
  16. @awgv001 you near Roanoke VA? you fly fish? hit me up man!
  17. Yesterday
  18. I'm in the same boat, claim filed 2015 - then reopened and denied (no c&p's for me though) - review (denied), ramp (Early 2018), ramp decision Jan 2019 (denied again) - appeal to bva in April 2019. April is my docket date --- still waiting for a hearing currently. So, now we should have our claims in order, and evidence "at the ready" If your POA is the DAV then yes, a DAV rep will be with you at the hearing, both you and the DAV rep get the hearing notice, so they should be getting in contact with you before the day of your hearing. I'd like to see an update of how this goes for you, and good luck!
  19. @broncovet Taking a second glance at it, toward the bottom of RAMP REVIEW RIGHTS "If you are still within your one-year period at the conclusion of RAMP - you may seek review by filing under the new claims and appeals system" Yeah, I'd say its good, but at first glance I was like O_O ohhh nooo... Yes, my claim docket date is for APR 2019, appeal was timely filed, just gotta ride it out and catch some more fish.
  20. Good observation by @broncovet. It would only apply to VA copays, not necessarily for non-VA treatment costs.
  21. The 10182 has a "date" of Feb 2019. You should be good to go..I checked..at least that is the date on the one I looked up. Do you have a copy and what date does it say? The 21-4138 that came with my denial was to opt into ramp, or do stuff like a waiver of RO consideration, if I recall.
  22. My "opinion" (unsubstantiated) is that it wont matter once you have reached the docketing at BVA. If you use the wrong form, the VA is supposed to inform you (duty to assist) and let you know what the right one is. To get to the BVA I think you still file a Form 9. Its been a while and stuff has changed... Regardless, if you have been docketed, I dont see the BVA docketing it, then denying because you used the wrong form. Sometimes, the form gets sent to the wrong address. Did you get a letter from BVA that your case is pending or docketed? If you did I would not worry about it.
  23. They did for me. I went to the "means" office at my VAMC. (I had been paying a deductable and copays for meds through VAMC). I got a refund of around 800 dollars for several years of refunded copays and deductables (but only with meds supplied by VA). Take your new VARO decision with you.
  24. ^_^ Another job well done! Congratulations!
  25. They will not automatically do this. I had to take my award letter to my VAMC's business office and request reimbursement of all co-pays from the VAMC. I think you can do that now by writing a letter, but I don't know if it needs to go to the intake center, VAMC, or elsewhere. Call your VAMC business office and ask.
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