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  2. Question did your first exam the doctor seperate your symptoms on the recent one? That was my case i just had a mental exam other then ptsd done, now I have another TBI review, and ptsd exam because the recent exam the doctor seperated my symptoms. Just a thought of anything similar
  3. Broncovet-20 years ago Bill Clinton was the President, Jesse Brown was the travelling VA Secretary, he went all over the world --but I know of no VA's in Europe, then he resigned in mid 1997, Hershel Gober took over, and the BVA had only 10,223 claims decisions in 1997. And those were the days of "not well grounded" BS. The local VAMC where I live was run by the NSC DOM vets and they called the place a golf club. All of the above has changed. Another lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court charging the VA as causing the suicide of a veteran. Since the Phoenix scandal that too has changed the way some families view the VA and try to speak for the dead. https://www.law360.com/medical-malpractice/articles/937590/chicago-va-hospital-hit-with-suit-over-patient-suicide I get this malpractice stuff at least once a week with a google alert. That too has gotten worse.
  4. April 2017 I was approved for the choice program for a surgery on my right shoulder. I was told to print out the lab history on my shoulder to show the surgeon. And expect a phone call within the next week for scheduling. Two weeks later, no phone call. I contacted them directly and spoke with a rep. I requested a specific doctor in my area who the VA doc recommended. The rep from the choice program said he put the request in and I should receive a phone call within the next couple of days. Two weeks later, no phone call back. I contact the choice program and they inform me they are still waiting. Approximately a week later, receive a phone call from the choice program. Rep tells me they scheduled an appointment for July 3rd at a local hospital. I ask, what about the doctor I requested? Well, he doesn't accept our insurance. Ok...... On today's date, I receive a call from the hospital. Well, she just wanted to verify my appointment on the 3rd for PHYSICAL THERAPY..... I respond, well.. i'm supposed to be getting surgery... She goes on to tell me, yea this wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened with the choice program. I'll have to cancel this request. So I contact the choice program. Explain to the rep what happened [over 4x at that]. "Well sir, you'll have to contact your provider and ask he put in a request for physical therapy then". My response, "I feel like i'm talking to a wall right now. You must not have listened to shit I said." Well if you use profanity it will not be tolerated. "Ok mom". Hang up and call back, spoke with a rep who understood what I was saying. Informs me the request was put in for outpatient services. ie: hospital visit, physical therapy etc. Nothing for inpatient services. So now, almost 3 months lost. Back to step one. Hereeeee weeeee gooooo. About exactly how my apnea test went with the choice program Sorry for the rant
  5. Incentivizes Disability? REally? He must think highly of disabled veterans I am actually sick to my stomach with his choice of words. http://www.militarytimes.com/articles/va-chief-time-to-rethink-disability-system-current-setup-not-sustainable
  6. Been going to the VA FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS & For the past 15 years I just been getting what the VA will give me I've waited many many times over 30 days for appointments no matter how severe I am...don't matter to the VA, The only appointments I get weekly is MH to see the the LCSW Therapist for an hour. I went to private E.R. a few months ago because I could not hardley breath from the flu it was pretty bad anyway fighting with the VA For them to pay the E.R. Bill for a FLU Swab & Diagnoses/Chest X-RAY and no treatment seen Bout 20 minutes and sent me home but we called the VA before we left to the E.R. And VA Triage Nurse told us to go to the Private E.R. so thats what we did its on records in myhealthvet notes. but they ain't paid the darn bill yet. makes me just sick of the VA We are damned if we do and damned if we don't what a choice. eh!
  7. So in a NOD can you introduce new evidence...? In my NOD can I say that it was more a broken hand and that is what is causing the wrist mans hand issues or wou,d I be better off filing a brand new claim....? I almost feel as though when I made my initial claim I put wrist when in all actuality I should have put left hand....... I guess too I was a little naive but not requesting my SMR prior to,starting.
  8. I did the same, within the past month or so. It affected absolutely "nothing", at least as far as Im concerned. It MIGHT result in more money for VA to squander on useless or corrupt projects, such as parties for VA executives or VA Exec bonuses. Some of it may possibly even filter down to help Vets. By the way, Im not oppossed to ALL VA employee bonuses. Here is a great example: Dr. "A" is a surgeon who makes 350,000 per year in private practice. VA tries to recruit him and offers the max of around 180k per year. He says...mmmm...no. I like vets but Im not working for half salary, I have 1.2 million in student loans to pay off from going to medical school for 10 years. Enter Bonus system: Ok, how about if we get you 50,000 bonus, per year, pay all your medical, give you a retirment, and you will never have to pay medical malpractice insurance. You see, VA needs to be able to compete with high paying doctors who are good at what they do. The bonuses Im angry about are the VA executive bonuses where he has no college degree, or maybe a bachelors, and "faked" the wait times to make it look like Vets are seen in 30 days, by instructing the people who make appointments to tell Vets to "call back next month" for an appointment and we will try to work you in, as "the computer" wont let us book an appointment past 30 days. This is absolutely not true..its a lie and a secret waiting list to try to get bonuses for people who dont do much for their 140 grand salary, except figure out how to collect more bonuses. The doc deserves his...he has massive responsibilities for peoples life and a decade of education to pay off.
  9. bump bump Was this the right thing to do? Where or who else should I report this to? I never had insurance since I was working ...20 years ago. Now I am 50 lbs fatter (FAT BELLY)and no teeth and white silver hair more silver and yellow than the presidents eh! I'm UGLY yep....>I'm U.G.L.Y.
  10. It unamiously passed the Senate. I wonder why this was not done, oh, say 20 years ago?? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/06/23/trump-signs-va-reform-bill-following-through-on-campaign-promise.html Trump calls VA the " We Vets already knew that.
  11. Did (he) or you receive a written BVA decision? Ebenefits is notoriously unreliable. You probably want to continue with the appeals depending on what the decision actually stated. Does the BVA have your current address? You wont get the decision unless they do. There are 3 seperate things and they dont talk to each other well, especially when its in our benefit for them to do so: 1. BVA Board of VEterans Appeals. 2. VA Regional Office. They will "implement" the BVA appeal. 3. VHA Veterans health Adminitstration, that is your hospital and VA docs. Make sure they ALL have your correct address...just one or two wont suffice.
  12. I keep repeating this over and over: You need to order your medical records (all of them) and see what the diagnosis was "in service" and what the diagnosis is now, if any. You have to have a current diagnosis, and I certainly dont know if you have one or not. C and P exams CAN "fix" things, and some things can not be fixed by a C and P exam. Keep in mind the Caluza Triangle, required for service connection. You must have all 3, if any one of these is absent or inadequate, its an automtatic, pretty much, denial. A C and P examiner, for example can not "fix" your undocumented "in service event". If those medical records are inaccurate, incomplete, or missing altogether (likely), then a c and P exaam wont make an "in service event" happen. Sometimes, the c and P examiner "may" provide you with the requisite nexus, but that does not always happen either, reminding you the examiner is paid by your opponent. (Of course, Im assuming you have correctly understood that the VA is not a friendly guy that will fight to get YOUR benefits, like the VA would have us beleive. They are, in fact, our adversary as they have a financial interest in the delay or denial of your benefits, regardless of how much smoke VA blows you to the contrary. Its possible your claim is fixed with your submission of "new and material evidence" (38 CFR 3.156 either B or C). Or, you may be a victim of "top sheeting" where the Veteran rating specialist who rated you did not bother to read all your evidence.
  13. who does it help we been getting wrong doing everytime we file a claim for 30 years now what will this do for us , NOTHING IT HELPS TO FIRE EMPLOYEES .I need help firing the POTUS. JUST SAYING
  14. Well the POTUS Sign this today...at least its a good start shows he cares about veterans ( in my opinion) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/06/23/trump-signs-va-reform-bill-following-through-on-campaign-promise.html
  15. never know what this guy will do most talks is from the Secretary nothing from the POTUS
  16. I don't think it will pass and I'm sure others here will agree, we just need to wait until Aug 6th when they take it to the POTUS to sign in a new provision & take the IU Proposal off the table once and for all. Here is a link M berta put up in the above post https://www.stripes.com/news/va-backs-off-budget-proposal-to-cut-benefits-for-disabled-unemployable-vets-1.473551#.WU1re2jyvIV
  17. Gastone, I have not heard a word from the guy that works in the Nashville VA office. He was not a VSO but an employee of the Nashville VA office. Yes, I am 74 and retired with no actual earned income. I am not familiar with filing an IU claim. What is this and what are the benefits/purpose? The main secondary claim I was wanting is hypertension because there are several other potential SC's that might become a factor in the future due to hypertension. One of those is sleep apnea which I have. See these two reports concerning diabetes and hypertension affecting sleep apnea. http://www.aasmnet.org/articles.aspx?id=3935 and https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2799991/pdf/nihms-162897.pdf I have not file for sleep apnea waiting for approval of hypertension as a SC. As I have said, I have been very passive about filing for and following through with VA claims. I have had ptosis of both eye lids before entering service. Several doctors have recommend surgery. I didn't know until I started checking into my current VA claims that ptosis is covered under the VA claims. I agree that none of these SC conditions would rate over 10%. I am at 90% now but receiving compensation at 70% based on the weird system the VA uses. Any advice or information you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Your POTUS is not helping VETERAN he is trying to cut our benefits to help pay for CHOICE PROGRAMS. Why should I have to pay for medical benefits if its already DUE. If I file my medical with SSDI it pays ,Choice have a long processing claims and years before they pay. What doctor can work for this with proper care and wait years for payments???
  19. IU benefits is still on the chopping block. Nothing has change as for as I know. And with the POTUS He just listening to everything his comrades and sign everything he has not read for anything against your former POTUS has agreed to. Cancel everything that this POTUS has succeeded in and too, put us back 20 years from where we have already MADE IT THROUGH. my guess is as good as yours,,"YOU NEVER KNOW"".
  20. When I stated "appeal complete" that is what it said on eBenefits. Where as before it said something to the effect that the appeal was still in process, him and I had looked at it about two weeks before he passed away. He died of lung cancer, he had an appeal open for COPD due to exposure to asbestos and for an increase in his hearing loss.
  21. I have yet to received the letter. Though I am indeed employed.
  22. I sure hope everything works out for u sir
  23. GREAT!!! did the VA say anything about TDIU in the decisions or enclose the TDIU form? Or if not you are probably employed. This is Great News.
  24. I have always gone for treatment and am on a ton of meds.......guess they are giving me all this medication for nothing. My mh rating isn't going to drop even with her bs exam it just wont' increase, there is even a paragraph about my child support. I had mentioned that my son drives a lot of errands, etc. because I do not drive anymore and we had traded in my expedition over 2 years ago because of that and bought him a smaller car. I had said my ex would be happy that he doesn't have to pay support anymore because he is turning 18 (she was saying she receives zero support) and I said my ex makes over 98K and is an officer with over 30 years so he doesn't really have a choice. She then put in the notes that I have an expedition and my husband makes over 98k per year and that how much I receive in child support, none of which have any bearing on my mh. She simply needed to only say that I don't need a fiduciary when she asked about financial stuff, I answered her questions.........she didn't have to make it sound like we were rich. My husband quit a job making over 100k with very good benefits to stay home to care for me and the kids (we still have one under school age) when I can't do it. He makes under 50 and is self employed so that is a huge difference, self employment taxes, ss etc. makes it MUCH. She made it sound like we are rich. The narrative about the income was more than any other paragraph about my actual mental health. That seems wrong. I am 90% IU PT so she can go take a flying leap.
  25. Great discussion topic. We will break it down. John
  26. Thank you Broncovet...........this was probably the best written advice I've received. I will admit that I am assuming the injury is in my SMR as I don't have a copy. I guess I'm assuming because I was treated at Womack Arny Medical Center, but wouldn't be the first time they e "lost" records. Imdo jave what I feel is residual effects that have developed over the last year or two. Some lack of motion and maybe arthritis. I would have felt better about the denial if they had at least examined it in a C&P exam. They did my ankle that I sprained and was awarded 10%. for the denial it says: Explanation: service connection for left wrist condition is denied since this condition neither occurred in nor was caused by service. Now that I read it it may be because I didn't claim the proper injury. I said wrist and it was actually a fracture to the bone in the left hand between the pinky and the wrist.....commonly known as a "boxers" fracture. Could that be the reason...? anyways, the info you gave greatly helps me out. Thank you
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