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      A. I was previously denied for apnea – Should I refile a claim?

      I was diagnosed with apnea in service and received a CPAP machine but claim was denied in 2008. Should I refile?

      B. I may have PTSD- how can I be sure?

      I was involved in traumatic incident on base in 1974 and have had nightmares ever since, but I did not go to mental health while enlisted. How can I get help?

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    • Exams that were being sent strictly to contractors before, due to VAMCs not being open, are starting to be routed back to VAMCs. This is going forward from last Friday- not sure if prior scheduled exams will be re-created for VAMC vs vendor.
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  2. It's pretty straightforward but if you don't have strs for trying to show schizophrenia then PTSD might be his only shot. So yeah, he'll at least have to write it down if the need a 21-0781, but with a bronze star he shouldn't.
  3. He was awarded the Bronze Star.. It isn't in his records. I sent it in with him claim.. The VSO said not to go the PTSD route, because he would have to talk about the service. He doesn't do that. He has been heavily medicated since 1980. He had PTSD for years before his Schizophrenic diagnosis. My father mentions all this in his records from the hospital in 1980. Thank you all for your help... I feel so confused..
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  5. It’s been quite the opposite for me over the last few days...new updates every day
  6. If you can prove rvn combat service (combat medals, orders, etc) PTSD is presumed, at least for the purposes of exams. That gets rid of having to prove element 2 (evidence in record of in service event). JSRRC can research for proof of stressor unless you already have that. I know you are claiming schizophrenia, but had heever had a workup for PTSD? Could he have been misdiagnosed? Just throwing that out there....
  7. When did he get this denial? I don't see the evidence list but the VA did indicate they did not reveal any service nexus regarding the schizophrenia. Whether VA put the SMRs on the Evidence or not , they might have simply breezed through them.. He can request his SMRs via NARA again - but they might still be at the VARO , if you have filed a timely NOD. Years ago I requested my dead husband;s SMRs and 201 Personnel file, from the USMC and from the US Navy. I got all of the Navy records a few months later but the letter with them said his USMC SMRs were at the Buffalo RO (where they were supposed to be as I had accrued claims in progress there.) NARA https://www.archives.gov/veterans They ( the SMRs) would be critical to this claim. Does he recall any MH issues that were documented in his SMRs by any medical person while he was in service? or put on his Discharge Certificate?
  8. Good question. Probably because the contractors make their own decisions for full staffing or not and vamc and VBA are on phased reopening. Ive been working from home for four months.
  9. Congratulations! Not sure how you are thinking but as long as you continue to work, you don't qualify for TDIU. TDIU (Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability) this benefit is for those veterans who disability(ies) has not reached 100% and their service connected disability(ies) make them unable to work and unemployable. VA would then grant them TDIU. If you did decide to leave/quit your job, you would still be rated 100% P & T SMC and you would not qualify for TDIU because it would simply pay the same rate.
  10. Recently I been through two "C and P" exams. First exam was ACE from a non VA provider and the information moved into the file within two days. Second exam was a "tele" "C and P" exam from a VA provider almost three weeks ago and the VBA still has not received the results. Why does it take so long on the VA side of house?
  11. I use Woods and Woods also and waiting on backpay, judge granted me my TDIU on May 20th but my RO is Phoenix and they are slow, my question is.... so you got your money from the VA itself and it wasnt sent to the lawyer first and then they issue it to you? Was curious how that process worked. I was under the impression ALL money went to the lawyer and then they sent us our share (so to speak). Am I wrong? If so, that makes me very happy that it wont take even longer for more people to touch it it and sent it out to me.
  12. In reference to the hospital records. If you can find out the hospital name, you can ask VA to request the records or you can contact the hospital and ask them where do they send their old records. Years ago I filed a claim for aggravated condition because I fractured my ankle prior to military service and the VA said I never had a fractured ankle. I contacted the hospital where I was treated and they found the records and sent them to me. It was at least 20-25 years but the records were found.
  13. Well I know that VA.gov and ebenefits is not to be trusted but there has been no change in case numbers. Has anyone seen any changes on VA.gov or ebenefits.
  14. To answer Bert's question.. I have his military file. Is that the same as the SMR's? Because there is no medical records in there.
  15. Thanks Everyone.. My brother left the service in 1970. His first claim was in 90. The hospital did it.. We didn't even know. The VSO said his first claim only had hospital and medical stuff from 1985. The new claim from 2019, which we had the VSO, said there was no new evidence since the old claim, so it was denied. I sent for records from the hospital and we received new records from 1980 stating a diagnosis of schizophrenia. And they state that he was in a local army hospital in 1972. I don't have those records. So there is new evidence. I will post the denial letter today...
  16. Aron Your condition, symptoms and ratings should be identified here http://www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/theeyes.html#system . If you feel that your final rating is less than what you deserve, take your exam to a specialist and see if he would rate/diagnose more severe conditions. That is an IMO; then you appeal again.
  17. Very likely a 5 year exam as others have pointed out. Go in and do it, the best advice ive heard is when you do these exams and answer questions is put yoruself in the mindset of the worst day you had recently in regards to symptoms and effects, dont talk about how you are feeling that minute especially if its a good day because the C&P is a snapshot that becomes how you have felt from your last exam to now, there is no nuance in it. No need to stress about it espeically before or after the exam. IF IF IF they try and reduce you go back start getting your VA & private (if applicable) medical records and anywhere you talk about that disability put those pages (or print them) aside. Prior to the 5 year mark you can be reduced WITHOUT showing improvement over time. Then get a IMO doc to look at your records. Look up the doc that did your C&P find out their bonafides and find a IMO doc that has more. Then when you get the report back from them send it in with all the medical evidence. I would also look at the specific C&P exam notes that led to the reduction and see what they wrote. Then in a sworn statement explain if the doctor misunderstood and answer, maybe you were nervous and rushed it to get it done, maybe he left things out and paint a picture of why those answers dont lead to the conclusions he drew. in 2015 i was freaked out by being put in a psych wing at the VA for a C&P PTSD exam. i rushed through said (fine, good, etc) to get out of there and they tried to reduce me. Obviously dont do that but my IMO along with explanation helped to get the VA to drop the reduction. All that being said dont assume the worst, a reduction is just a maybe, not a guarantee so go in for the C&P and explain how bad it is and how it affects you
  18. Without knowing the details its hard to give good advice. Attorneys can only collect a max of 20% of your backpay so to me its a no brainer once you have gone down the VSO/solo route and been denied on appeal, especially when your next step is the BVA or CACV. Now if you are at say 84% and the claim is for a disability that would be rated at 10% and your only talking a few hundred bucks extra month with 2 years backpay youre only talking about say $4500 total back pay with attorney fee being $900. This will affect whether a good attorney wants to work with you. If however, you have a significant increase and large backpay due if you win a good attorney will be more likely to want to take your case. its not about fair its about the fact they have to do alot of work and possibly hire docs for IMO's and if the payout is tiny you cant expect them to take your case. Personally if youve been denied 3 times (and its a initial, nod, supplemental) and youre looking at the BVA next then definitely hire a attorney. Start now to collect ALL the documentation and get your C-File. Dont miss your appeal date and start asking around different firms ( @broncovet had good suggestions above) There are good VSO's and bad VSO's the problem is unless youve worked with them before theres not rating/yelp system for them so you have NO idea if they will work your case or just do the minimum. I dont completely buy into the VA/VSO conspiracy but I do think theres something to the fact they are dependent on the VA for aspects of their job/position. Combined with the fact that VSO's get the same amount whether you win and get 100k backpay or lose and get 0, an attorney has a much bigger incentive to do more work and win your case. Yes you lose 20% of your backpay BUT the solo/VSO route has not only given you 100% of 0 but also wasted years of your life. I am more than happy to come home with 80% of X backpay than 100% of 0
  19. Oddly enough this was the last OGC Pres Op published in 2019 and there are none so far in 2020. The General Counsel's Office has been greatly affected by the Covid situation- like many parts of VA Central. I was going to post this today but realized I already did when it was published. It concerns me that we have not had many Blue Water AO vets here.....or even their survivors. But if they fall into HR 299, ( have AO presumptive disability and ship's logs verify they were in 10 Mile limit, during the war ), their claims would be easy for VA to handle. I hope.
  20. Absolutely. The VA can and in many cases will ignore evidence at the RO level no matter how compelling. IMO's done by legitimate specialists are REALLY hard for them to ignore especially at the appeal level. I will however say that not all IMO's are equal. The VA is very military in its approach to expert opinions, higher rank always wins. If you had a NP do your C&P exam for migraines and you get a IMO from a neurologist youll win. Conversely if you see a sleep specialists and VA psychologist and they say you ahve sleep apnea but its not caused by your PTSD and you get your local NP to write up a DBQ/opinion that states it is you will lose. The more experience, more degrees, more boards they belong to the better.
  21. Buck, there are so many reasons for a denial that I do hope the poster will attach the redacted decision. It might be missing one or more of the Caluza elements. I wanted to add as well....neither a VSO, vet rep, or lawyer can perform a miracle. On the other hand, many if not most of us here, have done better with our claims, by representing ourselves. The past vet reps I had did not have a clue. I was at the VAMC one day and could hardly believe what I heard my vet rep tell a PTSD veteran. Luckily I saw the vet later going to his car and I gave him the best advice he could get-I knew that would make his PTSD claim succeed. Here is Caluza : 1. current diagnosis 2. In service event or aggravation. 3. Nexus. From Broncovet's many posts on this basic VA regulation. The nexus factor means the 'link' to an inservice event, documented illness, or accident in service. I do not feel that many vet reps fully explain that to claimants. Caluza cannot be repeated enough and I appreciate that Broncovet brings it up often. But a denial can be based on far more things than just Caluza- we just dont know until we see the decision.
  23. Well they can certainly pull her SS MEDICAL RECORDS SHE HAS A TON OF THEM, ALSO SHE HAS A TON OF VA MEDICAL RECORDS, if she was a veteran & service connected for all her medical problems she has she more than likely would be getting the top SMC's I can't hardly stand to see her this way.but I am all she got and I have my medical problems too so we both try to make do the best way we can.
  24. Yeah of course we would never ''write in'' the medical language Dr's Uses that's pure fraud. It would be easier if they did pull all her medical records its all in there about her medical problems and there is tons of records from SSA & VA.....if she had a C-FILE it would be dozens of boxes full and may take at least two CD's to put it all in.....seriously. I was reading a BVA Case and one of the reason they denied was because the Dr never mention the severity of the disability's and basically he did not state what the disability's were that kept the claimant from doing her daily activities. Dr 's I guess just don't have the time to write out things like this, his nurse is the one that ask us about all this she recommended we ask the Dr for a letter and this is what he sent us. They all know her at the Dr's office clinic she has to have special accommodations just to get in to see the Dr. If VA won't help that's fine were sure not going to beg them. but they have help her before they saved her life one time back in 2005 she had open heart triple heart by pass surgery. just months right after that they closed down the citi program for 100% veterans spouses. And now she is prone to get Pneumonia very easy/let alone this corona-virus...so we very seldom get out of the house..were moving now down sizing I guess you could say, so I am looking for us a smaller home.
  25. VietnamVetFam- Since the claim was denied twice, you will need New and Relevant Evidence to reopen the claim. The VA, within the past decisions, stated why the claim was denied. Have you been able to overcome that denial by obtaining what they said they still needed? Can you scan and attach here their last denial? (Cover C file # and name prior to scanning it.) Do you have the veteran's complete SMRS, In service Personnel file, and copy of their C file?
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