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  2. Iam getting forgetful in my older age...I had a dispute with a fellow Vet today at my Vet Center...I said send it to The Janesville Claims Intake Center...he says send it to your R.O. I guess were both correct but since the enactment of the Claims Intake Center...Everything goes through them and they send or place the records /correspondence where they need to be. jmo Anyone?
  3. Roger That. Remember in a therapy session we can talk about anything we want to talk about . if you find things that help your PTSD/anxiety Share it with your therapist and be sure to let him know that if you don't do it or do the things that you have learned along the way to make you cope better your anxiety will go through the rough...my therapist says I tend to mask mine feelings of reality by going to my room to Isolate my self when I have panic attacks. He says I am judging people and know what their thinking...I said I don't know what their thinking its what I'm thinking eh!!! I do understand when he says I'm making things worse on my self to go to my room when I have panic attacks...maybe so but its what helps me.
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  5. Now it's back to Prep and for one week I've been told anyday now I can see the decision you'll be fine just wait and now. So I wait and I see it moves back and anyday turn into the end of October. What the hell is wrong with these people for days I'm told don't worry then today I'm told well it happens sometimes.. I answered it happens everytime and then I have to appeal because they've never gotten it right the first time. I hung up after that... the language in my head right now toward Peggy or Tom or whatever his name is fluding my brain housing group...has anyone ever had this happen or maybe just a day glitch I'm hoping the office of case told me this morning it should be 2 to 3 days Top then Bamm oh wait it seems they missed something what else could they have missed? I was told today I'm 100% P and T im not getting any retro just some local property tax help with this new decision which could help me out tremdously.If they had a decision that was about to be approved and it was apparently good for me as I was told why the change of heart? Does not sound good I'm clueless as usually... Ebenefits Fockery
  6. Am I Wasting My Time?

    Ms. Berta! I am loving all of this information you are sending my way! Thank you! Fascinating stories and information! My husband's DD214 shows Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal and Vietnam Service Medal -09Jun69 and yes, in box 30, under remarks, it says "served in Vietnam." He was on CBMU 301 and I have 'enlisted performance evaluations' stating this and that he was serving at a forward combat base in RVN and had fire/security watches in DONG HA. The evaluations range in time from 09JUL69-16MAR70. Are these allowed dates for AO claims? I mailed in the form 21P-534EZ. As I only mailed in the DD214 as proof of service in Vietnam, will I most likely need to send in these performance evaluations? Of course, now, I will need to wait until assigned a "case number?" Thank you again for ALL your info!
  7. I'm trying to help out my father in law get setup with better health care. He was a Marine in 1955. His wife, bless her, has a hard time wrapping her head around how to get more help. She looks after him and her 92 year old mother (the lady really has her hands full!). Here's what i know: -His feet were damaged by frost bite, because they did not give them insulated boots in winter. And he was given shoes that were 1 1/2 size too small. -The above is NOT on record. -He received surgery at the VA hospital for his hip and they put the bone back in wrong (which makes his leg crooked) and they cut something connected with his lymphatic system so now his legs and feet swell up with fluid. As a result, his active lifestyle (he was an avid cycler and lifted weights) abruptly stopped and he is now housebound and severely depressed. I was also told he signed something about not suing them for the shoddy work when his wife was not present. -He falls almost once a week. -We learned recently his wife should be receiving caregivers benefit, but she is not. We were given this info by an amazing nurse at the VA hospital. She told him she was told by the social worker she was not entitled and he told us the social worker is lying. -The nurse had suggested the above (she should get a caregivers benefit)as well, he should be on disability & we should file a case with a lawyer or Morgan & Morgan. What are your thoughts on where I should start? I also saw a youtube video about a benefit for an extra $340 with disability if you are housebound... but this was a result of his surgery at the VA hospital and not active duty...does that count? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We're worried about our parents and leaving them alone at this point. He needs 24 hour care. Thank you in advance, Angela
  8. eBenefits SNAFU

    Same here I was told Claim was closed and now back in the preparation for a decision in 4 hours ...
  9. Yeha and Peggy just said I'm awaiting final review someone messaged me from the Va saying my decision. Is 2 to 3 days away. And now it's back to Prep for a decision yet again I seriously hate this game!! Another called they say it's been updated to Prep for notification oct 30 completion date so confused going to drive me insane called back again bc the woman before spoke very little English and I couldn't understand her but apparently it is back in Prep for a decision WTF
  10. P&T notice.

    Congrats to you guys. I think I have finally talked hubby int filing iu. He needs to file for sleep apnea too. But the dr that did the sleep study has retired. And his records were supposed to be sent to family dr. Nope. Local hospital ha some of them. But I'm not sure it is enough. Guess I will have to go see what they have. He retired in 2008 and has not worked since then. He has went down hill pretty fast. Is it going to matter that he is retired? He retired out of the coast guard in 92. Completely retired at 62. Will how much he makes have any effect on this. He gets his coast gaurd retirement. And 3 small retirements from police and sheriff department, after 92. And then of course va disability. Which is 80 now.. will any of that knock him out of iu. We would probably submit iu for around 2010, that is when he started having fainting problems, and had a blood clot in his lungs. I was just looking on ebenefits and see they approved a claim for neuropathy on the lower extremity right side 10 percent added , so he is 20 on that side. But they did not approve the other side. At least according to ebenefits. Nothing extra for his hearing. But I pulled up the nots from the c and p. And on bothe sides for the neuropathy, it ask if this effects him being able to work and the examiner checked yes. Of of course the appeal he has in, his drs checked yes on dbq. So will that be in his favor? He really has a problem walking sometimes, his feet hurt so bad. Says his toe feels like sausages. You know I saw where an 80 something yr old filed for iu. And got turned down! He was a world world ll vet. What a slap in the face. Why would they turn him down! i know I have said this in the past, but I value all of your advice.
  11. Conflict yes or no

    Maybe I miss said this . In my bank account for the direct deposit from S.S. it say's from SSA ? is that the same as SSDI ?
  12. Spider-Man, my hubby has valvular disease. Had had his aortic valve replaced in sept of 13. He had aortic stenosis too. He had ther vavlves,but two were fused together. The doctors are hearing the murmur again. He put a claim in, in 2010 as secondary to diabetes. It was denied. I have found new info they have come out saying that it is connected to diabetes. Even some other claims that have been approved. So I'm going to take info to his private cards and the surgeon, and see if they can write something up so I can reopen this claim. Did they approve your claim for valvular disease right off. Or did you have to wait until you had to have surgery? Do you have trouble or pain when you bend over? My hubby does.
  13. C P Rectal Exam?

    sarman you should have complied with the C&P Examiner (jmo) I can't say what your rating may end up ? but it don't make you look good as for as an examination to deny the examination.....unless this examiner was not qualified? if that is your reason to deny the rectal examination then report that to the C&P Cheif.
  14. Good afternoon to all, I currently am 100% P&T VA, and Permanent Medically Retired from the Navy as of 2016. I have a few disabilities that were incurred in OEF. How do I go about applying for CRSC? My local VSO helped me apply back in 2014 when I was 80% VA T&P, and Temporary Retired from the Navy. He was not very helpful and one of those Vets that receives 10% disability and does not like to help fellow Vets, even though that is his job. I just want to make sure that I submit it right and proper, with the documentation to support it. Thanks in advance, and wish all of you a Blessed Day.
  15. PTSD/MST & CRSC?

    Sorry to cut in on the chat guys. I just wanted to ask, I am medically retired from the Navy for Crohns Disease, but in my signature you can see all of my Granted VA SCs. I applied for CRSC, when I was first retired in 2014, but I was new to all of this and did not know what I was doing. I currently do not receive my Navy Retired Pay. Can I apply for CRSC? and if so, How do you guys recommend I begin the process. Thanks in advance, and apologize for the interuption. God Bless
  16. From S to R2?

    jfrei, Boy do i know about that dye, i throw up every time I have to do the brain scans, every 6 months at ft worth va. My cranial nerve damage is actually my tongue. The Military DRs burned and cut my tongue along with my throat 6'' by accident and didnt tell me until, it required a second emergency surgery. The VA admitted it was a botched surgery, but had no rating or that particular issue, so the VA granted SC disability under Cranial Nerve damage stating that it is an issue in the head area. Sorry to hear of your issues.
  17. Oh man, that stinks. I hope they get you taken care of soon. Keep in mind that stuffing the piggy bank is always a good way to save, as long as it it hidden away in a safe place from fire/theft. I usually stash away a couple of $20's from every paycheck in my fireproof box. You can also go to the store and get $20 cash back. My wife is always astounded at how I always seem to have money for the holidays. I've been through divorce and left with debt, but what helped me was to listen to Dave Ramsey's radio show and his financial peace university class. Consider calling into his show and asking for his opinion and advice. I called in and won tickets to his seminar that came to my city. It took some time, but made a difference for me. It might be worth checking out before you go the ch. 7 route, but I realize that option may be necessary to protect yourself. Well, whatever happens, I wish you the best of luck.
  18. Wow Buck, I think you asked the right question. Also, keep in mind that there are a variety of therapy approaches. I noticed some counselors tend to try to stick to a single therapy for an extended period, even if it is not helping you, because it may have a good success ratio in case studies. What really matters is are you seeing improvement? If you tried one approach for a while without success, don't feel afraid to ask to try something different.
  19. smc math

    Could I get some advice and a push in the right direction if possible please? I am 100% p&t for bipolar since 2011. I was recently hospitalized and the doctor diagnosed me there with MST PTSD. He wrote this in my records and I believe I can prove service connection for this issue. I don't know if I can get additional SMC or if it will only serve to change my bipolar diagnosis to something else to include the ptsd or is it a seperate and different issue? I certainly don't want to lose what I already have. What to do? How to proceed if at all?? Thanks so much. Bonnie
  20. They have been helping veterans win their claims. They understand the Regulations and uses them as guidelines for their claimants. Join us for this informative show. To call in dial 347 237 4819 option 1 To listen, click this link. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/haditcom/2017/09/21/haditcom-podcast-with-guest-speaker-james-cripps-and-ray-cobb
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