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  2. Trump is a bold faced liar. I hate his "Make America Great" slogan which I think he only applies to the wealthiest. Looks like the democratic party will SURGE due to the animosity Trump has toward disabled people. Not just vets BTW.
  3. Berta this one was cut and dry. A vet service connected for a lung disorder except asthma and has Pulmonary HTN shall be rated 100 percent regardless of PFT results. J
  4. Thanks Berta, I agreed from the get go, and have had many examples of the military following their regulation(s) when is was a Army clerk. The VA is probably no different. Just becaue "you think" something should be, dosen't make it so. Even when it makes perfect sense in your mind. Hopefully, someone stepped up and did the right thing, Hamslice
  5. To reopen, you will need new evidence. I reopened one claim and won with new evidence. An appeal, from what I read, you can ask for a re-look with a different rator (senior rator?), with or without new evidence. Your can ask for a reconsideration, which is not a thing, but they will take it and maybe look at it again. Or as one of the advertisers on here says, do all three. The other thing that I see here is, is that the rater may not have seen the DBQ from the doctor, and only used the one from your C&P. Did you submit the DBQ from the doctor as evidence?, you personally? My bet is the rater never saw the doc's DBQ. The VA probably asked and got the treatment records from the doc, but not the DBQ, because they use theirs from their C&P. Veterans need to remember that there is a big difference between VA comp and VA healthcare. They do NOT work together. They are not going to look for another DBQ, etc. Just sayin, Hamslice
  6. Your very observant with the two topics lol
  7. HELP... Filed for DRO 07/2015 Indianapolis no word since. Is their a normal time frame for this or is it just a long process. Thanks
  8. If it's possible to seperate the TBI from the other two MH combining them into one mental health issue rating. How would the TBI be rated?
  9. @ArNG11, nah, joke was fine. My PTSD due to MST will finish long before that. He the psych eval for that last Wednesday. Doc said "definitely PTSD" said "more than enough evidence here and with my therapist's notes." So now we wait. Good to see you again, my friend. Andy
  10. The old one is in preparation for decision. And I submitted my new one and they still haven't closed my old claim?
  11. Yesterday
  12. @buck thank you great info!
  13. At this point I'm well beyond the recon time for SSDI but could always submit a new claim I guess
  14. By the way, I have also been diagnosed with and am being treated for PTSD by the local VA clinic. The diagnosis was by a Psychiatric NP, who has prescribed me Zoloft (which has helped me alot), Prazosin (which gives me bad headaches) and Wellbutrin (Which I'll have to quit as it causes me to be angry, hostile and have rage issues).
  15. I do not give out my personal info. The decision will tell you more.
  16. Did your request from NARA your complete 201 Personnel file? It might be in that. Don't forget-the VA accepts outcry statements....in essence 'buddy statements from anyone who knew of this incident right after it happened.(outcry)..it could be a unit member or a family member and they could give a detailed statement on your behalf to the VA. The VA needs to have their contact info and they should either write an oath on the statement ( or use a 21-4138-I think it has an oath on it) or get their signature notarized. Your unit will surely have a web site and maybe even a Reunion Roster or ' looking for' area. Sometimes a buddy can be found by simply googling their name and trying to narrow that down.
  17. Awesome thanks for the tool I meant to say thanks when I first saw this
  18. From what I'm told the doctor separated my symptoms from my STBI and my 2 Mh diagnosis PTSD and my chronic AD. So I in theory I should get 2 ratings one for the physical part of my sTBI which he stated was caused by my ignition switch of my car defect and was also won in an appeal already. The PTSD exacerbated the AD which was caused by my terroristic threats... fingers crossed
  19. Did the VA know you are now unemployed? If so they should have made a statement regarding TDIU....and even enclosed the 21-8940 form for you. I assume that you might have become unemployed after you filed the claim and didnt let them know. By all means file for SSDI. If SSDI solely awards for PTSD, that will be prime facie evdience of TDIU. Meantime if VA awards TDIU upon receipt of the TDIU app, that is prime facie evidence for SSDI. The SSA works a lot faster than the VA does. They-SSA-awarded in mere months for my husband's PTSD ( He had 30% VA SC rating-Vietnam Combat vet) VA awarded 100% P & T for SC PTSD.....he had already been dead for almost 2 years by then. Make sure that SSDI learns of any TDIU award you get and make sure VA knows of any SSDI award you get-if it is Solely for PTSD.
  20. If you are an incountry OIF OEF veteran, the new 2010 PTSD regulations will help you. They relaxed some of the evidentary requirements for Iraq/Afghanistan veterans. There is info on this at the top of the PTSD forum here as well as with other posts here. This link here shows what I mean- the vet was OIF/IOEF but there are pitrfalls to some of these claims: Vets who do not fall under the 2010 regulations will need 1. A VA MH diagnosis of PTSD 2. Proof of stressor ( CAR, CIB, oand/or PH on DD 214 - will cause VA to conceded evidence of stressor 99% of the time- we had one vet here with the CAR and they denied him for PTSD) 3. They will need to adequately explain the stressor if not under # 2 to allow the VA to run the stressor through JSRRC (Joint Services Records Research Center) Best to give time, date, if possible, details when and where ,and how your MOS put you into the stressor incident. WE have info here under search on Stressor what is and what isnt---and also Buddy Statement info if you need to get an eye witness account from someone in your unit who also witnessed the stressor. MST PTSD claims are a little different and they too have info here. Non combat PTSD claims can succeed as well as combat PTSD claims. It all depends on one thing....EVIDENCE.
  21. I read my DBQ he said he is able to differentiate between the mental DX by symptoms but not able to show but he's not able to differentiate the level impairment for occupational is due to my TBI or my MH diagnosis. Now the second sounds like they can lump together? He listed the symptoms for each seperate dx I thought I was going to be safe....
  22. CAVHO - Hi sorry for your situation and prayers for healing. This procedure may actually help your diagnosis. Frontal lobectomy is the removal of a portion of a frontal lobe. It is the second most common type of epilepsy surgery, after temporal lobectomy. ... After a frontal lobectomy, 30% to 50% of patients are free of seizures that impair consciousness or cause abnormal movements. I have had mixed responses with the letters - I sometimes get help, a response and sometime get no response at all. I would go directly to the Congressman's local office in your area - I think face to face works better. Senator Cornyn of Texas is helping with the blocking of the inmate who assaulted me in the military, keeping constant communication via snail mail. I know I am blessed. Good Luck L
  23. Hey everyone, I am hopping as a community you guys can help me out. Its going to be a bit of a long drawn out story but please bare with me. I separated from the USMC in February of 2012. It has been a bit of a roller coaster of a ride with the VA. I have been increased, decreased, increased, decreased and increased on more time in my rating. I do not remember a single time that I did not have a claim submitted to the VA post discharge. Anyway on to the main topic at hand. On approximately April 8th 2016 my doctor diagnosed me with Degenerative Disk Disease, Bulging Disk, and Pars Defect. On that same day he placed a 20lb lift restriction on me until we could get it fixed and due to that lift restriction, I lost my job. I was unable to perform the duties I was hired to do. We tried all the conservative methods of fixing it and nothing worked. He then referred me to a surgeon who said that the only thing that would fix it surgery. Upon scheduling the surgery I went to see the VA here in my county who advised me to put in for Convalescence Compensation. They helped me fill out the paperwork and submit it. They told me that I could get the Temporary 100% for the entire time I was out of work due to a Service Connected Disability. On March 20th 2017 almost a year later, I went in for surgery. They ended up fussing the L5 and S1. Once the surgeon opened me up he realized it was worse than they had thought. Originally they planned on putting on Titanium rod and two screws. I ended up with Two rods, four screws and a spacer. On March 28th 2017, they denied my Convalescence Compensation. I then contacted my rep at DAV and he told me that I submitted it to early and they would only pay from the date of the surgery. He then helped me resubmit for it. Yesterday on May 23rd, 2017 they denied me again. I am at a loss. I have struggled for over a year to take care of my family. On April 28th 2016 just 20 days after I lost my job my daughter was born. I started attending school again in as a contingency plan that I would never be able to return to my old career. Also during that time period my Home was completely destroyed during Hurricane Mathew. I am at a loss on what to do now. Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can turn to and what I can do? Thanks
  24. I don't think they (congress) thinks about the bad impact this would have on millions of veterans. I don't see how this will ever be passed. They need to think about other more important things like getting our military built up so we will have a fighting chance with Russia and that is forthcoming in my opinion.
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