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  2. You can also file online for an increase as well as new disabilities. During the online process you also have the option of uploading all your support documents (if you have an electronic copy). This way the claim effective date would be today. It is just another option besides mailing it in. Good luck with our claim!
  3. quote from demodemon7 ]Since being SC at 50% PTSD in 2014, I have been in numerous treatment programs spanning 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. All time periods were for up to 6 months-one year.'' was you hospitalized every 6 months from these past years? what were you hospitalized for? PTSD? Uncontrollable anxiety was you placed in the PTSD Ward 6 months each of these years.? 2015,2016,2017 and 2018?..if all above is true you may want to disagree with the 50% rating because to me it sounds like you should be 100% and if you win this they should go back to the date you got your 50% in 2014 or the date you filed for increase. Now with this said if your in therapy treatment for Mental Health I don't think you can file on that m but it is substantial to your MH Claim. what ever you do please stay in treatment and worry about a claim later just remember the time limits you have when disagreement with your claims.
  4. Thank you Shrek, I’ll keep everyone updated. I think it’s because I have a TBI clinic evaluation with Neurologist Scheduled and that was mentioned in C&P although I do have the diagnoses it’s just for further evaluation. SwiftSig
  5. bronco is right. You need a medical doctor to link them in one way or another. I always to a statement, but that is just me. As for writing this you need to talk about how you ptsd is affecting you sleep apnea. How it is aggravating it.
  6. If you get 100% scheduler you can make any income you want. I do not know your age and your full disability picture so it might be hard for me to relate. I went on IU because I was working and found I could no longer work. I was released from my job when my doctor filed a report on my condition, I was possibly looking at getting fired anyway due to lack of ability to continue at my job at a satisfactory performance. I had gone on family leave and when I was supposed to come off of family leave I just could not do it. I now have two grandchildren that we are raising so I understand monetary commitments.
  7. The obvious answer is to get your medical records, and compare your symptoms to the criteria, to find out if your symptoms warranted 70 percent, or higher way back when. If you do this, you can get an idea of what will happen, that is, if you wind up with a Fenderson staged rating.
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  9. Very rarely, (in loose terms) the VA will issue a Fiduciary Proposal for Vet that is rated %70. In my case, I’m %100 for PTSD, and I’m about to go through the Fiduciary Process, haven’t got the proposal but, I did get a call from AMC in DC about the Brady Bill and being found incompetent according to my last DBQ while my appeal was granted by the BVA. My spouse,(16yrs) I will appoint to be my Fiduciary, I know I’m the last person to be handling money and I admit that. My retro is on hold but, it is what it is. Glad to hear that y’all keeped the rating but, let sleeping dogs lie.
  10. Alex recently discussed denials of SMC's. SMC is inferred, whenever you meet the critieria. So, for effective date purposes, you dont have a "date of claim", your effective date is the date you first met the criteria. This changes things. He suggests you simply re apply. I tried to find his post on this, can not locate it right now.
  11. I swear I could be a case study for the VA's process of straight blanket denials. My C-File is devoid of really anything useful. There are no rater notes anywhere the tells me how they came up with their decisions. The documents that have the most information is the statement of case I received when I filed my appeal back in 2010. Other than that it took me a while to find anything a VARO actually did. In fact the only reason there is any detailed information is because I filed a notice of disagreement. Otherwise there would be very little information in my file. It appears my denials are based of the initial review for benefits after I separated in 1996. The reason is stands out is because in the statement of case for my 2009 denial for back benefits a statement is included from my 1996 denial with the exception of a major key point.... the dates. My most recent statement of case states. SMRs showed episodes of discomfort sprain, and spasms from without a diagnosis of a chronic condition. Here is where a big problem exists..... the entire statement actually reads SMRs showed episodes of discomfort sprain, and spasms from 02 86 to 08-29 89 without a diagnosis of a chronic condition. The dates were omitted in my 2009 denial and the sad thing is that there is at least 6 visits to the doctor after 1989 for back issues. It is like they did not review any of medical records after 1989. All in all getting my C-File helps me because I see that the VA has no real intention of giving me benefits. My files shows that if I am going to actual beat them I need to hand feed them every single disability step by step.
  12. I just spoke to Brian Tally: https://americanmilitarynews.com/2019/04/op-ed-a-va-legal-loophole-ruined-my-life-and-now-i-want-to-change-the-law/ There is more in the FTCA forum, however, we are seeking anyone who was denied a FTCA case, because the doctor, nurse, dentist, etc, etc who malpracticed on them was a Federal Contractor. Also anyone whose Section 1151 claim was denied because their doctor was a federal contractor and not employed by the VA. I will give contact info if anyone replies- These would be cases where you had a strong IMO/IME that supported the malpractice charges...meaning you had a solid case, but the VA would not take responsibility for the malpractice. And we would like to know if you then filed in a Federal District Court- if you did.
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    • Help needed bad  Male MST
      Is there anything for a man who's been diagnosed with PTSD secondary to MST. I see all this information and it's primarily speaking as if it only happened to females. If anybody has any advice for a man who suffers from this condition please let me know I'm not alone. Also let me know of any coping skills you've learned as I have lived the last 25-30 years of my life in full flight from reality. 
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    • Occasionally it becomes necessary for HadIt.com to come to the community to help raise funds. This is one of those occasions.

      A couple of things to keep in mind

      Financial contributions are never required, but always appreciated.

      NOT tax deductible, HadIt.com is NOT a non profit and any contribution you make is just a gift and cannot be deducted on your taxes.

      If you prefer to give through a subscription, you may subscribe here the rates are $5 per month or $50 per year and gives you an ad free experience on the forums.

      Thank you for your support!
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    • It's now May 3 3019. Still pending for notification and past estimated completion date April 29th. If it were negative would o would have heard something right. I'm assuming I have a good chance because I have evidence, however the wait is killing me like everyone else. 
    • Mere Speculation  Comp and Pen
      Hello Fellow Veteran 20 year retired disabled Navy veteran, quick ?? I am going for unemployability through the VA just had my comp and Pen, I do check off all the DBQ according to the therapist , but at the end of it she said in her opinion it would be mere speculation on rather I should get unemployability or not. What’s that mean thanks 
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    • Man using HadIt name to collect funds -  Go FundMe shuts down campaign following Raleigh man's arrest for fraud
      I was interviewed for  this story. This gentlemen was using the HadIt name to collect funds for some non existent charity. "HadIt.com" is NOT a non-profit. "HadIt.com" will never have anyone collecting outside of Walmarts. If "HadIt.com" does not list a fundraiser on our site it is not affiliated with us. Please read the story and pass on that this person is NOT affiliated with "HadIt.com"

      Note: The text at the top of the video lists me as a nonprofit founder. HadIt.com is a for profit, it is not a non profit and this man is not associated with our site and none of the money he collected had anything to do with our site.


      Go FundMe shuts down campaign following Raleigh man's arrest for fraud 
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