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    All VA Claims questions should be posted on our forums. Read the forums without registering, to post you must register it’s free. Register for a free account.

    Tips on posting on the forums.

    1. Post a clear title like ‘Need help preparing PTSD claim’ or “VA med center won’t schedule my surgery” instead of ‘I have a question’.
    2. Knowledgable people who don’t have time to read all posts may skip yours if your need isn’t clear in the title. I don’t read all posts every login and will gravitate towards those I have more info on.
    3. Use paragraphs instead of one huge, rambling introduction or story. Again – You want to make it easy for others to help. If your question is buried in a monster paragraph there are fewer who will investigate to dig it out.

    Leading to:

    Post clear questions and then give background info on them.


    • A. I was previously denied for apnea – Should I refile a claim?
      • was diagnosed with apnea in service and received a CPAP machine but claim was denied in 2008. Should I refile?
    • B. I may have PTSD- how can I be sure?
      • I was involved in traumatic incident on base in 1974 and have had nightmares ever since, but I did not go to mental health while enlisted. How can I get help?

    This gives members a starting point to ask clarifying questions like “Can you post the Reasons for Denial from your claim?” etc.


    Your firsts posts on the board may be delayed before they show up, as they are reviewed, this process does not take long and the review requirement will be removed usually by the 6th post, though we reserve the right to keep anyone on moderator preview.

    This process allows us to remove spam and other junk posts before they hit the board. We want to keep the focus on VA Claims and this helps us do that.

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  • e-Benefits Status Messages 


    e-Benefits status is helpful but not definitive. Claims Process – Your claim can go from any step to back a step depending on the specifics of the claim, so you may go from Pending Decision Approval back to Review of Evidence. Continue Reading

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  2. Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. 



  3. I found on M21-1, Part I, Chapter 5, Section G paragraph d. It tell what should be done with each BVA decision, including implementing BVA grants. Thanks for the input
  4. Wanderer

    Just awarded 80%

    Thank you. I will see them about IU- an exciting prospect. I just saw a geriatric (good God) neurologist and with a report from him, I may be able to get into this world famous memory clinic with Medicaid. We'll see. What interests me is how the VA's view of bipolar symptoms are the same as my brain injury cognitive difficulties which looks like a strong case that my SC Bipolar is causing me not to be able to work.
  5. Fearless Can you redact your personal info and upload the actual Comp exam?
  6. An advantage to submitting everything in one claim is more potential back-pay due to an earlier effective date. However, do you guys think that a large claim containing multiple service connected disabilities and IU would be more likely to fall under additional scrutiny or is more likely to be denied? Versus filing for one service connection at a time and waiting for the decision before filing for the next connection? My VSO wants to file everything at once in one claim but I thought I'd come here and get a few other opinions considering the WEALTH of knowledge and experience within this community. I have a "fully developed claim" for obstructive sleep apnea secondary to TBI ready to file. I'm also gathering evidence for migraines secondary to TBI and IU. Thanks for listening.
  7. It depends on the VAMC , I know at my VAMC I can give my spouse my Veterans ID Card and Drivers License and they will let her pick up my Meds..but without any ID they won't. I think it depends on your VAMC ...my spouse uses Meds by Mail now. and I just get my meds renewed on MyHeatthVet and they mail them to me Thats what you should do Jfrei.
  8. I hate to add my question but it’s similar. i was sc 100% secular 12 yrs ago. At the DRO hearing I asked that they rate my arthritis at 0 % (mycervical is document in my service record). My thought process was I just need to get my back wrist, ankles and knees SC period I would go back and ask for an increase when needed . Now I need the increase and I need smc that gives you money for cleaning house and shopping . paralysis of middle radical are nerves 20% bilateral Traumatic arthritis 0% 10 times PTSD 70% degenerative arthritis of the spine 10% lumbarsacral or Cervical Strain. 20 % residual of foot , injury10% ecezema 10% limited range of motion wrist 10% arthritis rheumatoid (atrophic 10% ) I don’t know what this is asthma, bronchial 30% limited motion of arm 20% superficial scar 0% my spine and cervical are bad I had a reaction to to my spinal injection called steroid flare. I’ve had 28 injections mostly all back. I believe the person who did this last injection put so much pressure on my back he herniated a disc. my last mri showed last mri showed L1-2 arthritis, L2-3 artheitis, L4-5 herniated cord pressure S1-2 arthritis can’t see due do the leakage of L4-5 i was Dx by Er doc and Radiologist of have R leg radiculopathy. I have been housebound since Nov 9. I have to use a wheelchair. For a week I was bed bound without help during the day. I mean bed bound I moved a finger and I screamed, it was the worse pain ever. I have been referred to neurosurgery but I was told they will never get rid of my back pain but thy can get rid of the sciatica pain. i also have sleep apathy but no nexus. 12 years ago I filed for prostrating headaches with nexus they never rated or denied the headaches. I didn’t care because I was 100% and my arthritis was SC. Now it’s inportant, I think I know how they missed it, it was included in a claim that had addition evidence to support another claim and I do have a date stamped copy. the va did authorize a mobility cart, walker and cane, bathroom chair. my point I reall need smc where I can hire someone to do things I can’t and still live independent. any advice. Maybe I should move this let me know. ruby
  9. You can apply for 100% IU but if you're working it won't fly. Any chance you have developed sleep apnea after-service? If you have, you can secondary connect Sleep Apnea,as secondary to Depression medications.FYI
  10. Yesterday
  11. My husband picks up mine at local pharmacies and at the VA if they aren't mailed with no issues even without my ID. He just needs his and my info.
  12. Richard1954

    Opt in Ramp or not?

    Factually, every one will have a different opinion about ramp, when I asked this question ( should I opt in) two different lawyers told me to stay away. I had already had my claims denied, and had submitted an Notice of Disagreement requesting De Novo reviews. I had not received the Statement of the case, so I was just waiting on that, before they would actually do the de novo's. After much consideration I opted into ramp. anyway...... I don't think the ramp system is very good because you will lose some due process when it comes to appealing. I got a BVA decision back in July 2018, ( on a claim that was 10 years old) it had 3 item remained that were not even appealed to the BVA , anyway I received 2 denials on two ramp decisions just this month, and within that denial it listed the same three items that had been remained in July 2018 as needing more evidence... I am not a believer of ramp.... I don't think it was any quicker than the legacy system, and I think the only one who actually benefits from it is the VA when they list the stats saying claims are being processed faster... in my opinion all that is being processed quicker are the denials.....
  13. When I was granted A&A I did not have to go for any exams. I had been having problems with doing many of the things that people do daily. My biggest problem was putting on my AFO because I cannot bend over, and I could not do any cooking because I am on oxygen. I also did not wash my own clothing but my wife always took care of that anyway. I do have problems dressing my self because I cannot move like I use to move,. Anyway .. what I did was take some advice from VAWatchdog.org , there was an article on there that recommend veterans write their own nexus letters concerning anything in my case Aid and Attendance, then take the letter to your VA primary care doctor and asked them to review and sign it if they agreed. So basically, I wrote my letter that recommended aid and attendance, it covered all the bases concerning my disabilities, and the types of help I needed on a daily basis for everyday living. My Doctor reviewed the letter, then told me to take it to the Secretary, have her copy it to va letterhead, and bring it back to him and he would sign in.. Took me all of about 45 minutes to get it done. I was already rated housebound because of 100+60 so that may of helped, and getting rated 100% for COPd also helped, in the end I was awarded Aid & Attendance + 50 , so I got @ L 1/2 rates. Maybe the va rater considered the letter as my exam, but I was never required to take any exam it was just granted. Also you do not have to be totally dependent on someone else, for example, I can feed myself, take a shower without help ( sure I am sitting but I can do it)... and I can put my own shirts on, just can get my paints on without help because of my back, knee injuries. I also can't put my braces on by myself... the point you don't have to be totally dependent to get a&A....
  14. I sent her a picture of it and she has her military ID herself thanks everyone
  15. So one win one loss so granted the 30k life insurance denied caregiver benefits because my sTBI though in service wasn’t in OEF or OIF and had a RE-1 re-enlisted code. I laughed paperwork also said I was counseled on Va benefits and I was being currently evaluated for my sTBI in 2010 . Which was never service connected until June 2016 cementing my residuals to being permanent and total due to their incompetence and negligence to their own regulations until it gets to the BVA. I don’t believe they can deny me for aid and attendance with that Same reasoning if my doctor says I need help and filled out a 21-2680? Ones part of the hospital and the others apart of the disability system or do they have the same criteria. I heard if I’m granted L it’s supposed to be factored into the caregiver program but I am lucky for everything I accomplished at my age of only 32 so I can’t complain other then about these damn headaches..,
  16. Berta

    a Great widow's accrued claim

    The fantastic Ken Carpenter represented her: file:///C:/Users/Berta/Downloads/CAVC%20widow's%20award%20!!!!!JoyceEG_17-889%20(4.pdf I will try to explain it tomorrow. " On consideration of the foregoing, the Court AFFIRMS the Board's January 12, 2017, denial of TDIU for the years 1955 to 1960; REVERSES its decision with respect to the years 1961 8 As the Board correctly noted, R. at 7, only evidence actually or constructively in the claims file at the time of Mr. Joyce's death may be considered for purposes of accrued benefits. 38 C.F.R. § 3.1000(d)(4) (2017). 9 to 1971, 1973 to 1976, and 1979 to 1986, and DIRECTS that TDIU be awarded for those years; and SETS ASIDE its determinations for the years 1972, 1977, 1978, and 1987 to 1990, and REMANDS the issue of TDIU for those years for further proceedings consistent with this decision. DATED: May 31, 2018 Copies to: Kenneth M. Carpenter, Esq. VA General Counsel (027) "
  17. Thank you both for the feedback! Obviously I am hopeful that it's because they see a nexus somewhere, and not because they are going to deny it. I guess I'll just have to see. Mostly just curious if anyone has had a similar situation where there was no C&P and no clearly stated nexus (that I can see at least), yet the claim was accepted. Just a little nervous because I don't feel like I've even had the opportunity to explain to anyone the knee claim. There is no event in my military record that would show a knee injury, and I never saw a doctor for it until a couple years ago, it's just from overuse. Fingers crossed
  18. Berta

    Where is the $$$ ?

    They are holding back too many retros Buck- The BVA is working faster than the ROS BUT this is a problem for many here- I used to say complain via IRIS- now my advise is to call the White House Hot Line. Marina, that is great that you won the CUE! If more vets start complaining to the WH Hot Line, maybe something will be done about this- heck I used to get the $$$ before the award letter came.Many of us did. White House Hot Line 1-855-948-2311
  19. I agree- This is what former Sec Shulkin's office seemed to write into the Modernization Act, which he said I had input into- I had a strong argument for why the ROs should seek CUE in any new decision-and I believe they already have tried to implement this for a few vets here, whose ebennies showed the claim was returned to someone at the RO---for a correction. In any event the VA recognizes that even a recent decision can be cued by the claimant- denial or award. But it could reduce the backlog a little, maybe even a lot - if someone at the VARO corrects any legal error before the decision is sent out. 3 or maybe 4 of us by now have done that with success. Cued a recent decision. As the Press Release says, the new regulations will be at the Federal Register today.
  20. Hello everyone, I really need some advice. I am about to embark on a long fight, and I hope I have the energy to do it and I hope I'm on the right path. So I'm hoping at least one person on here can advise me if I'm going down the right path or not. Here is my story: In 1997 while in the service I started to have joint pain out of no where. I went to the doctor because suddenly my ankle started to hurt when I tried to go for a run after work. They did an x-ray, doctor said it appeared I had arthritis in my foot and asked me if anything else was going on? I told him, yes, as I had been having pain in my shoulders. He told me I should see a doctor and have it checked out. I did, and the doctor did x-rays on my shoulders. She told me it appeared I had early stage of an inflammatory arthritis. I asked what I could do about it? She said there was nothing they could do, just take ibuprofen and exercise, and see a doctor at my next command. Well, I had extended out 6 months because I was having my first child and thinking of doing another 4 years of service. After that diagnosis, I decided to separate as I worried about not being able to meet PT standards (In hindsight, I should have stayed in and made them medically discharge me). My dad had been diagnosed with RA when I was younger, but at the time I was ignorant of it and just thought it was no big deal. After service I went 10 years of having symptoms on and off again. At 32, it got bad enough that I decided to try seeing someone about it. I found out that I could go to the VA for healthcare, which was great because at the time I had no insurance. So I ended up seeing a Rheumatologist at the VA and a VSO helped me file a claim, and I ordered my service records. When I got my service records there was next to nothing in it, just my entrance physical and exit exam. I did not know that my outpatient records had been transferred to another facility. After a year of going to the VA (2007-2008), the VA Doctor didn't give me a definitive diagnosis, but told me that he was pretty sure it was either seronegative RA or early psoriatic arthritis. He offered me no treatments other than the same thing the military doctor told me: NSAIDs and exercise. Then told me I didn't need to be seen until my symptoms progressed. So another 10 years went by and slowly it got worse; starting in 2016 I began having more severe flare-ups. So in (2017) I enrolled once again in the VA healthcare system and started going back. I got pretty bad, and my GP gave me a steroid burst, started me on diclofenac, and put me in for referrals (also got some imaging scans ordered to check the progress to see if I had any damage). During this time I started getting noticeable swelling in my finger joints. So I finally I got a diagnosis for inflammatory arthritis from the VA just this past July and they immediately started me on Plaquenil. Then a few months later, started me on Sulfalazaline, and will start me on Methotraxate within the next month or so. I have a new local VSO (old one retired) and she's pretty good. She said I'd have to file to reopen my previous claim but warned me that it will most likely get denied and I'd have a long fight ahead of me, considering the circumstances. Prior to meeting with her I tracked down my OP service records and low and behold my appointments are in there. First, there is an appointment I forgot about that was the first symptom I had related to what they are saying is GERD, and then shortly after is the appointment for my ankle and then right after that is the appointment where it says I was seen for should pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and stiffness in my fingers. It's hard to read the doctors writing, but near the bottom I can make out this: "A R/O Arthritis" and under that it clearly says "R RA Panel DR MGNT" and then two other things I can not for the life of me read. From what I understand "A" stands for Assessment and R/O means "Rule Out" The R stands for recommend, and she was recommending an RA Panel which is a blood test to test for Inflammatory Arthritis. This all supports my statements I've made in my claim and a statement I said to the VA doctor 10 years ago that is documented in my VA medical records (which I have). For my ankle pain, it appears that doctor just treated it like it was a sprain. But makes notes that I told him I heard and felt a "pop". My original claim was for RA and they rejected stating in their letter than there was no evidence of me being treated for a chronic condition during or after the service. A couple months ago I got denied for trying to reopen. I sent them all my VA records and military records, showing that I was seen in the service for the same thing I'm being seen for now, and the VA records now have my diagnosis. Got denied saying the evidence wasn't new and material, of course. So this morning I spoke with Dr. Bash, who says he's willing to write a Nexus letter for me and do DBQs (Yes, he is expensive, but he's the best fit for me from what I can see). He recommended I file a CUE, because he says that I should have been approved in 2007 since my military records show I was seen for it while in the service and it's obvious they thought it was inflammatory and he tells that is an error. He also told me he is confident I will end up with 100% or close to it, since being on the meds they have me on is an automatic high percentage. My VSO said that I could take the route of filing a NOD and going through RAMP. However, she recommended I get a NEXUS letter and possibly a lawyer because she said I might need better help than she can provide, but that if I at least got a NEXUS letter it would greatly improve my chances since that was obviously what the VA is looking for in their response to me. So my question is, is a CUE the way to go? It looks complex and risky. Would you advise I get a lawyer to help me with this? 10 years of back pay is a pretty good amount. I'm really considering forking over the money to Dr. Bash to get a good medical opinion but it's really intimidating going through this, and I feel like I'm alone.
  21. Buck52

    Where is the $$$ ?

    After 15 days of your decision call thew 1-800# and call your VA Reginol Office ASAP. also check the status on e benefit's Larger Retro Amounts take longer to be approved for waiting officer 3rd signature. https://www.va.gov/disability/about-disability-ratings/after-you-get-a-rating/ Note: when you do get your retro check...check the dates carefully make sure your paid for these 2 1/2 months ...don't let them beat you out of one penny!!! If we own (VA) then you can bet your boots they get every penny back.
  22. My husband's CUE was approved by the BVA in August. The letter from them stated we would be hearing from the VARO within one to two months. It has now been 4 1/2 months and nothing, no letter, no money. His attorney is filing a court order so that we can be paid and said that this is happening more and more frequently. BVA approves CUE and then nothing happens. Has anyone else experienced this? We were so thrilled that the CUE was actually approved after so many years of waiting, but now we are at an impasse once again. How long does it take to get paid????
  23. You really sound like a glass half empty kind of guy....... I get it that 100% va compensation doesn't cover all the expenses someone many have... you just have to decide what is a priority and forget about the things that are not necessary.. It doesn't matter if your disabled or not... 78% of all people live paycheck to paycheck , most people have to forgo something .
  24. I don't know of any Company that actually pay for the full cost of a dependents secondary education. Many companies will reimburse an employee for education cost, it the education is geared toward their job . Some may provide a benefit to help off set the cost, but again I can't think of any company that actually pays the full cost of a college education. The PVT E1 should get better pay that someone working at Home Depot... the PVT E1 is required to be available 24/7 and has volunteered to put his life on the line, when was a laborer at Home depot every called to work at 2AM....or put their life on the line, you can't make such comparisons between the two because they are apples and oranges.... I don't understand were your coming from.... tax relief is a big benefit for many veterans , at least in my case... my tax relief literally would pays for a new vehicle every 18 months... too some it is enough relief so that a veteran could purchase a home...... In Texas the only tax I pay is sales tax.. in Oklahoma 100% disabled veterans don't even pay a sales tax..... so don't discount tax relief because it is real money.
  25. .To be sure Champva is not always a 2nd insurance, many who have Champva only have Champva. Here is a link to explain what Champva actually covers.. https://www.va.gov/COMMUNITYCARE/programs/dependents/champva/CHAMPVA_faq.asp As to College no one ever said college was free ! You stated you heard it was free, where ever you received that information I do not know. Chapter 35 benefits help to offset the cost of education nothing more...and in many cases its enough of an offset that the student does not have to work while attending school
  26. NO! First what you should do is to go google chapter 35 Benefits if you want a full explanation of the benefit. Chapter 35 dependent education pays a stipend directly to the spouse or dependent child attending school the amount of the stipend depends in the level of study the ie: 1/4 or 1/2 or full time student it has nothing to do with any other program. In my son's case when he attended college he did not have to work to help pay for college like most students do.. because he had chapter 35 benefits... his benefits paid the amount that his scholarship did not cover.
  27. Welcome to Hadit! That sounds like a plausible approach. You could also try going for secondary SC to your existing disabilities. For hip disabilities, it might be helpful to get familiar with the rating criteria and compare that to your medical records to see if you meet the criteria. https://ecfr.io/Title-38/pt38.1.4
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    • Appeal granted and closed.
      My appeal was granted and closed on November 9.  I got an unofficial notification from the DAV on November 15 stating "appeal granted with an evaluation of 30%" which is great!  My question is this:  How long until I get the official notification from the va? Nothing on ebennies has updated since the appeal closed. Appeal is now in historical and just says complete and at originating va office. I understand no one knows va timelines to a tee but a general timeline would be great.  Thank you all! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


      Edit:  This was my first time appealing and it was a VBA grant. 
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    • Question About Temporary 100% Rating for Hospitalization
      Hey all. I've searched all over the net, and read the CFR on the topic. I will be going to PTSD Dom inpatient treatment here soon. I read that it's possible to get 100% temp for hospitalization. However, the CFR says that PTSD Dom does not qualify, but then in the exceptions it says that it may. Does anyone know if I will qualify for temp 100%. I will be in there for almost 2 months. Here is the CFR code, and the part regarding the matter-


      Do not apply the provisions of 38 CFR 4.29 when a Veteran

      is treated as a resident in a State Veterans’ home is currently receiving a total rating for the disability for which hospitalization was required is a resident in a VA domiciliary program, or is a participant in a live-in/work out program being utilized to facilitate transition to community living.


      Hospitalization in excess of 21 days for an SC disability in a medical facility located at a State Veterans’ home may entitle the Veteran to hospitalization benefits. Veterans are entitled to hospitalization benefits for treatment in excess of 21 days in a day hospital program if the treatment given is consistent with hospital care for a SC disability even though they are concurrently required to be housed in a VA domiciliary.

      The exceptions part is confusing me. Does anyone know if I am entitled to a temporary 100% rating? I'm currently rated for the same reason I'm going inpatient.
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    • Abbreviations, Acronyms, etc.
      Abbreviations, Acronyms, etc.
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