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Hello Berta,

It has been quite some time since i last posted here. hello to all that have helped and remember me (jbasser,asknod, carlie, and others that I cannot remember.)

I have just received confirmation that my NOD has been received. Thats not my question. Some time ago I was hearing

that VA was attempting to deny any IMO's from DR. Bash. Is this still true? I know how much respect that you have for

Craig but i want to be sure. I am about to get a sign, recycle some cans, (haha Carlie) and do whatever I can to gain an

IMO from him. I hear that he is rather expensive but in your wise words "An accurate IMO is worth any amount of money

that it takes if you can assure that the VA grants your claim." (Ok it wanst verbatim but you get the point.) I see now that I

have a beast to go up against and I refuse to do this without help. I have my wifes statement (met and married 4 months

after seperation. Oh wait this Saturday is our 18 year anniversary) and am currently getting a statement from the NCO

in charge of me. He was present for all sick calls and for the tank accident. He actually helped get me out. Ok i am

rambling but if he is still good I do plan on seeking his assistance. Guys, have an awesome day and thank you for all of

your service.

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Glad to 'see' you back here SPC Dearman..

“Some time ago I was hearing

that VA was attempting to deny any IMO's from DR. Bash. Is this still true? '

Many years ago Craig had some problems in that regard with the VA.I have a copy somewhere of the letter he received from then acting Secretary Mansfield, fully in recognition of and appreciation of his ability to help veterans with valid IMOs that supported the claim.

He also took this up with VA General Counsel too and I think that is what spurred the letter from Mansfield, he told me the whole story but I forget it.....

also a former BVA lawyer had referred to him as 'that radiologist' in a negative way in a decision many years ago and it didn't set well with him at all.

Those days are over.

VA will attempt to go against ANY IMO if they can, but this is why I based the IMO format here in our IMO forum on my 2 IMOs from Craig and that criteria needs to be followed by any IMO doctor .

“if he is still good I do plan on seeking his assistance”.....yes, he is still as good as gold.

We have done many SVR shows with Dr. Bash and those shows are here in the SVR archives.


Just click on the Sound Icon and the show should pop up in your PC media player.

And here is Dr. Bash's web site:


I prepared a detailed cover letter for him and highlighted the specific records that he needed to

consider. He did a thorough review of course, of everything and even found an additional disability I had not claimed.

I also sent him the last SSOCs I got and the C & P results.

In my case he didnt need my husband's SMRs because this was a presumptive AO claim. In most cases, like yours, he will need to see your SMRs.

I had an unusual claim for an AO disability that VA had never diagnosed and treated (DMII) so the diagnosis never appeared in the med recs. I sent him a brief email of a few documented things that supported my claim, he called me up right away, and then by end of the week he had my complete packet of evidence and prepared the initial IMO within days of that.He was on vacation in Cal at that time but when he saw the way the claim was presented to him,it didnt take much time away from his vacation to do the IMO.

I rewrote and edited the cover letter many times and believe that a cover letter is crucial for every IMO request.

It states what you want the VA to SC and why.

It can be brief but should highlight the most probative evidence you have and then refer directly to it in the stack.I used tabs on my referrals, added an evidence list as well, of what I had enclosed, and added some internet abstracts that also supported the medical aspects of my claim.

His second opinion I got was great too. He started it off stating that the recent decision I had received (an SSOC) was 'medically inaccurate.'and again knocked down the VA's endocrinologist with more medical rationale..

IMOs dont perform miracles. Neither vet reps nor lawyers can perform miracles either.

Solid medical evidence ,and in your case, corroboration of an event via buddy statements,

is what a successful claim requires.

But that often takes a strong IMO (or IME) from a real doctor to connect the dots and overcome denials based on C & Ps from a doctor or maybe even a non doctor, whose credentials can easily be outweighed by an independent doctor with specialty or proven experience in the field of the disability.

Dr. Bash also sent me a ten page Curriculum Vitae.I got a brief one page heathgrades printout on the endocrinologist who was denying my claim.

It might seem odd that a NeuroRadiologist,in my case Dr. Bash, opined on a diabetes claim.

But I had MRIs and CTs and an ECHO as evidence and that was fully in his main area of expertise.

He is very busy but very user friendly and I hope he does another SVR show soon.

Edited by Berta

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PS I forgot, there are some shows that John Dorley and I did with Dr. Bash.

John works with him to develop evidence and I think John even gave his email addy and phone number out at SVR.

It might be good to contact John first.....that show was quite some time ago.......way down the SVR archive list

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Great. It will take me some time. I heard that he does charge quite a bit of change for his services. I do understand why though. If he can link my service injury (duly noted in STR's) and my issues with my shoulders then it is well worth it. I did look online for soldiers with the same shoulder injury. There are several that have injuries worseing and were denied at the RO level. One specifically stated " The soldier has no treatment records after seperation which was overturned by the Judge. One even chastised the VA examiner. " Even if the veteran did not have treatment after seperation there is clear evidence that the shoulder strain was diagnosed in the military. Compensation granted. This always give me hope that eventually they do the right thing.

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John Dorley's email is


He is a great guy and a friend.


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Thanks jbasser, you have had a lot of great input into all of those shows with Dr. Bash !

I am glad you gave this vet Dorley's contact info.

IM0 costs, if the claim is awarded, are easily absorbed by future compensation that many vets would never get without the IMO.

They are a great investment.

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Great. Thanks for the contact information. I just peeked at the DRO hearing thread and I probably have some time ahead of me to save up lol. Waco is the location and they are just a bunch of mess right now. Thats what you get when you place a VA facility like this in a small town. No offense but you dont have access to some of the best and brightest. I believe there are smarter people working in the Doctor Pepper Museum than at the VARO. Just my opinion.

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