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What/who To Bring To C & P Exam


Well my husband wasn't told about his first C & P Exam...so now while we were dealing with that I thought I would get some tips ,if and when we ever do get one.

1. Should I go with him?

2. Should we bring these "letters"- I have heard of people bringing "letters" from family members and battle buddies. My husband says that all he needs to bring is his CIB and that should be proof enough (he is quite stubborn)

3. What should or shouldn't we say? Since he has been out he has had a drug problem, should we not bring this up?

4. It seems like you have to do all of these tricks to get proper treatment/disability rating..I just want to do the right thing.

He has :


Never sleeps

Spurts of anger

Lack of interest in sex (its been 6 months )

Drug problem

He has many many dreams about the Army

Trouble expressing emotion

Trouble staying focused

He just can't relate to people, its like he lives in his own world 24/7

He is such a great father, but I feel more distant from him each day.

He shows pretty much all the signs, which at first I think we were both in denial about. But its like it came on full force...I am currently seeking counseling but I can only get counseling after he goes at the local Vet Center.

I guess I am worried he won't be able to express all of these things to the Dr. ...as he does have trouble talking to people. So maybe I shouldn't be there, or maybe I should to contest?

I am giving all of this to God and praying constantly for him. At first I was so angry, because i didn't think it would happen to him, but now I sort of have some peace,I guess.


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New to the site, and thank you to all.

Just went with my husband to his (QTC) C&P, for PTSD (Vietnam Vet). I stayed out in the vehicle. My husband came out and got me, the examiner wanted me in there with him. She stated that the VA likes to have the spouses there because many vets often forget things. Whether that is true or not, she did want me in there. She had never reviewed his C-File, only some notes from the VARO, she did not have computer access when she did the exam and also said that she had not reviewed anything on the computer. I did bring her his most recent treatment notes from his psychologist and psychiatrist. Also I made sure because her computer was down, that I called QTC every day to make sure the report went out. (which it went to the VARO today).

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Most C&P examiners wont allow other people during the Exam and they will have access to all his Military Record anyways. If he meets the criteria, all the conditions you listed above will be grouped under PTSD, one condition. That's what the VA does. I have PTSD, Depression, OCD, Insomnia, and Anxiety and they are all grouped as PTSD. Tell him to not shower, bathe or shave. Also wear plain dark clothes, no fancy colors. Also, when the Dr. asks your husband, " How are you doing " tell him to respond " If I was doing good, I would not be here ". It is over doing it a bit, but if someone would have told me this I would not have been low balled on my PTSD. I am 30% for PTSD even though the examiner checked every condition as Severe. Good luck and everything will be ok.

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Bring the truth. With that said he needs to show what his life is like on his worse day. The VA examiner will use everything s/he sees(general appearance), hears, thinks and some they might make up. If he responds "good" to the question of "how ya doing?" the examiner will probably deny PTSD or feel that it's not that serious. When asked about homicidal or suicidal ideation he should tell the truth. Eye contact is important in mental health exams. The more eye contact he has the better shape he is in. The less eye contact the worse he is. Just be truthful. If asked about drug/alcohol use/abuse, he should be truthful. It's best that he minimize any trauma prior to the Army, as they always blame that for the current problem. I'd only drank 3-4 times before the Army but by the time I left, in 1968, I drank daily.

His CIB just means he was exposed to stressors. I cried a few times during my exam, as it brings up things we try to forget.

You and he may want to read this, if you haven't already. http://www.trauma-pages.com/a/goodwin.php It what made me realize I had PTSD, in 1989, twenty-two yrs after I left VN.

Sometimes they allow the spouse, sometimes they don't. You should be there to support him, if needed, after the exam, as he may be very emotional. jmo

If you have statements you can submit them but keep copies, as they could be lost.


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Ive been on several cp exams,. I always bring my wife to mine, and I got to hers. its never been a problem. The cp examiners have a set of questions they will ask. or they are supposed to ask. as his wife, the cp examiner may ask you something abt your husband. CP docs do screw up so its very important to get a copy of his report and read it,. I just had a redo cp exam, because the doctor measure my scar wrong, and never even asked me if it was painful. they denied me. this time, I will get 10 percent, because the doc asked if it was painful And I said yes. case closed. I should get it no problem now.

what u can do is read the criteria in subpart 38 and you will have an idea what the doc will ask, and know how to answer properly.

I wouldnt voulenteer anything abt drugs. Drugs can cause mental problems, and also once he gets into the va healthcare system, they WILL test him.

There is alot at stake. the first go round is very important. I would suggest some tough love, and tell him to get he head right, and try to get better, without the illegal drugs. As I said before the illegal drugs can be causing all of the symptoms you described.

Doing drugs, not interacting with and emotionally supporting your wife, is not being a good father, the family unit is needed for a happy child. Tell him this, from a combat veteran from 20 years before he ever set foot in iraq

THE VA DONT GIVE A RATS ASS ABT HIM. he needs to get his arse in gear, and get his life back.

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^You're absolutely right.Drugs are just his way of "dealing". I have given ALOT of tough love,it just doesn't seem to work. Thank you all for your posts I will take ALL of these things into consideration. I wish you all the best in healing.

God Bless,


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It sounds like you're referring to "buddy letters" or "lay statements". There shouldn't be any need to take those to the exam. If you needed those for your case they should have already been submitted with the application. He's right, he won't need buddy letters anyway due to his CIB.

I have read of people who have written up a single page of their symptoms which they can hand to the doctor when they arrive so that they don't have to remember everything. Just like going to a regular doctor most people are nervous and may forget to say important things. If you have it all written down on a single piece of paper then you don't need to worry about remembering everything.

I would not volunteer or bring up the drug problem. However it's possible the doctor may ask. It's up to your husband to decide for himself whether he wants to answer that truthfully or not. Any time any vet talks about alcohol or drug abuse they should always say, It's because they are " Self-medicating."

Very very important!!! WHEN THEY ASK IF HE MANAGES HIS OWN BILLS or FINANCES HE MUST SAY YES. It's silly because in most households the wife is really the one that handles the bills, however VA might try to appoint a fiduciary for him if he says his wife pays the bills.

As Navy04 mentioned above hygiene is actually noted by the doctor and used as part of their rating guide. So as strange as it sounds he really needs to follow that advice and not shower or at least not use deodorant.

Super cute baby! you are blessed!

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