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  • 14 Questions about VA Disability Compensation Benefits Claims


    When a Veteran starts considering whether or not to file a VA Disability Claim, there are a lot of questions that he or she tends to ask. Over the last 10 years, the following are the 14 most common basic questions I am asked about ...
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  • Can a 100 percent Disabled Veteran Work and Earn an Income?

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    You’ve just been rated 100% disabled by the Veterans Affairs. After the excitement of finally having the rating you deserve wears off, you start asking questions. One of the first questions that you might ask is this: It’s a legitimate question – rare is the Veteran that finds themselves sitting on the couch eating bon-bons … Continue reading

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BVA Appeal from DRO


December 31, 2015...had a DRO for an appeal on a "1151" claim.  The "1151" for malpractice/negligence has been pending since May, 2011!  Obviously, the DRO was denied for the same wrong reasons as before.   My prior VSO had filed a C.U.E. previously...and, that was denied.  Currently, have no representation.  Question?:  Do I give up...and, say the VA has won?  Is this what the VA wants me to do?  Do I have it certified and go to BVA?  Do I opt for representation?  VSO?  VA certified lawyer, etc?  Referrals?  If I opt for representation...may I pick anyone from anywhere in the states?  Also, what's the difference between "1151"and filing a complaint with the OIG?  FYI, currently residing outside of the country, permanently.  Thanks for the input.

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 "Question?:  Do I give up...and, say the VA has won? " 

Not if your evidence meets the 1151 criteria.

"Is this what the VA wants me to do?"  Maybe. VA hates 1151s.

Do you have a strong IMO?IME that follows the IMO criteria here at hadit?

If not, do you have documented evidence that satisfies the 2 key issues of 1151 claims?

If so, you still will need...in most cases...a very strong IMO.

"  Also, what's the difference between "1151"and filing a complaint with the OIG?  FYI, currently residing outside of the country, permanently"

The OIG does not get into claims issues.They would respond to a serious Patient Safety issue.

There is a wealth of info here on 1151 claims in our FTCA and Section 1151 forums..

The two key issues for 1151s are:

Documented medical evidence of VA negligence/malpractice ( as found in your VA medical records)and

Documented medical evidence that their negligence/malpractice caused you to have a documented additional disability ratable at least at 10%.

(also as found in your VA medical records, often listed as NSC on rating sheets)

The additional disability must have no other etiology but for the proven malpractice

(except in a few cases it can have additional etiology such as some of my 1151 claims did but I know of no other cases like that)



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I beleive it was CC who said, "Never give up".  I would qualify that with Berta's great answer, if you are sure you have the evidence.  

This might be a great time to get an attorney.  An attorney may cost you much less than you think for multiple reasons I have discussed before.  The biggest one is that EAJA will likely cover all/part of the fees.  

The other one is, of course, you dont pay anything until you win.  And, 80% of something is much more than 100% of nothing.  People usualy hire an attorney because they think it will make them money.  That is why I did.  

EVEN if I possessed all the skills of an attorney (I dont), they still have several big advantages over me:

1.  There is a "legal cordinator" at VA, and his job is to get the attorney a copy of your RBA.  This is huge.  

2.  They have access to "lexus Nexus" which is searchable case law, which is better and more up to date than even buying the Veterans Benefit Manual, as the VBM wont include cases within the past year.  Its an amazing tool, where they can quickly find case law that applies.  

3. Even if you have your RBA AND, you paid for a subscription to Lexus Nexus data base, your attorney still has at least 2 more advantages, no matter how knowledgeable you are:

    A.  A great attorney will have credibility with the judges.  They dont mess with Mr. Carpenter, for example.  And, they dont mess with Bart Stichman.  The judges know these guys know what they are doing.   They could "bluff" while you and I would be called on our bluff every time.  

    B.  Experience.  They know people at VA, they know judges, they know people who do IMO/IME's.  It would take us decades to learn all that.  

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That is a good idea Broncovet but

this vet, if he does not have an IMO by now,  needs one.

I have had multiple 1151s and the FTCA wrongful death award

and  never had any attorney.

( my fonts change here sometimes...don't know why)

I had no IMOs specifically for any 1151 or FTCA issues.

My IMOs were for direct SC due to AO DMII.

It was an additional  malpracticed issue, undiagnosed and untreated, but VA regs state you cannot file 1151 on the same death you already won FTCA and 1151 on. I filed as direct SC instead (but it was malpractice)

But that is me....VA forced me into practically becoming a doctor and a lawyer...

We don't know what this 1151 issue is about...

A strong IMO can resolve the claim. And if it is something that the vet believes will garner quite a bit of cash, then a lawyer, with that strong supporting  IMO, will definitely help them.

Any lawyer handling 1151 will need an IMO/IME done  anyhow.

That would be needed  not only to prove malpractice but for the rating purposes of the additional disability the VA medical screw ups caused.

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What to do, What to do?

So far, what you've tried to do certainly hasn't worked, right. Going it alone or using another VSO, is kinda like repeating your previous attempts and "HOPING" (not a good word for claims), for a different outcome. What's the chance of that? Slim & None.

I have no idea of how strong your case or Medical Evidence is and maybe you don't either. Was your DRO a Review or Hearing? Posting a Redacted copy of your SSOC would provide a clearer picture.

At this point, you should give consideration to contacting a VET Lawyer. It's time for 2 or 3 FREE Consults from Appeals PROs. Looks like you have a possible RETRO Award back to 05/11, BVA Hearings can take 2+ years, so the 20% of Retro Legal fee, will be substantial.

If all 3 firms (include Chris Attig's Firm), jump all over the claim, you might have a good chance at the BVA. If they all beg off, you need to reevaluate your claim.

Back in 01/14, I contacted 3 VA Lawyers regarding a DRO Hearing, requested in 2010. The 2 Online/Telephone Legal Firms wanted me to sign a POA that day and cancel my DRO Hearing request, opting for the BVA. 3rd Lawyer was local and I did the face to face consult. She said I had a good case and could probably handle it myself at the DRO, or she would Rep me for the 20% of Retro.

Semper Fi



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What does this mean...?  "Do you have a strong "IMO"?  "IME" that follows the "IMO" criteria here at hadit?"

What are the two (2)...satisfies the "2 key issues" of 1151 claims...

..."listed as "NSC" on rating sheets"?

...no other "etiology"?

...copy of your "RBA".?

... My IMOs were for direct SC due to "AO DMII".?

...Posting a "Redacted" copy of your SSOC...?

Can anyone recommend a good attorney for an "1151" Appeal?  Thank you.

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We have a topic here under a search called Read first before getting an IMO/IME

IMO/IME Independent medical opinion and/or Exam--done by a non VA doctor with expertise in the filed of the disability

The two key issues for 1151s are:

Documented medical evidence of VA negligence/malpractice ( as found in your VA medical records)and

Documented medical evidence that their negligence/malpractice caused you to have a documented additional disability ratable at least at 10%.

(also as found in your VA medical records, often listed as NSC on rating sheets)

"No other etiology" means a real doctor in an IMO/IME can state, after looking through your medical records-if they find an additional disability due to malpractice- that 'there is no other etiology (or cause or reason) for the additional disability but for the VA negligence/malpractice.

meaning the VA might have given the disability a NSC rating and diagnostic code which could ultimate become "as if SC" under 1151.

Personal example-my husband had some NSC disabilities, that after he died, I proved were 1151 disabilities well over 100%.

 "My IMOs were for direct SC due to "AO DMII".?

The only claim I had IMos for was a malpracticed diabetes mellitus claim.

No diagnosis and no treatment from the VA, with evidence in my husband's records that he not only had DMII, but also that it contributed to his death. Since DMII is an Agent Orange presumptive and since they had already made a 1151 award for wrongful death, I could not claim under 1151 for the same death but instead claimed for direct SC death.


 My IMOs were for direct SC due to "AO DMII".?

."..Posting a "Redacted" copy of your SSOC...?"

Can you scan and attach here a copy of the last Statement of the Case you got (SOC)or SSOC (Supplemental Statement of the case) and the evidence list.Cover C file # name, address prior to scanning it.

"Can anyone recommend a good attorney for an "1151" Appeal?"

We need more info. There are many attorneys who could handle an appeal ,some are members here, but...have you obtained an IMO/IME by now and does it support the 1151 claim?

With more info we can help more.

VA aggressively fights FTCA and 1151 issues.These cases rest solely on medical evidence.




The additional disability must have no other etiology but for the proven malpractice

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    • By kent101
      I looked at my C-File and the reason they denied my sinusitis was that they said I had no treatment for it in my medical records. In one of my medical records it shows that I told my doctor I had sinusitis. The doctor didn't treat me for it after I told him about it. So the VA says because the doctor didn't treat me for sinusitis that it doesn't matter if I mentioned I had it. At my C&P exam the doctor said it was more likely than not that my sinusitis was caused during basic training. The C&P doctor said also that I had allergic rhinitis. On my last claim I applied for rhinitis and they denied that too. The C&P doctor years before then said that my rhinitis was more likely than not caused during my service too. It's been 5 years so far waiting for my BVA appeal. When I wrote the letter I said "How's it my fault that the doctor failed to treat me for sinusitis when I reported it"? Do you think I'll be giving this sinusitis disability rating or not?
    • By Lemuel
      Can't get "Answer Question" to come up on this post so will edit to add at the end.
      I'm attaching my Pro Se Complaint filed in U S District Court on December 15, 2017.
      Also the U S Attorney's motion to dismiss.
      I would like to hear any suggestions of U S Code and CFR articles that should be challenged under Sec (4)(d) of the 14th Amendment which was ratified on July 9, 1968.  "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void."
      For one, I would like to challenge the payment of back payments in rates that have been raised via COLA increases.  My challenge is the Amendment was ratified under the gold standard.  While there were variances across the land in how much gold it took to buy a good horse, the price of a good horse did not vary the way inflation affects the price today.  The dollar we receive in past benefits should buy the same basket of groceries it would buy at the time the debt by the government to us is recognized.
      We need to challenge the Feres doctrine again now that the Sec (4)(d) is recognized in the Appeals Court process.  From 1968 until the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims was established Sec (4)(d) was essentially written out of the 14th Amendment by refusal to hear or by decisions such as the 1955 Feres decision.  There were no cases in annotated texts of Appeals decisions under Sec (4)(d) when I first attempted to address the problem of the minimization of organic brain syndromes including damage by mild to moderately severe TBI, diseases, and other exposures such as oxygen supply interruption.
      I'm also requesting assistance in researching case law to counter the U S Attorney's response.  I will be doing research via Fastcase.com and will post for any of the problems listed by others with their claims that I have read that I happen on to.
      I also have a pending Appeal to the CAVC which I will update on this thread.  Presently the VA has made 5 form letter responses to the CAVC saying my dispute with the RBA remains open.  No detail required by the Clerk's Order has been provided regarding the attempt to resolve the dispute.  I have received no personal contact from the two attorneys assigned to handle the case.  One for the case and the other for the disputed RBA.
      Can't get "Answer Question" to come up on this post so will edit to add.
      To Challenge under 14th Sec (4)(d):
      1:  Limitations of effective dates to other than evidence of onset of disability and evidence of increase.  (look up U.S.C 38 AND 38 CFR)
      2:  "Closure of Claims" by VA without consent of Veteran.  (look up U.S.C 38 AND 38 CFR)
      20171215 Court complaint.pdf
      20171215 Court complaint tolling.pdf
      20180103 POS Rebuttal CM-EF Reg.pdf
      20180103 Rebuttal obj eq tolling.pdf
      20180109 DCDW denial Motion Eq Toll.pdf
      20180213 U S Motion to dismiss.pdf
    • By Navigator
      I am wondering what the proper procedure is for revoking my vso's poa and representing my claim myself.  I contacted my regional VA office in reference to the matter and they informed me that I needed to fill out a form 21-22 and fax it in to the office.  I noticed that form 21-22 is the power of attorney form for adding a vso which I do not want to do.  I looked at the form 21-22a (for adding an individual) but think it would be silly to fill out a form to give poa to myself.  I really don't want the VSO that I am currently involved with to have access to my records.  I understand from doing a few searches on this subject that it may be a difficult procedure, but I did not see anywhere that actually stated a procedure to accomplish this.  Thanks for any help in the matter.
    • By jfrei
      When filing for SMC do you have to indicate which one on the 21-2680? I don’t know how to fill it out and I have to look it up to see what it looks like the 1800 emailed it to me but says it cant find but I can google search it. If I go to the RO tomorrow ask to get a VSO and help filling out this form will it take longer since they drag their feet  or will I have to fight everyday for whats rightfully mine..
    • By jfrei
      When filing for SMC do you have to indicate which one on the 21-2680? I don’t know how to fill it out and I have to look it up to see what it looks like the 1800 emailed it to me but says it cant find but I can google search it. If I go to the RO tomorrow ask to get a VSO and help filling out this form will it take longer since they drag their feet  or will I have to fight everyday for whats rightfully mine..
    • By Lemuel
      I need an FTCA attorney.  I have a Wyoming attorney willing to stand in as the Wyoming attorney for filing in the U S District Court for the Wyoming District.  Is any available frequenting this site or can I get a referral from someone.
      The case involves prescribing a medication, Tegretol,  for "atonic seizures" that was contra indicated, made my condition worse and then the West Los Angeles VA RMC Seizure Clinic refused to change medications.  When It made me so bad, after 5 months, that I weaned myself off an quit the drug they still wouldn't provide a different drug and instead diagnosed me with "pseudo seizures" which cannot be done if there is a record of epileptiform spiking in an EEG as is the case.
      From the Physicians' Desk Reference:  "
      From the current online PDR, “Carbamazepine is not recommended for use in petit mal…” (absence) “… seizures, atonic seizures, or myoclonic seizures because it can exacerbate these conditions.  If a worsening of seizures occurs when therapy is initiated, this possibility should be considered.” (copywrite by PDR, LLC, 2017) This is exactly what happened to me and when I complained in the last of 1990 into 1991 the Seizure Clinic refused to change therapy.
      Tegretol was approved in 1968.  It had 22 years of service before it was prescribed to me on a diagnosis of "Atonic seizures."  I'm not sure the warning in the current PDR was in the 1990 PDR but assume it was because of the years of service.
      I lost approximately 32 years of optimum employability and employability.  My finale full time employment was in 1985 with a 2 year break to a part time job, that ended in 1990, which was essentially a charity job working for a business manager of a well know actor in Los Angeles.
      The seizures are the result of an anterior temporal lobe injury in 1969 and went undiagnosed until 1985 and then untreated until confirmed in 1990.  Following the diagnosis of "pseudo seizures," I was untreated for seizures until August of 2015 with a drug I could tolerate.  No drug was tried until a private NB Ward physician tried Lamotrigine in April of 2014.  The immediate effect was great but in three days I developed Steven's Johnson's syndrome.  Keppra wasn't tried until August of 2015  here in Wyoming, and has been working very well.
      I'm currently service connected for a TBI at 40% with a combined rating of 70% and granted TDIU from 2009 per a BVA Decision on May 11, 2017.  There is a remand in the decision that may take the TDIU back to either the claim in 1987 or the end of the part time employment if it is judged as "substantially gainful employment."  The pay was and there is a statement of the now deceased employer in the record stating that I was paid 4 days for 3 days work which I wasn't able to full fill and part of the work had to be shifted to another employee.
    • By wjdenney
      update from the BVA, here is my time line
      claim filed in 11/10,  appealed cert. at BVA  12/13, in Washington hearing 08/17/16
      Appeal closed yesterday  10/13/17, hope the date is not an indication of thing to come.
      should get my letter next week.
      I Wish all of you waiting Good Luck 
    • By EODCMC
      I have submitted a NOD and I am soon to have a face to face with a DRO. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Is this a formal meeting; is there a dress code, etc?
    • By Jamezam
      I have four appeals at the BVA level that were certified by my RO and none of the appeals have docket numbers yet. I understand about waiver of initial consideration for additional evidence.
      My questions are these:
      1. How do I know what evidence the BVA currently has? Could be that lots of evidence I have is not at the BVA level and want to ensure they have EVERYTHING. 2. Will a waiver of initial consideration automatically apply to all evidence, past, present, and future? That is, does a waiver of initial consideration, prevent any of my appeals from being sent back to the RO, assuming the BVA has all they evidence for my claims/appeals. I'm done dealing with the RO and want to avoid any remands as my claim challenges have been ongoing for 29 years now! Thank you very much in advance...
    • By tanya239
      I had an earlier BVA decision where I was granted an increase in my rating.  In the decision they did not rate my IU because they said I did not perfect the appeal or something like that.  I was denied IU by the regional office while by claim was on appeal at the BVA and according to the fast letter if this happens the IU claim is supposed to become part of the pending appeal in DC.  Therefore they should have taken in consideration my IU claim as well as my disability claim that they rated even though they didn't have the perfected appeal or the form 9 for IU.  So I am thinking of asking for a Motion for Reconsideration for this issue and would like to know if there is a certain format for these types of letters or do I just include the laws that were not followed and the evidence?  I tried searching for a letter but was not able to find one.  If anyone knows any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance:)
    • By az arr
      In July 2016, I filed for a disability claim.  I have been out for over 20 years, it was not until I was refinancing my home last summer that I was told that I could still apply for disability compensation for my shoulder.  So I waited over 20 years to make a claim. My military medical records show that I had a major shoulder surgery while on active duty.  
      In October 2016, my claim was denied based on no service condition and not chronic. Prior to the denial, I was never offered an C&P exam.  
      I timely appealed in January 2017.  My appeal included a medical record to demonstrate the current disability and I requested a C&P exam.  
      Today (June 2017 - about five months since my appeal was filed), ebenefits states that the status of my claim is "preparing for a decision." 
      I know, that means I should get something in the mail soon enough, but the curiosity in me wants to know sooner versus later.  
      Based on everything I have read on the boards, five months is too quick for any decision to be made by the VA appeals/DRO.  (If it matters, I am in Phoenix).  
      My question is a procedural question:  If a C&P is ordered, would it be preparing for a decision before the actual exam?  Does preparing for a decision automatically mean that the DRO/Appeal has been denied?  Or does preparing for a decision reflect that a C&P is ordered?  
      Follow up:  If a C&P is ordered, does it stay in DRO or go back to regular claims track (which are supposed to be quicker?).  
      Finally, how long after preparing for decision should I receive some notice from the VA?  Can I call the VA and will they tell me what the status is? 
    • By angryemu
      Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I was not able to find an answer anywhere else. 
      After collecting dust for 480 days after filing an NOD with a DRO, my appeal has apparently entered a "Review" phase.  According to the VA rep, the electronic system had a new note entered into my file a few weeks back stating that a DRO had begun to review the file. Can anyone offer insight into how long it could take from here to get to a DRO decision? I understand it depends on what else the DRO has going on and how complicated my appeal is, just wanted to see what others' experience has been. 
      Appreciate any feedback.
    • By Judy
      I have a BVA hearing scheduled June 6th via video teleconference at Houston RO. I had the first BVA on Appeal hearing (video tele.) in May of 2016 and it was remanded for Jurisdiction back to RO. The RO denied again and I filed another appeal (BVA did not have jurisdiction at the time of the 2016 BVA video teleconference) so now another hearing is scheduled on June 6th with proper jurisdiction at the BVA. 
      That being said, is a claimant allowed to audio tape the hearing? I ask because I have received a written transcript of the 2016 hearing and it is insanely erroneous.
      I also have just received a copy of the complete RBA (on CD) and in reviewing it, the transcript from that same hearing is different and also flawed.
      Any advice? Can we tape the hearing?
      Should have said, this case is a CUE case.
      Judy B
    • By paulcolrain
      So January I submitted my eviction notice, electric shut off notice, insurance cancellled notice,, EVERYTHING for an advanced Docket,, to my VSO who's office is in the BVA building Washington DC. I was told within a few weeks I'll hear something. Well 100 + days later still no ruling on it & told they have a " Huge backlog of these as well since the new year" .. wouldn't you think though that any appeal with a docket date of 2017 then shouldn't be allowed to be adjudicated until older dockets who's advancement still hasn't been heard yet?
    • By MarkInTexas
      Ok folks,
      In the midst of researching attorneys to replace my VSO, I got a call from the VSO who was working/not working on my claims.  He wanted to get a few more details to work up his Form 646.  After a week of speaking back and forth with him, he came to the conclusion that the VA had not reviewed several medical reports, including some of my active duty USAF medical records.  (If the VSO would have woke up years ago, and saw that, maybe I would not have had to scream from the mountain tops for the past few years.)  I know that it has been my fault all along though for keeping the VSO there.
      Meanwhile, I get a call from the Houston VARO, who wants to discuss a couple of my FOIA requests for the curriculum vitae of the C&P nurse practitioner and family practice doctor (who from a Google search is actually a Family Practice guy who specializes in collagen and beauty cream treatments in Florida.)  They also wanted to discuss my FOIA request for the complete bloodwork lab results and x-ray reports from my last QTC C&P examination (with the collagen guy).
      The thing they wanted to "discuss" is that they can't seem to obtain the curriculum vitae for either medical practitioner, one from Veterans Evaluation Services and the other the QTC Collagen King.  They also wanted to discuss that they can't seem to find the bloodwork lab results, nor the x-rays (and x-ray report), which were all done at the same QTC location near Fort Polk, Louisiana at the same time as the C&P, even though "some of the information" is actually described in the C&P report, which was half completed, with no "rationale" filled in, and excerpts of my time in the Army, although I have never served in the Army, and have always been USAF riff raff.
      Meanwhile, my VSO guy calls back and says that he will send me my Form 646, and recommended a DRO hearing, and that I request one in writing, so I did.  I'm also still kicking myself for still riding this VSO wave, when I should have pulled the ripcord and hired an attorney early on as about 90% of you recommended (and I'm still looking into it).  I send one to Janesville in writing.  I wait.  I wait.  I wait.  Then I take a chance and call the Houston VARO back and request an update on everything.  They tell me they will call me back.  I wait.  I wait.  Then, they do call back and let me know they are still having trouble retrieving records, but that they received my request for a DRO hearing, and that they will forward the request on, warning me that it could be a year or more, and that they are still having hearings from requests from cases filed in 2008.  I tell them that I filed mine in 2010, but I'll keep riding the wave.
      While this is happening, I get a letter from the VA stating that they have addressed one outstanding NOD regarding my dependents, siding with me.  So I go back to waiting on the DRO Hearing notice.
      I wait.  I wait.  I wait.  Then I call back.  They say that the hearing request has been submitted, but cautioned that the wait time is still tremendous, and that if I wanted to, I could let them know that I would waive the hearing, and they would get me back on track for the BVA certification, which is still forever away also.  I thought it over for about 5 seconds, and said no, I think I'll stand by my DRO hearing request.  They seemed disappointed, and once again cautioned it could take months to years.  I said it's already been like six and a half, so let the dice keep rolling.  We parted ways with them saying that they would let "them" know that I still wanted a hearing, and that I could call back in a few months to check out the status of the request.  I said thanks, and they gave me the usual sigh and "Thank you for your service."  Such a tender moment.
      Then three....yes, THREE days later, I get a letter from the VA stating that a VA DRO Hearing has been scheduled for June 6th.  I called the MIA VSO to ask him about the hearing, and to see what I needed.  He was surprised, pulled me up on the computer, and acknowledged that he saw it too, still surprised, and advised that I need to wear a tie and show up an hour early to visit with him.  I plan to be there, and will bring my medical records (hopefully orderly), and see what happens.
      Any advice on what to do?  What not to do?
      What a ride!
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    • I was rated at 10% for tinnitus last year by the VA. I went to my private doctor yesterday and I described to him the problems that I have been having with my sense of balance. Any sudden movement of my head or movement while sitting in my desk chair causes me to lose my balance and become nauseous. Also when seeing TV if there are certain scenes,such as movement across or up and down the screen my balance is affected. The doctor said that what is causing the problem is Meniere's Disease. Does any know if this could be secondary to tinnitus and if it would be rated separately from the tinnitus? If I am already rated at 10% for tinnitus and I could filed for Meniere's does any one know what it might be rated at? Thanks for your help. 68mustang
      • 15 replies
    • Feb 2018 on HadIt.com Veteran to Veteran. Sharing top posts and a few statistics with you.
      • 0 replies
    • I have a 30% hearing loss and 10% Tinnitus rating since 5/17.  I have Meniere's Syndrome which was diagnosed by a VA facility in 2010 yet I never thought to include this in my quest for a rating.  Meniere's is very debilitating for me, but I have not made any noise about it because I could lose my license to drive.  I am thinking of applying for additional compensation as I am unable to work at any meaningful employment as I cannot communicate effectively because of my hearing and comprehension difficulties.  I don't know whether to file for a TDUI, or just ask for additional compensation.  My county Veterans service contact who helped me get my current rating has been totally useless on this when I asked her for help.  Does anyone know which forms I should use?  There are so many different directions to proceed on this that I am confused.  Any help would be appreciated.  Vietnam Vet 64-67. 
    • If you are new to hadit and have DIC questions it would help us tremendously if you can answer the following questions right away in your first post.

      What was the Primary Cause of Death (# 1) as listed on your spouse’s death certificate?

      What,if anything, was listed as a contributing cause under # 2?

      Was an autopsy done and if so do you have a complete copy of it?

       It can be obtained through the Medical Examiner’s office in your locale.

      What was the deceased veteran service connected for in his/her lifetime?

      Did they have a claim pending at death and if so what for?

      If they died from anything on the Agent Orange Presumptive list ( available here under a search) when did they serve and where? If outside of Vietnam, what was their MOS and also if they served onboard a ship in the South Pacific what ship were they on and when? Also did they have any major  physical  contact with C 123s during the Vietnam War?

      And how soon after their death was the DIC form filed…if filed within one year of death, the date of death will be the EED for DIC and also satisfy the accrued regulation criteria.
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    • VA C and P Exam – Do’s and Don’ts – VA Compensation Pension Exam


      The following is written from a VA Compensation and Pension Examiners perspective relating to psychiatric exams. It is a good guideline for all exams but I only did psych exams. I’ve been examined by the VA for multiple problems and this is my format when I go to be examined. A little common sense and clarity ...

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